The Great Big Blue Sky of Love

Chapter 30: Hot Springs Interviews

Katekyo Hitman Reborn and its characters belong to Akira Amano

Tsunami was sitting by the window on a traveler's bus with Kyoko and Hana. They were on their way to the hot springs resort that was promised to them as a reward for having a great play on school festival day. Everyone who contributed to the play's success was taken on the trip. Which included Mukuro from Kokuyo Middle School and he was allowed to invite a friend who was Chrome. They sat in the back of the bus together. Male students were wary of him but were eying Chrome. Girls were envious of Chrome as they admired the handsome boy with the strange eyes! Fortunately, Hibari was at the front of the bus with the seat all to himself. He was lounging across the seat, his head against the window taking a nap. Hayato and Takeshi were seated together with another male student. Hayato was irritated that he wasn't close enough to Tsunami. Takeshi assures Hayato that they will get to hang out together again once they reached the resort.

"C'mon, Gokudera! We're going to a resort! Maybe you'll learn to relax for once."

"Shut up!"

Enma and Shittopi were able to go due to two students who had taken ill. Their tickets were given to them. Enma sat a few seats diagonal of Tsunami's seat. Tsunami stares at his seat and sighs gloomily. A strong hand reaches over her seat and grabs her shoulder.

"Tsunami-chan? Are you extremely okay?" Ryohei expresses his extreme concern.

Tsunami nods. Kyoko looks over Tsunami feeling bad for Tsunami.

It had been three days since Daemon Spade was put to rest. Three days and things have been awkward between Enma and Tsunami. Vongola and Shimon guardians were aware of the situation.

Three days ago, they were picked up by the Vongola ships. On the ships the Varia was there including Xanxus himself. Tsunami was still unconscious, carried by Takeshi. Squalo had panicked and demanded to know what happened to her. The Varia Boss, Xanxus, glares at Enma. After getting the Storm Varia settled down long enough to explain why Tsunami had fainted, she came to and was surprised to see the Varia. Xanxus finally made a move and stood up. He approached Tsunami, knelt by her side and takes her chin between his fingers. Enma and the Shimon stared absolutely stunned when the Varia Boss locked his lips over Tsunami's. Enma had felt his heart dropped to the pit of his stomach and his chest hurt as a daze expression came over her face. Xanxus pulled away and caressed her face, he was glad that she was alive. Tsunami smiled at Xanxus until Enma calls out to her. Tsunami realizes that Enma looked hurt over the kiss shared between her and Xanxus. Xanxus looked between the two and smirks.

"I see. You're greedy, babe. Got you another puppy!"


"Tch…we got to share you with that guy now!" snapped Squalo.

"S-share?!" Enma squawked.

Shittopi blinked owlishly, "Oh! You have two grown men too?"

All of the Shimon whipped their heads to the floating girl.

Shittopi reported to everyone listening that she had been spying on Tsunami. She had taken pictures of her with all her boyfriends.

"Sooo, you are all aware of each other and are sharing Tsunami-sama?" Shittopi questioned.

"Yup!" Takeshi beamed, "It was a long story but we decided not to make Tsunami choose between us so were sharing her!"

"Sh-sharing?!" Enma squeaked.

"Hmph, I don't like it. But I am the one that pleases Tsunami."

"….The hell you do?!" Gokudera snapped.

Arguing ensued that gave Tsunami a chance to approach Enma and take him to some where private. They walked together in silence through the hallway. When she had felt that they were alone Tsunami turned to Enma and suddenly hugged him. Enma was surprised and slowly lifted his arms and placed them around her.

"Enma-kun!" She held him tighter. "I promise you! I really do care about you!"


Tsunami pulled away and kisses him. Enma didn't see this move and slowly fell into the kiss. Tsunami pulled away giving him one last peck.

"Enma-kun…I…I love you."

Enma held Tsunami a little longer. Hearing those words made him happy. But, the others…she loved the others as well. He wasn't sure about her loving so many.

"Do you really? How can you love me and the others?"

