The Great Big Blue Sky of Love

Chapter 27: Saving Enma

Katekyo Hitman Reborn and its characters belong to Akira Amano

Kyoya had fallen asleep, exhausted from his battle with Adelheid, right after Takeshi's fight. It was speculated that he was long asleep for perhaps before the end of the fight. Tsunami, Hayato and Takeshi had settled away from Kyoya a campfire before it became dark and cold. Many questions were asked to Takeshi how he was able to move again. Tsunami had nestled herself under Takeshi's arm. Takeshi hugs her close to him, smiling as she gently touches his torso. He had explained he was healed by a man. A man that looked like Byakuran! Hayato and Tsunami had panicked at the mention of his name and thought that he had returned to be threat, but Takeshi quieted their concerns. He believed that the man he saw heal him did look Byakuran, but he looked different. The difference was in his face. The Byakuran he saw seemed refreshed. He also didn't make any demands to Takeshi or threats to Tsunami. He simply healed him and left him. Takeshi managed to escape from the hospital, even thought the stunned doctors and nurses tried to stop him. He got in contact with the Vongola and they quickly transported him to the Shimon Island. Hayato was still suspicious, but Tsunami accepts it, happy to have Takeshi well and happy.

"I'm so happy, you're okay," Tsunami smiles up at him.

"Yeah, me too! That was kind of scary! I hope you weren't too upset!"

"Idiot! You scared Hime half to death! She cried for you for so long," Hayato folds his arms.

"Awww, Tsunami-chan…"

Tsunami blushes, "I was worried…I thought you was going to die!"

Takeshi chuckles and kisses the top of her head. Hayato pouts but doesn't say anything. He remembers the scene from the hospital and it was understandable that Tsunami was reassuring herself that Takeshi was by her side again. He would let the baseball-idiot have his moment for however long it lasts….

…Okay, he had enough, he wanted affection too! Hayato moves in close, inch by inch.

"Aww, are you lonely?" Takeshi grins.

"N-no!" Hayato barks.

Tsunami notices Hayato and takes his hand. She smiles apologetically for making Hayato feel left out. Hayato squeezes her hand shyly.

Reborn watches the three of them cuddle around each other. He never would have thought that this strange relationship of several boys sharing one girl would have worked. So far it has been working very well for Tsunami. Some of the worst enemies amongst guardians, Kyoya and Mukuro, teamed up together to reach the island before they did and freed Tsunami. Tsunami was in a state of depression hearing Enma accuse her father of murdering his family. Kyoya fought, not only for himself, but for Tsunami's sake to wake her up. Takeshi was icing on the cake and Tsunami was back to normal. Reborn points this out to everyone and Tsunami realizes it as well.

"I'm sorry, Reborn. I'm sorry for worrying everyone, Kyoya-kun, gave me hint after he fought Adelheid. With Takeshi returning and Primo and Shimon Cozart had never betrayed each other. The Shimon family are being tricked. They're actual good people. With all that in mind, I don't feel lost anymore. Even Ryohei-kun and Chrome-chan…everything is that man's dong…we MUST defeat Daemon Spade!...Chrome-chan is obvious, but we will save Kozato Enma as well. Because he's…my friend!"

Sky Flames burst out of the duffle bag. Everyone shields their eyes from the light. They could feel the comforting warmth of the flames! The flames roar and dissipate revealing Nuts holding the Vongola ring in his mouth. He purrs in delight seeing Tsunami and runs into her arms. The rebirth ring glimmers as Tsunami slips it onto her finger. Nuts climbs on her shoulders and starts nuzzling and licking her face.

"I missed you too, Nuts!" Tsunami pets his mane, "Are you ready to help me save Enma-kun?"


"Tsunami. What are you going to do about the story Enma told? About his family being killed by Iemitsu?" Reborn reminds her.

"…..I….I'm going to believe in my father. Like Primo and the First Shimon, they never stopped believing each other. I'm can't believe that my father will take the life of a family. I'm going to believe in my father until the very end!"

Tsunami gazes up into the night sky. She thinks of Chrome and Enma and hopes that they'll wait for her. Reborn smiles with a glimmer of pride in his large, dark eyes.

