The Advocate.

Goblin King, sometimes. Legend, always, angel? Maybe. He was one of the few Advocates left. His kind was nearly gone. Younger siblings were not always appreciated, this is known worldwide. They must get help from somewhere. They come in different races and shapes, but always they are looking over the shoulder of their small charges.

Jareth looked through his scrying glass and saw the teenager. Yes, oh yes, she needed to be taught a lesson. How whiney. This child had no idea what a challenge really was. True, it was difficult to be a sibling so late in one's life. He allowed for this a little.

"I'd like it if you had plans!" The blonde woman shouted up the stairwell.

He didn't normally enforce the rules when he was evoked, and he knew he would be. This girl was so willful. He could see what was coming from miles away. She had no idea what was coming or what she was doing. The pretty ones he usually made an exception for. Normally, they were unsure, and it was a moment of rashness on their part, but this girl would learn truly how rash she was acting. On behalf of the boy, he needed to be so harsh.

Only the very rash did he enforce the rules on. She had been the first girl this old in nearly a century. She was growing up to be a young woman; and soon. She needed to start acting like one. Really, what she needed was to be taken over his knee. . .Jareth quickly discontinued that train of thought. Possibly, he would explore it later. For the present, he would make things as unfair as he could. He could be lenient, and in fact was, in several instances, the contestants became recalcitrant very quickly. It was a different day and age. Technology was quickly replacing magic and superstition. It was becoming more and more difficult to be an Advocate. Jareth suspected this had something to do with why his race was dying out. Elder siblings could no longer be cowed by simple parlour tricks.

The girl stormed up the steps and slammed the door closed behind her.

Caring for one small, infant, please, that was no big feat. That was a cake-walk. If she wanted to make mountains out of mole hills, by all means, he was more than willing to supply said mountain. This girl would be changing her tune very quickly. Try being an Advocate for several younglins and then come back and complain.

She would have to suffer, of that there was no doubt.

Shortly, the words were said. He made his appearance. In love with the girl? Hardly, not until she matured up a bit. Sure she was cute, but that temper needed to be held in check, his first priority was the boy.

"Sarah, don't defy me." How conveniently sorry she was all of a sudden. He was certain that the only thought on her mind was what a pile of trouble she'd be in if she suddenly 'lost' or 'misplaced' the infant. It wasn't that she wanted the the child, her brother back at all. In reality, her attitude had not changed.

Jareth was glad to look the bad guy, if a lesson was learned. Hopefully, the child wouldn't be affected adversely by his sibling's attitude later in life. Perhaps he could alternately be helped, that is after all the best possible solution an Advocate could wish for.

Sarah's trial would be full of hardships, but hopefully she would grow as a human being. So be it. Let the trial begin. Jareth was not moved by the crocodile tears coming out of the emerald irises, but it was good to know that she was being affected.

He was sure she grow protective of the boy as he grew, it was the best mantle that could possibly be woven.

Good Luck Sarah, he wished mentally, may the best man win.