"I…I just do. I learned to care for each of my guardians, my lovers. It was strange to me as well…but all each one of them want is for me to love and care for them."

"Are you sure that's love and instead you being selfish? I just don't see how you can do it. Tsunami-chan, I like you. But, I'm just not sure." Enma kissed her forehead.

Tsunami was found by Takeshi and Hayato crying in the hallway. They took her to a cabin and they held Tsunami between them on a bed. They learn what happened through her sobbing.

"You should forget about him, Hime! I can't believe he would reject someone like you! Where does he get the idea that he's above you! After all he put you through and how you saved him and his family!"

"Now, now, Gokudera-kun. Not everybody will jump on the bandwagon."

Tsunami sniffed, "You make it sound like I'm giving up on him!"

Hayato and Takeshi looked at each other and then back down on Tsunami smiling.

"Uh oh! Enma-kun better watch out!" Takeshi laughs

Tsunami truly loved Enma. She knew she fell in love with him. She had to prove it to him. Besides, Enma said that he liked her too! How long would he be able to stay away from her! They finally arrived at the hot springs resort. The resort was in the forest of Namimori. The springs were naturally heated within caverns below the resort. The resort was an inn with several recreational activities for the young and the old. The Namimori students boarded off the bus and split into groups. Adelheid, Julie, Kaoru and Rauji were upper classman that volunteered to help the teacher chaperone the students with Kyoya and Ryohei. They were escorted to their room and the teachers go over the rules and hoped that the students would be on their best behavior and represent their proud Namimori school….or else they will be bitten to death by Kyoya. The students are released back to their assigned rooms to change out of their uniforms into the casual clothes.

Tsunami dresses in jean shorts, a white thank top with a short sleeved hoodie with orange stripes around the arm sleeves with brown sandals. It was the afternoon and Kyoko meets up with Tsunami with Hana to treat her to some ice cream.

"You seem a little down. What happened while you were gone?" asks Kyoko.

"Oh, it's nothing, Kyoko-chan. Just had my feelings hurt."

"Oh, please tell me it wasn't one or all your boys?" Hana groans.

"Eh…wha…what?! What do you mean?" Tsunami was startled.

Hana smirks, "Oh, come ooooon, Tsunami! I consider myself the smartest person in school. Besides, I asked Kyoko and she confirmed my suspicions that you're dating the boys!"


"She was right! She knew!" Kyoko raises her hands in defense.

Hana snickers, "Anyway, that is so old news. Right now it's so obvious that you want Enma apart of your collection. I understand. You two are so soul mates."

"Soul mates?"

"Yeah, you two were meant to be together! There's this bond between you two that just seems right."

"You think we were meant to be together?" Tsunami asks.

Tsunami remembers all the memories how Giotto and Cozart became friends instantly, how they had the same views of the needs of the people. How they always had faith in each other when they needed one another and had faith that their descendants will do the same. She didn't want to give up on Enma! They were meant to be.

"You're right, Hana. I'm going to try my hardest! I just need…to figure out what to do!"


Tsunami was attacked at the side and she screams.


"Haru!? What are you doing here?" Tsunami asks.

"Tsuna-chan, don't you remember that we had a photo shoot today! President-san and the Cosplay Club are here thanks to Mae-sempai!

Mae-sempai, the rich girl that goes to Haru's school who was obsessed with Tsunami and has a website devoted to her. Haru pulls Tsunami out of the chair.

"Hiiiiiiiie, you came all the way here for that? We couldn't reschedule?"

"Nonsense, we are willing to work with your schedule," said the President of the Cosplay Club, "But, we shall use the hot springs as inspiration!"

Hana looks to Kyoko in question. Kyoko laughs and explains who they are and what they have been doing with Tsunami. Hana was surprised that Tsunami was not just a model but an internet idol too!

Tsunami's lovers wanted to help her get who she wanted. They too sensed the special bond between Tsunami and Enma. They could have been a lovely couple without them. But they weren't keen on letting Tsunami go, they were willing to share her with each other and a new guy. Some of them could see that Enma could use the love. Some of the guardians went to the Shimon guardians to get their opinions and perhaps their cooperation in helping Enma to join them.