The Shimon manor was deep within a cavern. It appeared to look like a small castle. It was dark and quiet but it was interrupted by Julie's humming as strolled through the now lonely halls. He enters a large room that could be a ballroom. A large chair was placed in the far side of the room. In the chair was Enma. His head was bowed and his hair was no longer red but a ghostly white. His veins strain against his skin and his hands grip the arms of the chair tightly. Julies stood beside him observing Enma's horrifying transformation.

"Hyo~, I hardly even recognized you, Enma. It looks like the ring has finished its awakening."

The ring had metallic, thin tentacles slithering over Enma's hand. Julie's own ring was doing the same. Julie lifts Enma's head; tiny veins from his eyes were prominent and were bloodshot. His once vibrant red eyes were dull and unseeing. Long dark circles had formed beneath his eyes.

"How freaky~~, really scary~…Actually, I have some really bad news for you. Adelheid and Kaoru…they both got beaten."

"Adel…heid…Kaoru…" Enma croaks.

Julie nods his somberly, "That's right. It was those guys again. They have taken away everything that's important to you."

"…Even…Shimon…Cozart….even Mami…by the Vongola," Enma gasps out.

The walls, columns and arches within Enma's area crumble and shatter suddenly. His flames flicker through the cracks. The floor sinks in several inches in a sphere around Enma. Julie leaps back away from the flames and dodges the debris.

"By…TSUNAMI…!" snarls Enma.

Enma's power increases and Julie is hovering in the air. He scrambles to get his feet back onto the ground. He yells at Enma to remind him that he was on his side, his ally. Enma mumbles to himself that he will kill Tsunami and it becomes a mantra. He calms down but continues to talk under his breath. Julie manages to land on his feet. He sighs in relief and pats the dust off his pants.

"Geez, what incredible power…with that attitude, you're gonna wreck the island. Ahh, with nowhere to go, the flame is starting to burst out from the earth. Anyhow, I'm sure you'll be fine. The Shimon ring eats up and controls weak hearts." Julie pats Enma's head again, "Looks like you completely snapped!" He sings in a sing-song tone.


Julie's appearance disappears in purple mist and sand. Daemon's form replaces Julie and he sneers down on Enma. He chuckles cruelly.

"It's too late for anyone's voice to reach you now. You've been completely reborn as a killing machine. I'll leave the elimination of Sawada Tsunami to you, Kozato Enma. In the morning, I want you take Sawada's skull…and crush it like glass!"

Daemon laughs to himself. His plan had a few up and downs, but he laughs how futile it was for the tenth generation Vongola to win against him. Enma was his second to last trump card. It was now time to move to the next phase. He continues to chuckle to himself when another chuckle joins his own.

"Kufufufu, you seem rather pleased with yourself, Daemon Spade!"

Daemon turns and was surprised to see Mukuro.

"Oh! Oh dear! This is a surprise!" Daemon stares at his Mist counterpart.

Mukuro approaches Daemon, swaggering with a thin smile. Daemon's smile returns and the two illusionists observe one another. Mukuro's appearance at the ceremony had caught him by surprise. Not only that, but the loving reverence he gave to Sawada before all the guests.

It was disturbingly…familiar.

"So the Vongola Mist Guardian of the Tenth generation has come to the island. You did disappear with the Cloud Guardian after you were thoroughly thrashed by Enma."

"Hmph, I hate to admit it, but your little pawn just happened to catch me off guard. Besides, that Shimon boy will be dealt with by Lady Vongola."

"Nufufufu, I highly doubt that. Enma will destroy her! But, enough about that! Let's talk about us. Would you care for some tea?"

"No, I'm fine."

Mukuro draws out his trident, "You have something that I would like as well. My Chrome. That's quite a trance you have her under. It looks like I'll will have to drag your rotten mafia self to hell!"

That morning, Tsunami takes the others (minus Kyoya, they didn't dare wake him up) further through the path. Tsunami shivers. She could feel Mukuro. Mukuro was about to fight! Did that mean Chrome was in trouble? She increases her pace wanting to hurry to help somehow. They reached the end of the tunnel path and Hayato and Takeshi gaze up in astonishment of the underground castle.

"Whoa!" Takeshi gasps.

Tsunami was just as surprised. She was unconscious when she was brought to this place. It seemed a lot bigger on the outside than inside. Their attention was drawn by bright flickering flames waving out of the large windows of the castle. Tsunami becomes nervous. Those flames belonged to Enma. Nuts leaps off Tsunami's shoulder and goes ahead of her. Tsunami gives chase after her box weapon. Nuts leads them inside the manor. He makes many turns around corners and up and down hallways. Nuts disappears around one corner and they lose him. They are able to find him again when they hear Nuts meowing from up a flight of stairs.

