Great Big Blue Sky of Love

Chapter 1: Love?

Katekyo Hitman Reborn and its characters belong to Akira Amano

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Sawada Tsunami sat at her desk staring at the board in front of her in a daze. It was another boring afternoon in class. A beautiful afternoon day Tsunami looked to the out the window seeing the big, blue sky and its puffy, white clouds gently floating by. She smiles as a familiar yellow puff of feathers flies through that sky singing his beloved song taught to him. She sighs softly and turns her gaze back to the board before the teacher caught her daydreaming.

Behind her, Gokudera Hayato had stopped taking notes and lifted his head at his boss. Tsunami was just looking out the window and he saw the smile that touched her lips. Hayato sighs to himself and rests his chin in the palm of his hand to admire his boss. It was obvious that Tsunami didn't want to be there. She could have skipped class...but on a day like this that Hibari would most likely be on the roof. Hayato frowns at that thought. He should march right up to that roof and blow the stupid perfect away for his boss. He hears her sigh. His eyes trial down her back and notices how fine and straight her brown hair flowed down her back. Hayato closes his eyes and breathes in deeply. He can still faintly smell the shampoo from after-morning gym class. He purrs. His precious boss, Tsunami.

Oh, how he...

Reality double-slaps him in the face and Hayato transforms into a tomato!

What was he thinking!...he nearly...well, he mentally admitted to himself that he...Hayato mentally screams in embarrassment and presses his head on the cool desk to get his mind straight.

Yamamoto Takeshi, from a few desks to the side of Gokudera, covers his smile with his hand to keep from laughing out loud in the middle of class. Gokudera was so funny to watch sometimes. Takeshi was watching Tsunami too as she was looking out the window. Her bright, candy brown eyes staring out in longing to be outside under the warm sun's rays. He would have liked that too! He smiles to himself at the thought of Tsunami outside with him and Hayato, on their backs on the roof. Tsunami would quietly stare up to the sky and would occasionally laugh at a joke he would make or hum in response to a question. It struck Takeshi that Tsunami was the only girl he like spending time with. Sure, he talked to other girls and they were just as sweet and nice as Tsunami. But there was something special about her that made her stand out more than any other girl. Maybe because she was the one that truly talked to him about his problems. She seemed to be the only person who gave him true advice and opinion on what he should do with his problem, instead of applying more pressure to him. Perhaps it was also because she had saved his life. Or, maybe it was when he joined playing the mafia game with her and saw what she can do...

He blinks at Tsunami as she smiles. He smiles softly himself. Tsunami was special. She was a very special girl to him. She was cute, sweet, selfless, brave...just wonderful! Takeshi feels something in his stomach. A light, fluttery feeling that traveled up to his chest. It tickled, making him smile wider.

Little Hibird flapped his wings and singed happily around the school. What a good day for flying! But, his wings was getting tired and it was time for a rest as he drifted down closer to the roof of the school. He spun about in wide circles as he descended upon his master, Hibari Kyouya. Hibird chirps and lands a few inches from his head. He blinks and examines his master. Kyouya was lying on his back, his hands cupping behind his head and a leg crossed over his other.

"Hibari, Hibari."

Kyouya opens his eyes. He wasn't sleeping, he was thinking. He would have like to be asleep but strangely his thoughts would drift on that female, Sawada Tsunami.

Lately, the female had been on his mind. She had proven time and again that she was strong despite her timid outward appearance. He remembered confronting her and her herd when they were in his territory that for the first time. She had struck him with a slipper and called him a fool. He wanted to bite her to death so badly. She defeated one of his greatest enemies, Mukuro Rukudo, that idiot pineapple-head that defeated him. Hibari thought it was dumb luck that time. Then there was the Ring Battles and she fought against that man of the Varia and defeated him. At last, he finally accepted her strength when they had gone to the past and defeated difficult enemies lead by a very powerful man, Byakuran. Sawada Tsunami was a strong female. She wasn't a carnivorous wolf, not even a wolf in a gentle's lamb clothing. She was a gentle family dog but when necessary to protect those she loves, she would snap her fangs.

She intrigued him.

The class were given a ten-minute break. The teacher had left them to their own devices. Hayato and Takeshi joins Tsunami at her desk and start chatting.