Hayato finds Shittopi, who was having a very in-depth conversation with the koi fish in the garden pond. She was bounces happily over to him and wraps her arms around his neck. Hayato yells at her and tries to push her off.

"Hey, hey, hey! C'mon, get off!"

"Oh, my cute little Hayato-kun~!"

"I'm not yours! My heart, soul and body belongs to Hime!"

"Ohhhh, but she already has so many! Let's trade, you for Enma!"

"We aren't trading anything! Get off…hey! Watch those hands…wait a minute? You're okay with Enma being with Juudaime?"

Shittopi pulls away, "Yes, I'm okay with it. I thought about your strange relationship of sharing one girl and I think it's nice. I remember how everyone thought my actions and interests were strange and not normal. I like to think of myself as someone who is different from society's standards. Tsunami isn't that kind of person to play with a person's heart. From what I observe, she is genuine in her love for you and the others….which makes me so sad…I want you, Hayato-kun!"

"Gaaaah, get off of me!"

"Ask Tsunami if she would like to share you with me!"

"No!" Hayato howls.

Takeshi was hanging out with Kaoru and Rauji at the cafeteria. It was a long trip since breakfast and they were pretty hungry. The cafeteria had a traditional Japanese theme to it. There were several short tables with decorated satin pillows for seating. The waiters and waitresses wore matching kimono carrying empty plates or pitchers about. They selected their food, Takeshi choosing mostly sushi and Rauji had selected a large quantity of fruit! Takeshi takes them to a private corner and after a few bites and sips of tea asked his question.

"Hey, guys. Um, what do you think about our relationship with Tsunami?"

"You and the rest of the guardians?" asks Rauji.

"….I…I was surprised….has this been going on for awhile."

"Yeah, a few months," Takeshi sips his tea.

"You all seem very happy with your arrangement. How can we be upset over that? Tsunami cares for you and the others very much…when we…held her captive…she was only concerned about you and not herself." Kaoru swallows a huge lump in his throat. "….she loves you so much…I saw how worried she was that night you were in the hospital! She was…so, so terrified," Kaoru sniffs.

"Awww, man…it was that bad?!" Takeshi rubs the back of his neck.

Kaoru sniffs and rubs his eyes nodding. Rauji gives Kaoru a napkin and shakes his shoulder comfortingly. Takeshi gives Kaoru a moment to collect himself. He once again for the one-hundredth time tells Kaoru that he forgives him and reminds him that they're friends. Kaoru calm completely down after drinking a whole cup of tea in one gulp.

"Aaah….Tsunami-san loves you Takeshi and also gives each of her lovers the same love. Enma needs someone like that in his life. He shouldn't have turned her down…Tsunami-san has forgiven him of so many things and still holds a place for him in her heart."

"Awesome! So glad to hear that!" Takeshi beams. "Can you help us out in convincing Enma-kun?"

"Sure," Rauji nods.

Kaoru nods his head and blows his nose into a napkin.

Kyoko and Hana were exploring the small stores. They had bought handmade candies and was now doing a bit of window shopping. They found Chrome admiring kimono through the kimono shop window. The girls take a break on a bench and they share their candy with Chrome. It was Chrome that spots Adelheid and Julie together. They were walking while eating ice cream together.

"Excuse me, I'm going to ask them a question," said Chrome.

Chrome trots over to the couple and Julie happily greets her.

"Hi, Chrome-chan! Listen, I want to apologize for whatever I did to you…"

"T-there's no need to apologize! You had no idea what was going on with your body being in possession of someone else….Um…"

"Do you have something to say?" asks Adelheid.

"I…I wanted to ask…what do you think about Boss and her relationships?"

"Huh, relationships? Oh, oh," Julies grins slyly, "You mean how Tsunami-chan has all her boys tied to her? I say she's a lucky girl! I wouldn't mind having a harem of my own…but when you think about it I can have a harem with Adelheid and her lovely clones…OUCH! Adelly!"