Nuts sat before a set of large doors that reached from floor to the high ceiling. He was clawing away at the door and Tsunami pulls Nuts away from the door. Nuts wiggles her arms anxiously. Curious, Tsunami opens the door and peers inside. The room was dim, but with the little light that was inside, Tsunami could see someone in the far back of the room. The person had white hair and Takeshi notes that the figure was overwhelming with killing intent. He was assumed to be a Shimon assassin. But Tsunami stares at the figure and she recognizes him.


Tsunami was horrified by Enma's new appearance. He looked dead in his eyes and the paleness of his skin. Nuts was delighted to see Enma and leaps out to Tsunami's arms. He races across the room and just when he nearing Enma, Enma lifts his head.


The voice freezes Nuts in tracks. Tsunami catches up to Nuts and holds him. She feels Nuts shaking and he buries his face into her chest. Tsunami understands what Nuts was feeling. Enma's presence was scary. What happened to Enma?

"Enma-kun? Enma-kun? It's me….Tsunami!...Enma-kun, did you see everything?! Shimon Cozart was never betrayed by the Primo!"

"….Shimon….Cozart…Primo…Vongola…..Vongola Primo….he…killed…."

The metallic tentacles that coiled about in the air began whipping about in frenzy. His flame flashes angrily.

"Cozart…Mami…everyone…the Vongola…killed…Tsunami killed…"

Enma's flames surround him. The power of the flames pushes against Tsunami. Tsunami shields herself and Nuts. Enma didn't hear a word she said. Adelheid had warned her that words won't reach Enma. Somehow Enma had become deaf and blind to the truth. He was filled with nothing but rage and hatred towards the Vongola who he believed had caused his family nothing but misery! Tsunami gathers herself and she takes her stance before him.

"Hayato-kun, Takeshi-kun…please, just wait right there."

Takeshi and Hayato were about to protest. But Tsunami gives them a comforting smile.

"Enma's going to be fine."

Seeing her smile, Takeshi relaxed and smiled himself, "Okay! Well in that case, we'll leave it to you, Tsuna-chan!"

Hayato was still unsure, but, "Please be careful, Tenth!"

"Thank you…"


Kyoya steps into the room. He glares at Enma behind Tsunami and then looks at Tsunami.

"Are you confident that you will bite that little runt to death?"

"…Well…I…I'm not going to bite him to death…but, I have to…it looks like I have to beat some sense into him…s-somehow."

Kyoya grunts and folds his arms.

"Very well. You may have first bite. I'll bite him afterwards."

Tsunami thanks Kyoya for his patience. She slips on her gloves and pops a pill into her mouth. She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes. When she reopens them, they were a glow with dying will.

"Enma! Listen to what I have to say! If my words can't reach you then I'll reach you with my fist!"

Enma continues to mutter for Tsunami's death. He raises his hand and dark balls of energy grow around him. Tsunami raises herself off the ground and propels herself towards him. The dark balls fly away from Enma and position themselves throughout the ballroom. The balls expand and as Tsunami flew by one of the balls of dark energy she felt a pull. Like invisible hands the ball's energy holds her and crashes her against itself. Tsunami struggles to get away and had to use a full blast to move away from it. But she would be caught and trapped by another ball of energy! The energy between the balls was keeping Tsunami from flying straight and away from Enma.

"It's the power of gravity. Enma's earth element gives him the ability to manipulate gravity," Reborn identify.

"That would explain all of the things that seemed like psycho-kinesis up till now!" Hayato agrees with Reborn.

The dark spheres begin to crack and crumble. The spheres turn into themselves, sucking in their outer shells. They become dark holes that were still vacuuming for what loose materials that it could absorb.

"When a star is crush by its own gravity, what's born afterwards is…a black hole." Reborn recognizes the transformations.

Enma had form black holes throughout the room. Black holes were known for even absorbing light. There was no escape once caught by a black hole's absolute gravity! Tsunami increases her flames, trying to push away from a hole that was pulling her into dark oblivion. She was just inches away from getting pulled him. Hayato and Takeshi called out in fear for her. Kyoya watches with a calm expression but his nails were digging into his crossed arms. Nuts digs his claws into Tsunami's shoulder and whimpers.