"It's such a nice day. Too bad were stuck in class." Tsunami said.

"Juu-hime! If you like we can ditch now and go to the roof. If that perfect is there I'll just blow him up for you!"

Tsunami smiles nervously and waves that idea away.

"No, no, it's fine. Let's let Hibari-san be, today. I don't want to disturb him on such a nice day. It wouldn't be fair."

"Haha, Tsuna-chan, so nice!" Takeshi laughs.


Tsunami turns and sees her friend, Sasagawa Kyoko.

Kyoko smiles, "Could you come with me and Hana. I want to visit my big brother real quick."

Tsunami looks at Hayato and Takeshi with wide eyes. They couldn't help but nod their heads giving her their O.K. for her to go. She smiles in thanks and leaves her desk.

Sasagawa Ryohei was in his club activity at the time. One of his members call out to him that his sister was there to see him. Ryohei quickly rushes outside and sees his sister...along with her two friends, Hana and Tsunami.

"Hey, Kyoko! Hana-san, Sawada-chan! Extremely good to see you!" Ryohei shouts.

Kyoko giggles and Hana rolls her eyes. Tsunami nods her head with a smile. Ryohei grins widens at Tsunami. He never knew that Kyoko had such a amazing, extreme friend like Tsunami. The very first time they met was the day she dragged him all the way to school in her underwear! He was impressed to meet such a extreme girl and begged her to join the boxing club. Ever since then he tried at every opportunity to ask the girl to join the club.

"Are you here to finally join the club, Sawada-chan!"

Tsunami's eyes widen and she shakes her head quickly.

"No, Oni-san. I don't think I will ever join your club. Sorry."

Ryohei pouts a bit and Tsunami giggles lightly. Ryohei had to add along with Tsunami being amazing, she was so extremely cute, like his cute little sister. He felt that it was duty to protect her, so he joined her family to keep a close eye on her. He had to. That Octopus-head, Gokudera was a little too touchy of Tsunami! Yamamoto wasn't that bad of a guy. He was strong and was a extreme fellow athlete. But for some reason he still didn't like how they were always near. It made him extremely upset that those two got to be in the same class as Tsunami and get be with her more than him!

"Oni-chan? Are you okay?" Kyoko realizes he was trembling.

"Oni-san?" Tsunami said.

"AAAAAAAGH! It's EXTREMELY not fair! I got to hit something!"

Ryohei rushes inside and rapidly beings punching the punching bag. Tsunami stares at Ryohei confused. Hana sighs pinching the bridge of her nose. Kyoko just laughs and comments how excited Ryohei was.

She was merely a stepping stone. That's all the little Sawada Tsunami was to Mukuro Rokudo.

Tsunami was going to be the head of all the mafia world and when she finally comes into power that will be when Mukuro would make his move and take control of her body and destroy the mafia completely. Tsunami was such a timid little thing. It was so much fun scaring her and pressuring her when he first fought her. But she managed to defeat him somehow.

The little Vongola mouse. Mukuro laughs to himself.

He was just too greedy that day. It was perhaps a little too soon to possess her body. The Arcobaleno had trained her well. So he will wait. He's use to waiting and was very good at it.

In the meantime, it was just fun to pop in on her every now and then scaring her out of her wits. Just one of the games he plays with her to past the time. Getting into her personal bubble was fun game. When he would appear and whisper in her ear. He would sometimes get a whiff of her scent and it delighted his senses.

Tsunami has been able to pick up on him with her hyper intuition. Once the first scare was out of the way, Tsunami would nervously allow him to stay with her. Sometimes Mukuro's visit would be when those two cling-ons, Hayato and Takeshi, are near. Takeshi doesn't mind him that much but he was wary and his smile would strain when Tsunami's nervousness increases. Hayato was quick to start throwing his dynamite at him. Reborn would keep a close eye on them sometimes.

But there were times when it was just the two of them.