Julie rubs the back of his smacked head. Adelheid was blushing furiously.

"A-any way, to answer your question, I find your boss' relationship with her guardians very weird. Does she really love them all?"

Chrome nods, "Yes! She does. It started with them confessing their love to her. After certain events, they decided amongst themselves to share her."

"So, it was the boys' idea?"

"Boss agreed and she learned to care for them and returned their love."

"Well, I'm glad that it works for them…but, Enma," Adelheid shakes her head, "I think it caught him off guard. Enma is in love with Tsunami…but, he can be a little insecure about things like this."

"I understand. But, would you mind if Boss takes in Enma as another lover?"

"Well, I…"

"Aw, c'mon, Adelheid. It's love! Tsunami-chan did so much for our little Enma! She does care about him and you know it."

"Yes, she does."

"Will you help us convince Enma to be with Boss then?"

"Sure we will! Right, Adelheid?"

Adelheid sighs in defeat, "Very well…but, Enma better not get hurt!"

Chrome smiles in delight. The Vongola have the Shimon's support!

Hayato had managed to escape Shittopi. He had to hide in several places one of them being the kitchen pantry before he was ran out of there. He set out to find Tsunami. He had last seen her with Kyoko and Hana towards the cafeteria. To his dismay, he met Takeshi instead and the boy decided to join Hayato in his search for Tsunami. Takeshi told Hayato the good news that Kaoru and Rauji were okay with Enma joining them.

"How it go with Shittopi?"

"She said she'll help."

"Awww, for the guy she likes! She wants to see you happy!"

"Shut up or I'll blow you away!"

They were turning around the corner to their rooms and bump into Haru. Haru was happy to see them and shoves some bags and boxes into their arms. She leads them to a private room rented out by the Cosplay Club. Hayato was irritated that the Cosplay club was bothering Tsunami with their otaku hobbies. In the room, there were lights and cameras being set up. There was a screen with voices behind it. They hear Tsunami's squeak of embarrassment.

"What are you doing to Hime?!" Hayato drops the bags and boxes.

"Hahi! Be careful with those! They're Tsunami-chan's costumes!"

"Oh, yeah?" Takeshi sets his half of the baggage carefully on the ground. "Tsuna-chan? Are you behind that screen?"


"….haha, are you naked?"


"Can I have a peek?" Takeshi grins.

"HIIIIIE, stay away!"

"You pervert!"

Hayato tries to put Takeshi into a strangle hold. Takeshi laughs at Hayato's attempts which makes Hayato mad that he wasn't succeeding.

"Enough! You are disturbing the aura!" President-sama shouts.

"Sorry, sorry! If we're quiet can we stay and watch for a bit?"

"Yes, just be quiet!" President-sama huffs.

A thought comes to Takeshi and he taps Hayato's arm and pulls himself out of the hold. He leans forward and whispers into his ear.

"Huh…that doesn't sound too bad of an idea. You stay here…there's no way you be able to find him. You're so easily distracted!"

Enma was dragged to the inn's gym by Ryohei along with Koyo. Ryohei wanted to have a serious talk with Enma! He was mad that the Shimon heir made Tsunami sad! He was also mad because he was envious of Enma for Tsunami fell for her and asked for him. He and the other lovers of Tsunami gave their love to Tsunami. Tsunami learned to give back their love and here was Enma who Tsunami gave her heart to and he turned it down. Ryohei pushes Enma through the double doors, fortunately, Enma was caught by Koyo.

"Hey! Watch it, Ryohei!" Koyo yells.

"Hmph! What's your extreme deal?!"

"You pushed…"

"Not you, Koyo!" Ryohei points at Enma, "You! How can you turn down Tsunami-chan's love! Do you realize how extremely awesome that is?"

Enma blinks dumbly. Fortunately for them, no one was in the gym. Everybody was enjoying the relaxing outdoors and spa. Ryohei growls and finds punching bag. He strikes it at it, trying to calm himself down and to figure out a way to explain his frustration.

