Here's my Kitty and Viktor fic I love the coupling!!

Kitty Pryde was tired of having guy troubles, too be more precise she didn't want to have anything to do with guys at least for awhile. It had all started with Bobby, messing with her feelings then to add insult to injury Colossus had started dating her.

Only a few weeks ago he had broken up with her because he couldn't trust his feelings for her. She hated the fact that he couldn't tell the truth to her, being that he was falling for Siryn and pretty fast if Kitty was any judge.

She felt a tear slide down her cheek, "Hey, Kitty what's the matter?" a gruff male voice asked. Kitty smiled as she recognized Logan's voice. Logan wasn't normally a warm person, so Kitty dried her tears and looked at him.

"Hey Logan, nothing's wrong I think I would like to go away from here and get some perspective." Logan nodded, and sat by her "I think I know just the place." He smiled at her, and Kitty stared, it was rare to see Logan smile.

'Where at?" she asked, Logan stared at her, "Well there's a cabin I own in Canada, completely surrounded by trees and on a very high hill." Kitty sighed, "It sounds nice." She whispered. Logan nodded absently, "I could have the Professor take you up there, if you promise not to destroy anything while you're there."

Kitty beamed, "I promise, oh thank you Logan!" And she hugged him, normally Kitty wouldn't have dared to touch him. But today she forgot about boundaries and gave him a hug, "Uh Kitty, hold on for longer than another minute and you can forget going to Canada."

Kitty instantly let go, "Sorry, I guess I got caught up in the moment." She gave a shaky laugh and got up, "So when can I go?" she asked Logan. Logan gave a sigh, "Can't leave soon enough huh kid?" he teased.

Kitty shook her head, "Well to be honest no, so does that mean you'll ask Professor X?" she asked.

20 minutes later…

"Well kid, try not to get in trouble." Logan said helping Kitty load her bags into the Blackbird, she smiled, "I'll try, thanks again Logan I really appreciate it." Logan nodded, "Not a problem, just try not to make it a habit."

Kitty laughed, "I won't, I'll miss you." Logan gave her a weird look "You make it sound like I'll never see you again." Kitty rolled her eyes, "Oh you'll see me, sooner than you think or like for that matter."

She said sarcastically. Logan sighed, 'Well in that case I want you to have these." He handed her his dog tags. Kitty looked at them before reaching out to take them, "I'll take good care of them." She promised.

"I want them back, think of it as an extra incentive to come back." He handed them to her, letting them fall into her hands. She caught them and traced the name WOLVERINE on the tags "Don't worry you'll get them back."

She whispered, then unclasped her Star of David necklace and handed it to him. "Think of it as a trade off of sorts." She said as he took her necklace and let it hang around his fingers. "Well bye Logan." And with that she followed Storm into the Blackbird.

I know lots of people will be wondering when Viktor will make his appearance, but don't worry it's soon!!