"This is bad!" Reborn bites his lip.

Tsunami looks ahead, straight at Enma. Her eyes were full of determination. Even Nuts raised his head along with her.

"Nuts! Cambio Form!"

Nuts snarls, his fangs flashing and sharp. Nuts turns into streams of bright light and they surround Tsunami's hands. The light dissipates and reveals upgrade forms of her gloves turning them into flaming red gauntlets! With the change of form, there was an increase power. Her flames flare up and she was able to pull away from the hole. She was making great progress making it out of the field of black holes cluttering half of the ballroom. On Enma's half of the ballroom there were smaller balls of energy that form. They pull up the marble flooring and cover themselves with it. The balls of marble were hurled towards Tsunami. Tsunami immediately crosses her arms over herself to shield herself from the ball of debris. It hits her and a voice rings into her ears…

"I don't want to be alone."

Tsunami was startled and was struck again! Being caught off guard, Tsunami was sent against a wall. She yells out in pain. She is touched be the light within….

"So lonely."

Tsunami gathers herself and lifts herself in the air. She stares at Enma. Darting back into the fray, Tsunami makes her way towards Enma with the debris getting larger and trying to keep her away.

"I'm all alone...No one here…so lonely…"

Enma's voice calls out to Tsunami with every hit and it drives her forward!


Tsunami's heart felt like it wanted to burst. Her soul reached out to that voice. He needed someone! He needed help!


She reaches out and catches the arms of the chair. She grabs Enma and wraps her arms around his neck.

"ENMA! It's me!"

"Tsu…nami…" He groans in a daze. "Must…kill…"

On hearing this Tsunami frowns up and hisses, "OPEN YOUR EYES, ENMA!"

She drew back a fist and punches him across the face.

"Must kill…" he insists.

Enma hadn't woken up from the dark spell. There was the sound of crackling and grinding of rock above the two of them. Tsunami lifts her head and it was a large form of debris. It moves to knock her away from Enma, but she presses closer to Enma, wrapping herself as tightly as possible to avoid getting away from Enma.

"Enma," Tsunami whimpers into his ear, "It's me! I'm here now! Can you hear me, Enma!?"

She lifts her head and looks into his dead eyes.


Tsunami sobs and covers his lips with hers!


Enma was startled and he pricks himself on his needle while sewing his pants. He turns behind him and sees a girl holding a tattered textbook. She blushes and apologizes for scaring him.

Enma is splashing in the water in a panic.

"Um, the water's shallow." The girl speaks calmly to him. "Let me help you," she smiles softly at him, hand out for him to take.

He takes it and there was a spark between them that felt…good.

Enma meets Nuts for the first time.

"Is that your cat?" Enma reaches out and pets the little lion.

Nuts purrs. The girl smiles, "Wow, he really likes you!"

"I like seeing you too, Enma-kun."

"I-I already consider us friends!"

Enma's eye flashes and he blinks several times to clear his vision. To clear his awesome vision of Tsunami in lap, holding him…kissing him. He makes a startled sound. Tsunami pulls away and they stare at each other.


Flashes of memories crash into Enma's mind and he was finally able to see the history and truth between Giotto Vongola and Cozart Shimon! They were friends to the end and beyond. There was never a betrayal between them but everlasting friendship! Most of all, his ancestor Cozart was never lost! Enma grabs his head in pain and lifts his eyes back into Tsunami's tearfully happy face.



"It's okay. I came to save you."

"….Tsuna-chan…" he starts to smile…"….It's no good! It's too late! I can't control my power anymore!"

A hole begins to swirl within Enma's chest. He gasps and throws back his head howling in pain. Before it could get any larger, Enma pushes Tsunami away from him. Tsunami falls back and stares into the large gaping black hole! She braces herself against the ground and gazes in horror as all the debris and Enma himself was being sucked in!

"Run! Run away!" Enma screams.

With her flames activated, Tsunami thrusts her hands in front of her and she pulls away from the gigantic hole's pull!

"You have to get away! Everyone's going to get killed!" Enma begs.

"No, I'm going to save you!"

Tsunami cross her arms, "Operation…XX!"

The battle headphones Tsunami was wearing, crackles to life and an electronic voice responds to her order.