"Hmph, I think Ryohei and possibly the other guardians are jealous of you, Enma!" Koyo smirks.

"J-jealous? Of me?"

"He said that it was awesome how Tsunami came to you about loving you!"

"That's right!" Ryohei yells, "We have sit and talk and stuff to come to agreement about our relationship! Tsunami fell for you; it was love at first sight…at least that's how Octopus-head explained it!"

"Oh. Really?"

Ryohei charges at Enma and grabs his shirt, "You extreme idiot! What do you mean 'really'?! Tsunami-chan told you she loved you!"

Enma did remember; back on the ship after he learned about Tsunami having lovers. He had noticed that her guardians seem a little closer than normal. Tsunami cared about them, loved them and they were all happy with the arrangement. Tsunami did say that she loved him and he too loved her too. Is there really room for him?

"A-are you okay with having me be with Tsunami?"

"If it makes Tsunami-chan happy I will accept you! That's what love is! Making each other extremely happy! And Tsunami-chan is extremely good in making others happy before her own happiness!"

"I still think it's weird though…" Koyo blushes.

"It's not weird! It's love to the extreme!"

Ryohei and Koyo begin to argue again and it looked like it would turn to blows. Enma was about to stop them but was grabbed by the collar of his shirt by Hayato.

"Tch, c'mon. Leave the muscle-heads to bash what little brain cells they have."


Hayato ignores him dragging Enma away. Halfway in dragging him, Hayato remembers that he is the same level as Tsunami and released him. He mumbles an apology and leads Enma through the halls. There wasn't any chatter between them. Enma found Hayato intimidating before and after he betrayed him and his boss. Enma didn't have any doubts that Hayato was still a little angry.

"Go…Gokudera-san! Um…eh…have you really forgiven me for hurting Tsunami-chan?"

"…For you betraying her or hurting her feelings after she confessed to you?" He grumbles.


"Tch, I forgave you after we found out that you were being manipulated by that bastard ghost, Daemon. I'm still mad that you turned down someone as wonderful as Hime! You jerk…she confessed to you…"

Enma was hearing that a lot from the guardians. They were making it a big deal that it was Tsunami who came to him with her love. Was it really a big thing?

"Hime sometimes in some situations is very shy and unsure of herself. Those people at our school have been dragging her down always telling her what she would never be or accomplish. If you have seen her before Reborn…you'll probably be shocked. I hate to say it…she wasn't as beautiful as she is now. She wore clothes to hide herself and her hair was a sheepdog's."


"She had less confidence than you but we enter her life and as time went on, she became better not for herself but for us…" Hayato blushes. "She didn't change till we showed up and saw how truly wonderful she was on the inside. We saw Hime turn from a bud to a rose in bloom," he sighs, "We've been through so much together…how couldn't we fall for her! Though! I saw it first! We gave our hearts to her and at first she hesitated a little overwhelmed that we were giving her something very important and fragile. She didn't want to destroy any of us and decided to give us the love each of us wanted from her. I won't lie…it was awkward but Hime being the amazing person she is managed in giving us what we want."

"I'm beginning to understand. She chose you all because she didn't want to hurt you. She cares about you so much…I was…I was selfish again."

"Hmph, you were!"

Enma rubs his arms. Suddenly, he felt anxious. He didn't speak with Tsunami after she confessed to him. They were both embarrassed that it was awkward between them. Which was strange when they had fought side-by-side against Daemon and learned that the bond between their ancestors' had never been broken. If it wasn't for Daemon…perhaps Shimon and the Vongola would have been much closer…maybe somewhere down the line someone Shimon and the Vongola could have fallen in love and united the families in marriage….

