The Tardis meets the ARC

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the odd OC. In the Whoniverse this is setjust before the Waters of mars, in the Primeverse, just after Series 3 episode 2 .

The first Connor knew of the security breach was when he saw the tall thin man in a blue suit and a trench coat bending over the anomaly detector. It was early morning and he had been planning to finish the anomaly locking device before everyone got in.

Connor took in the situation, then said hesitantly, "umm.. you're not meant to touch that."

The man looked up grinning and said, "Nice piece of kit you've got here, who built it?"

"Well errr, I did." Connor said taken aback.

"That's incredible! It's a complicated machine, you seem to have networked it to every radio post in the country, and it is designed to respond to interference on the frequency of 87.6 fm. What are you looking for?" This last question was asked curiously and coupled with a penetrating stare. The man continued; "This expensive and powerful tech, so I would imagine you have government backing. Who are you?"

Again, the curious question with the penetrating stare which Connor found unnerving. He had to let the others know. He glanced at his watch. It was 9:15 in the morning, so Cutter, Lester and Jenny should be in, Abby would have finished wrapping something up at the zoo and Sarah should be back from the British museum where she was picking up some of her effects.

He smiled weakly at the man who was now regarding him thoughtfully.

"If you'll just excuse me a second?"

The man shrugged, the turned to the anomaly locking device, which he murmured over. Connor walked out of the operations room, then sprinted down to the room where Cutter was building his model and Lester was standing by the door watching and irritably questioning Cutter, and as Connor entered the room, he turned and said; "I leave the man alone for a moment and he builds what looks like an insane rollercoaster claiming it is a model of the anomalies! This place is a madhouse!"

As Lester seethed, Connor interjected. "Umm, guys there's a tall bloke in a great coat in the operations looking at the anomaly detector. Just thought you should know."

Lester whipped around, and snapped, "Was he wearing a blue suit?"

"Ummm yes."

Lester wiped his hands down his face slowly and sighed. He stuck his head out the door, and yelled, "Get Becker here fast!" at one of the Special Forces who nodded and headed off to the security centre.

Cutter slid out from under his model, looked at Lester and said quietly, "you know who he is don't you." It was less a question more a statement of fact.

Lester nodded curtly, then muttered, "He's connected to Torchwood in a way-"

Connor interrupted,"Hang on, ain't they the bunch who deal with aliens?"

Lester looked at him for a long time then nodded. "Yes, and please don't tell me you hacked into the Government archives again." Connor looked guilty, so Lester continued. "I know very little about him, except Torchwood was set up indirectly to deal with him, and he was involved in the destruction of Torchwood 1, which was top secret and was more powerful at its zenith then 5. He also knows that complete nutter who runs the main Torchwood in Cardiff. Mad as hatters the lot of them, but if anyone knows about the anomalies he does. And if something like Torchwood 1 went out of its way to deal with him he means trouble."

As Becker arrived holding his beloved shotgun, Connor said dubiously, "He didn't look like much."

As Cutter walked out to follow Becker and Lester he said, "Neither do you."

Connor frowned, and then ran after them.