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The Gods: where the lights are

Parcans: The lights.

Blindspot: Where the light doesn't reach. Unfortunately and quite irritatingly, there's always a little point where there's NO light. And the actors ALWAYS stand there.




He sat there, breathing in and out quickly and sharply and I was a little bit afraid of him collapsing and dying right in front of me. I could almost hear Kim's thoughts as she sat and stared between us, Got to get this one sorted and finished, Rose. Before he dies, preferably.

"So, Jasper, one last question, because I'm really quite interested in this," Kim looked up at the pair of us from her seat across the room and unfurled her legs slowly, the way she would usually get boys to stare at her. Jasper didn't even blink as he levelled his gaze at her and nodded simply.

"Go on." The tremor in his voice had slowed and he sounded a lot more comfortable than he had done ten minutes ago.

"Why?" She smiled as he frowned, wondering what exactly she meant. "I mean, seriously, why would you choose to join a fringe theatre when," She glanced down at the CV Jasper had handed us, and made a small face of confusion, "You've been a bassist for nearly six years," Another quick glance down, "With Edward Cullen, no less..."

Yeah, the Edward Cullen who was so stupid that he let me blindfold and tie him up half naked... really, really smooth.

"I've been at the end of my rope with Edward for a while," Jasper shrugged and lifted his hand, "His manager's pretty psychotic, and... well, I couldn't stand it any longer..." He shrugged and lifted his palms in a sort of surrender. "And, of course, Bella mentioned you guys were looking for new techies, and..." He shrugged, "Well, I have serious history with technical stuff... sixteen to eighteen, and later on with the touring, I helped roadie a bit..." He shrugged again and I couldn't help but smile. Bella had mentioned his kindness a couple of years ago – the provisions of water and Red Bull. The laughter he had provided and the sheer humiliation of the aftermath.

"So basically, you're done with that, and wanting something different, but familiar?" Kim said as I opened my mouth to speak, cringing slightly at her interruption. Minutes ago, she had been all sweetness and flirt, and now she was grouchy, pissy and more than wound tight. Pregnancy was not going well with her. Part of me wondered whether Jared was being particularly careful about her... needs.

"Yes," Jasper said, and I was surprised at his furious tone. I would probably analyse the conversation later, and realise that there were times when we'd repeated the same question eight times over – until the bloke in front of me threw himself onto his feet and swore. "I'm sorry," He said as he looked up into our petrified faces. "My phone has been ringing nonstop and I just bloody want to destroy it. I know who it is," He said tiredly, shaking his head and pulling the handset from his pocket. "And I don't want to talk to them."

We both watched as he lifted the phone and hurled it at the wall. It hit and split into at least three pieces, cracking loudly and making us all cringe.

"Fucking Alice." He hissed, "Look, I'm sorry, do you mind if..." He half-shrugged and gestured at the door. "I'm not... in the right frame of mind right now," He sighed. Kim looked over at me and nodded lightly, shrugging slightly. "I can come back later, or something, and honestly... I promise I'm not like this usually... just really, really stressed-"

"Of course," I nodded, smiling up at Jasper. "We'll talk to the others and see what's what." Even though just looking across a Kim indicated that yes, Jasper was going to get the job on offer. Freakin' mood minutes were getting all psychotic.

"Thank you," He smiled up at the pair of us and stretched, "I'm just going to go for a walk, okay? Can you let Bella know?" He smiled and blushed before looking out at the door and smiling, "I have a ticket for tonight as well," He grinned sheepishly and wandered closer to the door. "I'll see you later."

As he left the room, he crouched down to pick up the pieces of his phone and walked away, shrugging his jacket back onto his shoulders and wrapping his arms around himself, his head bowed as he walked away, dragging his feet. The poor boy needed something to keep his feet on the ground, because he looked as though he was going to burst into tears.

I took two steps and gripped his shoulder. He froze and turned to look at me, his eyes a little bit wild.

"Jasper?" He nodded, "Go and get a drink at the bar. Bella'll be on her lunch break in about ten minutes. I'm sure she'd like to hang out with you for a little bit."

"Thanks." He offered me a tight smile and nodded as he stepped out of the room, head still bowed.


I wrapped my hair back around the clip and looked up into the Gods to see if anything could be done to fix the slight shadow we had been getting from one of the parcans ever since the last theatre company had come through. It looked alright in the daytime, but when it came to bringing the lights down for a show, there was a definite blindspot which was irritating me beyond belief.

"Hey, Bells?" Rosalie's voice made my head snap around, "Jasper needs you," Another pause, "He's by the bar. I think..." She shrugged, "Something's eating at him..."

"Okay, I'll be one second..." I paused and looked up at the rigged lights again. Shrugging at it, almost giving up – though I would send Angela to look at it later – I turned back to the auditorium doors and sprinted up into the sunshine, looking at Jasper as he sat on one of the barstools, carefully examining his fingers.

He looked eighteen again, his hair, dyed black but showing through honey blonde and sugary sweet, was coming through at the roots, and his fingers wound in it as he drew his other hand into his mouth and chewed at the skin on the side of his nails. Oh, Jasper.

His head snapped up as though he had heard me, and I wondered whether he really was psychic – as he had claimed a million times over the phone. The small smile I gained as his eyes met mine was more than I could have expected.

"Jasper?" I raised an eyebrow and smiled back at him. "What is it?"

"Fucking Alice." He said, lifting the pieces of his phone from his pocket and holding them out as though he were attempting to feed the five-thousand with a busted up iPhone.

"C'mon, let's go get you a handset and a new number." I reached out for his hand and kissed the top of his head as he pulled me into his arms, "You'll go crazy otherwise."

"I know. Trust me, I know." His lips touched against my neck and we both sighed at the contact. "Right. Phone, for sure. I need a new phone."

And with that, his hand wound around mine, and we were almost sprinting out of the theatre and onto the high road, ready to reinstate Jasper into the world of Techie.

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