Enma's face becomes aflame as a glimpse of Tsunami in a wedding dress slips into his mind. He slaps his face to calm down. Hayato looks at him strangely. Enma ignores him so he wouldn't question him! Enma finally notices that the hall was much fancier than the halls they were assigned. They were in the much richer part of the inn for people of well-to-do families and or corporations. Hayato slides the door open and they step in. They stopped and stared out to the open screen door that showed the garden outside. The cameras and light reflectors were rearranged and the Cosplay Club was busy snapping pictures and changing the lighting. Takeshi was in a daze just like them, watching their focus.

Their focus was on Tsunami, sitting on her knees looking out the window in sad longing. She was adorned with a soft orange kimono, a junnihitoe, a twelve-layered kimono worn by noble ladies of times of old. There were mixes of many hues of pinks, blues and a touch of limey green. Her hair was speckled with hair pins and combs tying her hair up into sections.

"Tsunami-chan, slowly turn your head towards us!" directed the President.

As directed, Tsunami slowly turns her face towards them. The boys in the room forgot how to breathe. Her face had a kiss of make-up making her skin pale as a full moon in summer. Her lips was painted rose pink and breathe of orange eye shadow was on her eyelids. She sees her boys behind the camera. Her eyes widen and her lips part in a surprise gasp.

"Excellent expression!" the President snaps her camera.

Tsunami sees Enma and flushes behind her make-up. Enma does the same and shuffles his feet.

'She's…beautiful!' thought Enma. 'I can't believe I said no…'

Enma looks up from the ground and smiles gently. Tsunami tilts her head as his smile. Then her eyes shine in hope and she smiles. She mouths his name. Enma whispers to her but she didn't need to hear her name, she saw it. Her smiles spreads and she placed a layered sleeve over her heart. Enma's heart was thumping behind his chest and he nods his head.

The Cosplay club could see the sweetness between her and Enma, minus President-sama. She was too focus to care trying to capture the beautiful emotions and gestures Tsunami was making, unaware of why she was making them. Mae grins and takes out her own personal camera and takes pictures between President-sama's photography of Enma.

"So…it's him!" Mae's grin curves further.

President-sama stops taking pictures and gasps as if she had just run laps.

"Wonderful…excellent…take a break everyone…ten minutes before we change outfits. We'll take some moonlight shots later tonight in the princess attire!"

"Roger, ma'am!"

Takeshi was the first to move out of his trance, he stands to his feet and helps Tsunami to her feet. Tsunami stumbles a bit and fell into his arms. Takeshi smiles down at her.

"You were very beautiful, Tsu-chan! I love how you look in that kimono!"

"You…you keep saying that," Tsunami blushes.

"I have? Hahaha that must mean it's true!"

The Cosplay Club discreetly watched the interaction between their model and her "friend". Mae was videotaping with her camera. It was time that she posts video on her website. Hayato interrupts the moment pulling Tsunami out of Takeshi's arms. He holds her hands and was overjoyed to have witness Tsunami's graceful beauty. Tsunami blushes more from Hayato passionate words and turns her head to hide from his blinding joy! Takeshi didn't mind pushed away. He thought of how he helped in helping put on the layers of silk on her along with the club. They were having difficulty and Takeshi offered to help. To their surprise, besides Mae, Tsunami said she didn't mind. She wasn't naked but was wearing a light inner robe. Takeshi thought it was pretty sexy to help dress her up. Then a thought came to him.

"Hey, Gokudera-kun!"

"What!?" Hayato snaps at Takeshi.

"Tsunami-chan's going to need help out of that kimono…you should help her," he grins in challenge.

"….wha..wha…wha…wha…help Hime…out of…her clothes…?!"

Hayato looks over the silk and whimpers. Tsunami looks down at their hands. Hayato had turned white as a sheet but was beginning to color as he trembles.

"I….I…I'm not worthy!" Hayato yells.

He makes to make run for it out the garden, but Tsunami frowns and holds his hands tightly. Hayato was surprised and was greeted by a comforting smile.

"I do need the help, Hayato-kun…I'm not completely naked under here…" she blushes mentioning the word naked.

"I helped her into her earlier," Takeshi adds.

"You…!" Hayato growls and grumbles. "I'll help, Hime."