"Understood, Boss. Now initiating XX sequence. Now firing gentle flames from the arm's new parts."

Tsunami takes a stance that was different from the original X-Burner stance. It was one of Tsunami's most powerful attacks. Usually, Tsunami would hold one hand out to fire and use the other hand to provide support so she wouldn't be thrown backwards. To Reborn and the others' surprise, Tsunami new stance allows her to both of her hands to fire her new attack, XX-Burner! Tsunami's contacts form as a sort of cross-hair in her eyes. They flash the "X" symbol.

"Gauge symmetrical. Standby for discharge." The headphones guide her.


The Sky Flames burst forth in the form of Nuts' snarling face. The flames roar as they drove into the hole. The hole seems to shrink in size as the flames overwhelm its darkness! Enma yells and it becomes everyone's concern of whether he could withstand the intensity.


The light and the dark continue to push for dominance, but slowly, the light grows brighter and brighter. Enma sees Tsunami beginning to fade and as the light fills vision he wonders what she meant when she said her pride. He feels himself being broken down by the hole. There was no way Tsunami would be able to save him…

The light of the Sky Flames fill the room as Tsunami kept pushing back the hole. Her guardians and Reborn couldn't handle looking into her bright light and had to shield the eyes. The light fills the castle and bursts out through nearly every opening of the windows. In flash and dying roar the flames became a smolder. Dust and debris drift through the air. Takeshi and Hayato search through the dust till they finally laid their eyes on Tsunami on the ground. Nuts cries over her and paws at her.


"Tsuna! Are you all right?"

"Owwwww!" Tsunami rolls onto her hands and knees. "I…I'm okay…but,"

She looks around, "but what about Enma?!"

Looking around, the dust was still heavy in the air. Tsunami turns her head sharply at the sound of coughing. There was shadow of a figure and by squinting through the dust the figure was Enma coughing, body intact and his hair an absolute mess!

"Gahahahaha, Enma's got bed hair!" Laughs Lambo.

Enma and Tsunami's eyes met and Tsunami smiles kindly at him, her expression filled with relief. Enma stares back at her.


Tsunami was on her feet and races towards him. Somehow Nuts manages to beat her to him and scrambles into his arms.

"I'm so glad that you're okay!" Tsunami cries.

"I'm sorry….ah!"

Tsunami's pounces on Enma like Nuts. Both Nuts and Tsunami could be heard purring. Enma blushes as Tsunami held him around his neck.

"…I'm so sorry, Tsuna-chan…because of our mistakes…all of this happened…"

"It's fine," Tsunami murmurs into his ear, "It's not your fault."

Enma raises his arms and wraps them around Tsunami and they embraced each other. Reborn and the Guardians watch the scene before them with mixed feelings. Takeshi was surprised by this development. He didn't see this coming at all! Kyoya narrows his eyes and then huffs as he crosses his arms. Hayato pouts a bit and groans to himself.

"I knew it…"

"Really? How did this start?" Hayato leans close. He felt that the moment Tsunami was having with Enma wasn't meant to be disturbed.

"Well, I don't really know…I only realized what was happening when Shittopi-chan showed me pictures of her getting all cozy with him."

"Ohhh!" Takeshi nods. "Well, we may not when it happen. But, I got a feeling of the how…it's your fault."

"What!?" Hayato hisses, "How is this my fault?!"

Kyoya raises a brow in interest.

"Yes, Yamamoto, where did this idea come from?" Reborn smirks.

"Weeeeell, you've been making Tsuna-chan jealous since you were so interested in Shittopi-chan~!" Takeshi grins.

Hayato sputters, "T-th-that was research! She was a…or at least, I thought she was a UMA!"

"Weeeeeeeeell," Takeshi rubs the back of neck, "Tsuna-chan didn't see it that way…I told her that you two should talk about it…but all this crazy stuff happened and I guess she found some comfort in Enma-kun."


"Oh, she hasn't seen the video of your fight with Shitt P." Reborn grins. "I recorded the whole thing. Even her confession and you two snuggling together, Gokudera!"

Hayato pales and swears in Italian.

"Buuut, I guess this is something we have to be preparing ourselves for. Tsuna-chan has a big heart and she so giving in her love," shrugs Takeshi.

"Hn," Kyoya grunts.

"Tsunami-chan," Enma pulls Tsunami away gently. "Can I ask you something?"

