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Chapter I: Emergence

It was already a year, before he had known it.

Yet every one of his friends knew. They had kept track of the time because it would happen, the day marking one year as a team. A clan. A Chan-tastic Five, as someone close to him had once said.

The world had heaved a sigh of relief for one whole year, never recognizing he had played such a part in its survival.

Those who remembered THE year were willing to come together, for a get-together party, one that for once won't have trouble.

But trouble always comes afoot...


Jackie Chan, the air-defying archaeologist, had come back home after dueling with Shadowkhan in an expedition to a historic American restaurant. They were no problem at all, having fallen only to him and a rusty potato peeler. It was soon crystal clear that Shendu and his cronies had lost their edge much too often since the J-Team came to be. Now, the enemy was certainly no match.

Jackie stepped right into Uncle's antique shop, but noticed the front room was empty. Strange. Uncle preferred staying where he worked, away from a menace called the sun.

"Uncle?" said Jackie in his ponderous voice.

Uncle appeared from the kitchen room, and walked up to him with a smiling face.

"Jackie! So good to see you! Give your Uncle a hug!"

Jackie, glad to see his Uncle, walked up toward him, and was met with two fingers whacked upon his face.


"Don't you know what it means when Uncle's not at the front of the shop?!" yelled Uncle. "It means we have trouble in the shop!"

"What kind of trouble?" Jackie asked while soothing his cheek.

Uncle calmed. "It's Tohru. He can't stand up. Not since this morning. I've been trying to get him up. He's too heavy."

"You didn't call 9-1-1?" Whap! "OW!"

"Why need American doctors when you can cure Tohru with a Chi spell?"

"Because...(groan) the Chi spell has not been found..."

Jackie and Uncle turned their sights towards the kitchen, where Tohru had been laying. Jackie went closer to a semi-conscious Tohru, and put a hand up to the giant's brow.

"You're not sick?"

"It's my legs. I think I've been standing too long without sitting down."

"Why can't you sit-? Oh, I understand."

"Understand what?" queried Uncle.

"At his size, where can Tohru sit in this shop?" answered Jackie. "Don't worry, Tohru. I'll try to call Captain Black?"

"But why?" moaned the giant.

"Perhaps Section 13 may allow me to use the Horse Talisman, to heal you up", said Jackie as he whipped up his cell phone. He dialed up the numbers and put the receiver up to his ear. Meanwhile, Uncle wrapped bandages around Tohru's legs. Tohru slightly winced, but relaxed.

"Angus Black here," the voice came on the phone.

"Black, I need access to the Horse Talisman. Tohru is injured."

"You came at a bad time, Chan. Security got breached without warning. The Horse is gone."

"What?" yelled Chan, his eyes wide open.

"It's very odd. Only the Horse Talisman was stolen, but the rest were untouched. Section 13's currently in an emergency patrol. You don't have to help."


"But I can be glad to help Tohru. I'll contact the best hospital in San Francisco to pick him up via chopper. You already have enough stress for one day."

"Um, thank you, Black. I promise to contact you soon," finished Jackie as he put the phone back into the pocket.

"So?" said Uncle.

"Tohru will be forwarded to a hospital. Sigh But the Horse Talisman is gone, so I will give Section 13 two hours to retrieve it. After that, I will join on the search."

"Thank you for the help, Jackie Chan. You were always on the good side of things", mumbled Tohru, smiling weakly.

"One more thing," proclaimed Uncle. "Who will be paying for the medical bills? I don't even have enough for a Toyota Ford!"

Jackie's eyes rolled. "Those are two different..." Whap! "Ow! Okay, okay...I will pay. I've got more than enough from the university and Section 13."


The bells on the front door had rung. Someone had come into the shop.

"Must be Jade. I better explain to her what has happened to `T-Man'." said Jackie, as he momentarily left the kitchen.

"Jade, Tohru..." Jackie stopped when he saw who it really was.

It was Tohru's mother.


Chapter II: Convergence A


Mama Tohru hadn't changed since she and Jackie last met. She was still her pudgy, black haired, onion-headed self, but that was always how Uncle described her.

"Hmm..." She pondered at the shop. "Looks like the roach motel is cleaner than before," she mused in her scratchy tone.

Uncle was aggravated at her return. They hadn't come to any terms. "Roach motel WAS cleaner, but now giant roach has crawled her way back in."

"UNCLE!" scolded Jackie. He turned his attention to Mama Tohru. "I know you want to see your son, but I'm afraid Tohru-"

"AAH!" Mama Tohru's eyes bulged at what she saw in the kitchen; her son, lying on the floor, apparently unable to stand up. "What have you done?!" she roared at Jackie and Uncle, causing their hair to sway behind as if swept by a gust of wind. It took both men a while to straighten their hairstyles back as they were.

"Mommy?" said Tohru, for he could still see her from where he was.

"My little boy, what has the billy goat and his jack...donkey of a nephew been doing to you?" Mama Tohru asked in a softer, but evidently angry, tone. She put her hands up to her son's face with a sweet, motherly caress.

"I can explain", spoke Jackie urgently. "Tohru has momentarily lost his footing. He can't walk, but I'm sure I'll take him where doctors can treat him. I'll even pay for the bills, free of worries."

"He's telling the truth, mommy", said Tohru.

Mama Tohru quieted down even more. "I..." she bowed her head down a bit. "If what you say is true, then I'm sorry for acting too fast. You still do care for my child."

Jackie smiled. "I always will."

"However", said Mama Tohru with her "evil eyes", "while Jackie cares for others beside himself, it seems the billy goat can't even remove the fleas off his back."

Uncle was mad. "Urr! Don't you know that I don't-"

Jackie put his hand on Uncle's shoulder, and whispered, "Uncle, Tohru is hurt. If you don't want to hurt his feelings, don't hurt his mother's."

For once, Uncle quieted down, without hitting Jackie with two fingers. He still groaned to himself.

Jackie turned. "Uncle already says he is sorry. There will be doctors coming within a few minutes."

No sooner did he say this when members of the hospital entered the shop. The 600-pound giant had to be hoisted by 20 men before being placed on a stretcher. The chopper slowly carried the stretcher off towards the hospital, located 10 miles away.

As Jackie, Uncle, and Mama Tohru watched the chopper disappear from view, Jackie turned to Uncle. "Only 30 minutes till I help find the Horse Talisman. Uncle, be sure when Jade returns, you tell her where Tohru is, but not where I will be going." Jackie pulled up a coat and grabbed the car keys.

"Wait", Uncle said. "You going already?"

"Section 13 is a half-hour away," Jackie replied as he set the car into ignition, and drove off, leaving Uncle and Mama Tohru alone. For a while, everything was so quiet as afternoon turned to evening.

"Shouldn't you be staying somewhere, except here?" asked Uncle, eyeing Mama Tohru warily, not uncomfortable that he stood next to her, of all people.

"Where can I go? Because of all the racket, I didn't ask Tohru where my hotel would be."
"AAIIIYAAHHH!" yelled Uncle as he tried to rip his hair. But that hurt, so he stopped rather quickly.


A/N: Why is the Horse Talisman missing? Will there be a one-year celebration? What greater role will Mama Tohru play in the story? Why is Mama Tohru called the way she is? Wait a minute...That's because the series doesn't have a name for her, doi! See you in the next chapters!