Hayato stares at the kimono unsure of where to begin. Tsunami had no idea either. Takeshi verbally guides Hayato while pointing of where to untie and pull. It starts to become a tangle of a mess and Hayato gets mad at Takeshi and his directions. Haru rushes over to save the day and the three of them work to help. Enma decides to have a seat on the mat and watches at her friends and lovers helps her out of the kimono. Despite the awkwardness, Tsunami was comfortable with her lovers and sees how she was able to encourage Hayato. Hayato may think he knows everything but he has his moments of uncertainty and Tsunami was able to back him up when he needs it until he was able to gain his confidence.

"Soooo, you're Kozato, Enma, yes?"

Enma jumps and faces the camera belonging to Mae. Mae was grinning at him.

"Um, y-yes?"

"Hmmm, Tsunami's next love interest?"

"Y-yes," Enma nods. "She…she actually sort of…confessed to me…"

"Really!" Mae gasps. "And then…"

"I…I turned her down…" he mumbles.

"WHAAAAT!? How could you?!" Mae yells.

Her sudden shout startled Enma causing him to fall over. Everyone stares at them. Mae laughs and waves them off that everything was fine. Enma sits back up shakily but flinches away when Mae glares at him.

"How could you?" She whispers.

"I….I wasn't sure…about the whole multiple partners thing. But…but I've been thinking about it and a few of her friends approached me about it and told me of their opinions…they seem jealous of the fact that Tsunami-chan came to me. I see how important it was to them that Tsunami loved me and came to me before I could. They taught her how to love and now she knows what love is. Her love for me is real…thanks to them. I know that now and I…I'm okay with everything now."

Mae smiles softly, "That's good. Those boys truly love her and want to support her affections to a new guy. Well, good luck to you! You better make it up to her!"

Enma nods, "I will…I'll certainly will."

Behind Enma and Mae, the door was open with the other Shimon and the Vongola guardians were watching.

"Kufufufu, I guess things have worked out on their own."

Mukuro was leaning against the open screen door as the others peeked over and under each other. Chrome sighs in relief. She was so happy to see her boss truly happy again!

"At least we all know that everyone is okay with it, right? Mukuro-sama?"

Mukuro nods his head.

Kyoko and Hana arrived. She learned of the photo session from Haru and knew where it was happening. She was surprised to see a whole group of her friends watching through the cracked open door. Hana groans at the silliness of the situation while Kyoko giggled.

"I think I was extremely helpful! I set Enma-kun straight!"

"Shhh, keep your voice down…don't you understand how important this moment is!" Hisses Koyo.

Koyo's statement makes Kyoko blush a bit a bit. Koyo was a romantic at heart! She sighs softly.

Tsunami was down to her inner robe and the hair pins and combs were being taken out. She sits on a pillow with Haru, Hayato and Takeshi around her. She was staring at her hands with her head bowed. She lifts her head and looks to Enma. She smiles at him and Enma smiles in return. Enma supposes he couldn't fight it. The powerful bond between Giotto and Cozart had somehow passed down onto them. He couldn't fight it and he no longer wanted to.

Five years. Five years and the Great Big Blue Sky of Love is now complete.

I just want to thank you all you readers for choosing to read my story. I thank you for those who had been reading since chapter one. I started GBBSL on a whim while I was in the middle of a desert with nearly nothing to do. This is one of my longest story and I am so happy that so many people added it to there favorites. I am even honored that it made it to so many communities that have deemed it worthy to make their list. I thank you for all the reviews that have helped me these along in my writing.

Now, just because it's complete doesn't mean I'm done with the GBBSL universe. There is the Rainbow Arc that needs to be done and I'm sure many of you are eager to see the growth of the romance between Tsunami and Reborn! It's going to take some planning and I would like not take another four to five years to write the Rainbow Arc. So please, be patient with me as I draft up the sequel of the GBBSL. I will be writing other stories in between and I'm going to try to do one-shots.

Once again, I can't thank you enough for your time and patience with Great Big Blue Sky of Love!

Love you all.