Tsunami would try to strike up a conversation with him. Asking questions of what he would do if he manages to take over her body. She had the general idea what he wanted but was slightly curious about the details. He thought it was so cute how she would ask him that question as if she was positive he wouldn't be able to do it. How bold! Tsunami would get flustered and apologize for seeming to be boastful. Such a modest thing. It was almost a shame that he would take over her body...almost. Tsunami would be silent for a time and her eyes would find other things to focus on. Tsunami would lay her eyes on him when he distracts himself by looking through her books or other things. He would pretend to ignore her and would look up at last to catch her. Her face would flare up and she would look at anything but him. Cute little mouse.

"Mukuro-sama? Do you like Boss-chan?" Chrome asked him this out of the blue.

He didn't reply for awhile. Mukuro laughs a second later. "Kufufufu, why on earth would you ask that, little Chrome?"

Chrome shifts in her little corner. "Well, you seem to enjoy being close to Boss-chan sometimes. You like playing with her, so I...I'm sorry."

"No, it's all right. You're just a little curious. But, to answer your question. I do not like the Vongola. She's a part of the mafia and I hate them."

Chrome frowns cutely. " seem happy when you're near her."

"Don't be silly, Little Chrome. The Vongola is a stepping stone, nothing more."

Chrome sighs and accepts his answer.


Lambo Bovino flies into Tsunami's arms as she walks through the door. She had came home alone today. Takeshi had practice and Hayato had errands to do. He repeatedly apologized to her how he was unable to walk her home. Tsunami catches Lambo in her arms and sighs as he bawls his eyes out into her sweater.

"Did you try to assassinate Reborn again?"

Lambo sniffs. "Lambo almost had him!"

"Really?" Tsunami looks at the ceiling.

She kicks off her shoes and sets her bag on the ground. She Tsunami climbs the stairs and goes into her room. Reborn was sitting on the floor calmly drinking out of little mug.

"Reborn, do you have to treat Lambo so harshly."

Reborn snorts. "What are you talking about? I didn't touch him. I was swatting at a annoying fly."

Lambo stiffens and then his eyes start to water again. "Reborn called me a FLY, WAAAAAH!"

Tsunami sits on her bed and lets Lambo cry. He starts to calm down when Tsunami buries her fingers into Lambo's thick afro. She is somehow able to find his scalp and massage it. Lambo whimpers and sniffs.

"Lambo, maybe you should stop playing with Reborn for a little while. I think you're just a bored because Ipin went away to train and Fuuta's gone too..."

Suddenly, Tsunami felt bad. Lambo was just lonely and all he had for company was that terrible Reborn.

"Hey, Lambo, after I finish my homework with Reborn, let's play a couple of games before bed, okay?"

Lambo looks up at her and cheers.

"Yeah! Games! Lambo would kick your butt, gyahahahaha!"

Hours later, Tsunami and Lambo were playing video games. Tsunami won the first two rounds of the game. On the third try, Lambo started cheating, knocking her controller out of her hands or blocking her view of the TV. Lambo finally beats her and out of revenge Tsunami grabs the little cow and tickles him. Nana enters the room and smiles at them. She lets them know that it was close to bedtime and she asks Tsunami to give Lambo a bath. Tsunami takes Lambo with her to take a bath together. Tsunami fights with Lambo trying to get him to stop splashing water onto the floor and washing his hair. Tsunami was always stunned in the things that Lambo stored into the afro! First it was the usual 10-year bazooka, which she carefully set aside, his ring, and lots, and lots of candy. Lambo cries when she throws them away. Tsunami reassures him that he would stock his hair with candy in no time.

Bathtime was over and Lambo makes Tsunami chase him around the house naked and laughing. Tsunami chases after him. Reborn found them too noisy and trips them causing them both to fall and roll down the stairs. Lambo starts crying again and Tsunami rubs the bump on her head.

Lambo was convinced to dress in PJ's instead of his daily cow-wear. Tsunami dresses him and ruffles his head. Lambo yawns and climbs into Tsunami's lap. Tsunami smiles and carries him to her bed. They settle down and she shuts the light. Lambo snuggles close to Tsunami and clutches the front of her pajama top and smiles.

" the world..." Tsunami blushes at his words and holds Lambo close to her.

"Good night, Lambo." She kisses his cheek and Lambo frowns and murmurs, "yucky..." Tsunami giggles.

It is quiet in the room.

"What, I'm not worthy of a kiss, Dame-Tsuna?" Reborn grumps.

Tsunami sighs.