"Come on son, keep up. We can't dawdle for long." replied a hooded figure as he and another figure continued their quick pace. A young boy coughed for a moment before nodding, trusting to follow his father's words despite the fact that he was starting to lose his breath.

"I'm-huff-coming." heaved the boy as he pulled back the hood he had over his head, yanking it from around his neck and dropping it to the ground.

Struggling to catch his breath, he bent down and placed his hands on his knees as he began coughing even more, sending violent tremors down his body. Everything was going in and out, his lungs feeling as if they were on fire even though it was a nice autumn afternoon. Unable to regain his breath, he began wheezing, a choking sound being produced because of it. The two men in front of him stopped, turning anxiously as the young boy fell forward. The taller one of the two rushed forward, skidding to a halt as he scooped the boy into his arms. No, not another attack again.

"Allen. Allen!!!" cried the young man as he continued shaking the boy's shoulders. In times like these, he wasn't sure what to do. But every time he was ready to breath for him, if it was necessary. It didn't help though that he was starting to lose consciousness, something that hasn't happened before.

All he could do was wait and watch, something he wasn't very fond of doing.

Darkness was everywhere, engulfing everything in its touch. Fear filled the little boy, Allen, as he stumbled unknowing through the blackness. He wasn't sure where to go or what to do, so he decided to just keep moving forward, like his dad had drilled into his head. You only moved forward, never back. And so he did, even though his fear was growing by the second.

"What's going on? Where am I?"cried Allen, unable to control himself any longer. Tears of fear began sliding down his pale cheeks, despite the fact that he was trying to stay strong like his father.

'In the depths of your heart, within the power that sleeps inside you.' replied a body-less voice, echoing all around so that the source was untraceable. 'Look inside young destroyer of time, you may just find light within the darkness…' added the mysterious voice before fading away.

"I…I don't understand!"

Falling to his knees, he began hugging himself in helplessness. He didn't know what this mysterious voice was talking about, what he meant by looking inside. One thing he knew for sure though was that he was that he was afraid. He wanted to go, to wake up and have his father reassure him that it had been nothing more than a dream. But it was getting harder to believe that when he felt two hands gently rest against his scrawny shoulders. He could tell from the grips and the pressure they applied to his shoulder that they were two different people, and were both in the midst of crouching.

Whoever they were, they did not say a word. Instead, the hand to his right uplifted their free hand to caress the side of his face slowly and gently. Grabbing his attention, he watched as the hand slowly and slightly reluctantly withdrew and switched to pointing forward. How he knew this, he wasn't exactly sure because it all was still pitch black. But nonetheless, he followed what he thought to be true, a light appearing at the end of this vastly dark tunnel.

Getting to his feet, he turned to the two people that had given him strength only to find that they had vanished. Confused and startled by this, he turned back forward as the light grew and grew, vanquishing the darkness that had all but consumed him. Unsure of what to do next, he thought it was better if he continued walking forward, now that there was light instead of darkness.

'Stay strong, hold fast to hope and never lose sight of what matters the most. The burden of the future has been passed to you. But do not be afraid, for we all shall guide you in the salvation of those unfortunate souls.'

Allen looked up while slowly opening his eyes, blinking them a few times to regain focus. His father was hovering over him, his uncle beside him as the two of them stare down at him in mild fear and panic. This changed as soon as they noticed he was regaining consciousness. Picking him up off his feet, the hooded figure got his feet before holding the young boy close, relief washing over him. He thought he had almost lost him there when his breathing had begun slowing down.

"Are you alright? What's wrong?"

Looking up at his father at the tone of worry in his voice, he brought a hand up to his face upon noticing that his view was becoming blurred. It was then that he realized that tears were streaming down his face. For whatever reason, he was crying and a deep sadness was creeping into him that wasn't of his own. Unable to control himself of it, he then chose to bury his face into his chest, hoping that that would make it go away. Unfortunately, it made no difference.

"Someone…someone told me…in-inside my head that…I have to bring salvation to…unfortunate souls." mumbled Allen, his voice muffled by his father's shirt. But instead of saying that it meant nothing and that everything was fine, he became rigid, almost shaking.

"My head hurts dad, please make it stop!" he pleaded as he gripped tighter the shirt his fists were ensnaring, his head burrowing deeper against his chest. He didn't reply, Allen's head shot up, silver eyes watered with tears. But that wasn't what made the young adults only functioning eye to widen. It was the fact that a thin stream of blood was streaming down the middle of his face.

"Make the whispers inside my head go away!!!"

Author's Note: I know this is shorter than usual, shorter than I will ever dare make a chapter but this is a prologue. I had to start this one off this way so you wouldn't get lost. I couldn't just dive in right away without having a little preview of what's to come. Please review. 1st chapter will be up soon, I promise.