Chapter 11: Happy Endings (Epilogue)

Kari looked up and saw T.K. with a look of shock on his face at seeing her. Surprisingly, she didn't fall to pieces. Kari was all cried out.

And when T.K. took another tentative step into the clearing Kari jumped up and gave him the biggest hug possible.

T.K. smiled lovingly and hugged her back and in that moment he knew that everything was fixed. They were going to be okay...

Present Day

"I now pronounce you man and wife."

There was a lot of cheering as T.K. and Kari kissed. It had taken forever, but they got there. And Kari made a beautiful bride.

It was shaping up to be a wonderful ending to their latest adventure, but there were more surprises to come at the reception.

T.K. and Tai had both taken a break from all the dancing to get a drink. When Tai glanced back over to the dance floor he almost choked.

"Look at that!" he exclaimed. "Matt's dancing with Jun!"

T.K. smiled. "Yeah, he said they were getting along better. Apparently she's gotten over her fangirl stage and sees him as a real person now."

Tai raised his eyebrows and T.K. continued. "That's not all, either. Look, Davis brought a girlfriend."

Tai smiled.

It looked like more than one problem had been resolved.

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