When Romeo met Romeo

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These are very short stories to accompany small drawings and comics produced for my series "When Romeo met Romeo"

it is VERY important to visit the links above to view the drawing that goes with each short story!

They may be very very short as is the prologue below, or much much longer.

"For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo"

POV Oskar:

It's a strange feeling, the cold. As if it could penetrate through your skin and turn your bone to ice. Though, I don't feel the frigid winter air at all. I am warm, perfectly warm, like sliding into a warm bath….

Since the creation of 'god' and the Heavens above, sightings of Angels have been wide spread. Angelic creatures sent to bring messages to Earth, if one was willing to seek them. Stories spanning centuries tell of the heavenly beings, creatures of utter purity; of goodness and grace. One could argue that, by extension, Angels are the single purist symbol of 'god'.

What should happen then, when one encounters such a creature that is damaged? Has it fallen from grace? Done some horrific deed to warrant its eternal Hell? What happens when we find an imperfect Angel?

What is perfect?

What is an Angel…?