Enma looks into her eyes, "You said, 'My pride is at stake'….What exactly is your pride, Tsunami-chan?"

The others' attention was caught, also curious about Tsunami's answer.

"Oh! Is that all?" she giggles. "My pride is…you." She beams. "To tell you the truth, from the time I got here until now I had no idea what it was. Until just now I hadn't even thought about pride for a moment…I didn't even think that I was capable of having something amazing like that. But, Kyoya-kun taught me that pride is something you can't ever surrender. If that's what pride is, then I can answer sincerely and confidently that my pride is…in all I hold dear to my heart!"

She looks back over her shoulder and smiles at her boys. Takeshi chuckles, Hayato blushes and shuffles his feet. Kyoya pretends to ignore her look but there was a faint smile. The full story of what had been happening. Enma learns that somehow Daemon Spade, the first Mist guardian, was still alive and had been using his family to destroy the Vongola. Enma wanted to make amends and swore that he would help Tsunami.

"The loser has been decided."

The Vindice appeared before them. Tsunami stood beside Enma.

"W-wait! We don't have any ill feelings towards each other anymore! There's no point for this battle anymore!"

"This battle cannot be stopped until the very end…this law was set in place by your ancestors. We present the sixth key," The Vendicare guard opens his palm reveal a clear pacifier.

Reborn reacts strongly in surprise. Another vision plays with Cozart and Giotto meeting together. Cozart tells Giotto how very thankful he was for saving him. It had been some years since Cozart, Giotto and G. were together. G brings up Daemon and asks how they were to deal with the traitor. Giotto hesitates, unsure how to answer the possibility of punishing a friend.

"G., I got an idea about that. Why don't we just stay quiet about everything that happened here?" Cozart offers.

"What are you saying, Cozart!?"

"I have this strong feeling that getting rid of that man Daemon won't be a simple task. Our Shimon family was killed in battle with the Vongola. Let that be the truth. If we were to try and eliminate daemon Spade, there would be much sacrifice involved. On the other hand, if Daemon continues to live, we Shimon would become your weak point. So if we just disappeared from this world and went into hiding, then everything would be fine, right?"

Giotto couldn't believe what Cozart was suggesting, "Do you understand what you're saying, Cozart!? To disappear from the world and continuing to live on in the shadows; what's so heroic and about that!?"

Cozart chuckles, "You need not worry; we're pretty reclusive people after all…."

"What about the children?! You plan to just have your future generations carry that burden?"

"I do!"

Seeing the determination set in Cozart's eyes Giotto allows to Cozart to do as he sees fit. On one condition…

"I want you to swear something to me. That as long as the Vongola exists, the Shimon will always be there in the shadows supporting us…"

"I swear…the Shimon family feels no resentment or bitterness towards the Vongola Family for this incident. No matter what ever happens, from now until the end of time, our families will always be close."

Smokey shadows gather in a whirl that forms into shapes of humans. The forms become clothed and Giotto, G. and Cozart recognized them for the Vindice.

"You said the words." A Vendicare guard steps forward. "Now, I must uphold the Mafia law. Giotto…Cozart."

The Vendicare guard had the most revealing features of the Vindice. His had dark, wavy hair and an eye peers out through lose bandages wrapped around his face. The guard also stood out with the company of a small baby-version of the Vindice wearing the clear pacifier. Giotto recognizes the Vendicare guard and addresses him as Bermuda Von Vichtenstein.

"Vindice!" Reborn yells, "Why do you possess that clear pacifier!?"

"Reborn!?" Tsunami jumps startled.

"We have no reason to tell you," the Vindice replies, "Enma Kozato! You are the Shimon Boss, so you will stay and watch the battle of both families until the end. Your imprisonment will be taken care of after the battle of your final guardian."

"Final guardian? Does he mean…" Tsunami gasps, "Chrome! Mukuro!"

"And Daemon Spade!" Enma realizes.

In another wing of the Shimon castle, Mukuro and Daemon were in the heat of their battle. Their weapons were crossed and they were crouched facing each other smirking. The hall where their battle began was in shambles. Framed portraits were hanging obscured off the wall and slashed.

"You better than I imagined," Daemon was delighted.

Daemon's eyes flashes into a spade, "It's about time I show you how serious I can be."

"Kufufufu, I wouldn't have it any other way."