DECEMBER 31, 1999 AD

Bob's day was going great. His wife was happy, his kids were happy, and he had had a great day at work. Now, he was going to a party. He planned to arrive at Midnight on the dot. It was a tradition of his for New Year's Parties, and this one was even more so because it was a new Millenium.

There was Mike's house, right over there. Bob prepared to park his car. Suddenly, he got a bad feeling... like something was about to happen. On a sudden thought, he looked down. A small, golden crack was running through the ground near his foot. What the... He never had a chance to finish that thought. The crack suddenly grew bigger, until it was as big as him. Then even bigger, until it was as big as a house. Then it erupted into a giant chasm. The last thing Bob ever saw before plunging into the Earth's core was a huge beast, like a gigantic insect...

Mike and the others screamed at the chasm outside. The screams grew louder as IT rose. It was like a huge bug, with a back covered in millions of spikes, like a porcupine's. The... THING made no sounds. It simply annihilated. Thousands of fireballs rained from the heavens, destroying everything. The destruction spread all across the globe, until planet Earth was nothing but a dead, wasted husk. And IT rejoiced.

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