All right here we go!

Victor glanced through his rearview mirror at Kitty's still form, and glared at the empty stretch of road ahead of him. The girl had no right asking him such personal questions, then again it had been awhile since he had thought about the past.

He pulled up in front of an abandoned shack, and stopped the car. As soon as he opened the door, cold air hit him full in the face though Victor had been in worse. He pulled down the front seat to climb through and get Kitty.

He marveled at how light she was, and she seemed to scarcely realize that she was moving. As soon as they were outside again Kitty whimpered and pressed closer to Victor, he froze he wasn't quite sure how to react.

Then he took a deep breath and counted to five, before feeling relaxed enough that he could start walking once more. The door of the shack opened easily enough and the inside wasn't as much of an eyesore as the front of the house was.

All in all he reasoned that they could stay the night, before pressing onward. He gingerly set Kitty down on an uncluttered portion of the floor, and straightened up as fast as he could just in case she woke up.

But to his relief and chagrin she stayed fast asleep, he looked around for anything that might contain blankets. He finally found some musty, dust ridden blankets in a chest against the wall and headed outside to shake the dust free.

When Kitty woke up it was find herself wrapped up in blankets that smelled weird and Victor reclining against a wall. His eyes were screwed shut, and one hand was curled in a fist while his other hand tapped a rhythm against the wall.

She bit her bottom lip, and debated running outside and hotwiring his truck but decided against it. If the stories were true about Sabretooth then she'd never make it, add to that she doubted he was really fast asleep.

To test her theory she stretched loudly and grunted, as she did so Victor's eyes snapped open and landed on hers. "So the kitten finally wakes up." He drawled. Kitty shrugged out of her cocoon of blankets and stood up.

"Well I didn't want to sleep all day." She confessed. She cast a look around the shack and smirked, "Nice place, so how much farther until we get there?" She asked innocently. Victor raised an eyebrow.

"Not far kitten." He whispered, Kitty nodded and walked up to a window, "How long has this snowstorm been going on?" she asked looking at the white blizzard that was being kicked up. Victor leaned his head back exposing his pale throat.

"Two hours." He said huskily, Kitty groaned and aimlessly ran a finger down the glass of the window. She bit her lip, as she stared at the blizzard outside the window she wondered where Logan was and if he was all right.

The idea that he could be out in that snowstorm looking for her both scared her and thrilled her, from what Sabretooth had said earlier Logan could already be cued to the fact that Kitty had been taken. She shivered more out of habit than anything else and glanced back at Victor, to her relief he had his head down and had his eyes closed.

The stories she had heard about him were numerous and some far fetched. According to Rogue, she and Logan had both met him once the encounter had been unpleasant for the two of them. But looking at Victor now, she found it hard to believe but then again looks could be deceiving.

Logan knew little about his past, so it would make sense if he followed Victor's trail so he could find them. "What do you intend to do to him?" she asked quietly, Victor sighed, "Listen kitten dragging you along for the ride was never part of the plan, what we do to Logan is none of your business."

Kitty snorted, "You made it my business when you kidnapped me!" she whirled around to face him, "Logan is like the big brother I've never had ok that was stretching it and if you hurt him I'll make it my business to hunt you down."

That statement was icy cold in its matter of fact tone and her eyes blazed at him like twin suns. Victor was reminded of Jimmy facing him in a similar setting…


Victor was at a run down warehouse that was substituting for a bar, the scotch in front of him hadn't been touched. He was currently drawing a smiley face on the counter with his drawn out fingernail.

"You're not from around here are ya?" the voice belonged to the bartender, who was eyeing him nervously. Victor almost laughed, "What makes you say that?" he asked letting his incisors show momentarirly.

The bartender's reaction was priceless, but that was when he heard a familiar heartbeat nearing the bar and fast. "You got insurance on this place?" he asked, the bartender looked pasty white "Uh no." he said trying to look brave and failing miserably.

"Too bad." Victor muttered not feeling that upset, he started to smile as the familiar heartbeat neared the door, and then BANG the doors flew open. "Why?" the voice was whispered but it carried due to the silence.

Victor swiveled around to face him and pretended to look like he was pondering the question, "Why? You don't call, you don't write how else am I supposed to get your attention?" while he spoke he got off the stump that served as his seat and approached him in slow measured steps.

"All right now whatever this is about you two can take it outside." This came from the bartender, Victor smirked and that was when Logan's bone claws slid out as if on cue all the patrons hurried out some clutching their beer mugs.

Last but not least the bartender himself hurried out, Victor smiled seeing Logan's expression. "You're going to pay for what you did to her." Logan growled. Victor's own long nails extended and then they charged each other.


He stared at Kitty and smirked, "Well if it makes you feel better Logan won't be the only one suffering." He smiled at her with his incisors showing, causing Kitty to cringe all her bravado gone as she realized that maybe just maybe Logan wouldn't be able to save her.

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