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"Finally I made it! Hello Japan, welcome your new princess! Ruby Fiera!" I exclaimed while walking off the plane. People around me gave me weird looks. I just shrugged and kept walking. I had other things on my mind like, finding my house, and finding my school that I will be starting soon.

School has already started but since I had to move from America to Japan in such short notice, I will be attending Seishun Gakuen. I heard that it is a great school and the tennis team is awesome. I cant wait! But first I need to find my house, since mother is still on business.

FINALLY! After 2 hours of searching for that house, I finally bother to ask someone where the stupid address is! And it was right in front of me the whole friggin' time…

Anyway since I finally made it, I ran to my room with my luggage and started putting stuff into my room. I had to hurry since I wanted to get to Seishun before everyone leaves. I want to tour the school.

I quickly threw on some shorts and a t-shirt and some converse and ran out of the door. I kept running until I got to the school. it was big, it was awesome, it looked haunted. Sorry had to say it. With that huge clock in the front and it looked like a castle. I'm sure no one else thinks about it like I do.

So I just kept walking around. Until I found the tennis courts. What an interesting discovery. I walked up to 3 boys and they saw me and gave me a look that read "who are you and why are you here?"

"Hi my name is Ruby, I'm going to be attending this school so thought I would come check it out," I said. Then the guy in the middle with the orange colored hair came up to me.

"My name is Horio and I have had 2 years of tennis experience!" he exclaims, probably thinking that means something. I giggle at this.

"Hi I'm Kachiro please don't mind him he's always like that," this kid looked kind of cute, he looked innocent. I gave him a warm smile and nodded.

"And I'm Katsuo, it's a pleasure meet you," this kid is also innocent and I cant help smiling at him.

"Its great to meet all of you," I sat happily. Then I notice some people playing tennis. And they were awesome! "Whoa, who are they?" I ask. They all smile and begin explaining.

"Over there in court A is Fuji Syuuske, the tennis prodigy and playing doubles with him is Kawamura Takashi he's really shy, but when he picks up a racket he goes into "burning" mode," Kachiro explains to me, I nod staring.

"Playing against them is the Golden Pair, Eiji Kikumaru he's doing his acrobatic play, and his partner Oishi Shuichiro he's the vice captain," Kachiro told me, once again I nodded watching Eiji doing his flips and jumps, I couldn't help but smile.

"In block C its Momoshiro Takeshi he's a power player and depends on his power, then he's playing the captain of the team, Tezuka Kunimitsu he's famous for his Shiki Drop Shot, and the Tezuka Zone," Horio again explained. I have heard about Tezuka and how he is very popular, I have also heard that he injured his shoulder recently and I don't know of that true or not, but damn!

"Over there, in block B are Kaidoh Kaoru but Momo calls him the Viper since he acts like a snake, and he's playing Inui Sadaharu, his tennis is based on data, he watches you and finds out how you play, then uses it against you," Kachiro smiles looking at the tennis players. "They are our Seigaku regulars."

I smile at him since he seemed so proud of that team, I couldn't help it. But then I heard something that made my heart skip a beat.

"Echizen! Your late!" I heard Momo cry. Tezuka and the others stopped what they were doing and made their way over to the kid that wore a white cap that covered his eyes and he was the shortest of them all.

"Echizen?" I ask.

"Yeah, he's our super rookie, Echizen Ryoma, he's only a freshman, but he made the regulars anyway, he's amazing," Katsuo gave a cheeky smile. I couldn't speak I kept staring.

"Ryoma? Ryoma. Ryoma!" this caught the freshman by surprise.

No one's POV

Ryoma heard someone call his name and the voice sounded so familiar. He looked at the direction the voice called. His eyes widened. The regulars saw her but they were confused, thinking it was just another fan girl.

But the girl ran right into Ryoma and gave him a heartfelt hug. The thing that surprised the regulars the most, even Tezuka was surprised, Ryoma hugged back. The girl had long red hair and red eyes that shined and blazed like fire.

"I missed you so much Ryoma," she whispered. The regulars heard and the response was shocking.

"I missed you too, Ruby," he also whispered probably hoping no one would hear. But the regulars did hear and they started giving each other looks that said, "what the hell is going on?"

Finally Ryoma and Ruby separated but they were still close to each other.

"So, how's the old man?" she asks. Ryoma gives her a dull look. She giggled. "Well that's still the same as ever," she smiled. Ryoma almost smiled, ALMOST. But it turned into a smirk. But the regulars still saw it, they see everything.

"what exactly are you doing in Japan, Ruby?" Ryoma asks.

"Mom went off overseas again, and she thought that I was lonely at home in America, so she decided to let me come here, thinking I would have better luck. I never thought I would see you again, ever since you left things have been weird," Ruby smiles.

"Oh Echizen she must be a friend of yours from America!" Momo exclaimed.

"Yep!" the girl giggled.

"Echizen, I didn't know you could make friends on your own," Fuji gave a smile, but behind it was a very twisted and sadistic kind of humor.

"There are a lot of things you don't know about me, Fuji-sempai," Ryoma smirked.

"Ryoma, you've been keeping your cocky and arrogant attitude around others, I see," Ruby smiled as Ryoma gave her a blank stare.

"So?" he asked. Ruby sighed and shook her head.

"You should be more open with people," she says acting like his mother.

"I am, with you," Ryoma flicks Ruby's nose.

"Hey! No fair! I wasn't ready!" Ruby pouts. Ryoma smirks. The regulars just keep staring at the two thinking how could this be the Echizen that doesn't open up to anyone and then this girl comes and he's hugging and smiling and flicking her nose!

"Oh!" Ruby looks over at the regulars and smiles. "By the way, my name is Ruby Fiera, I'll be attending this school starting tomorrow, I already know all of you so there is no need for introductions." they all nod. "So, you guys were in the middle of practice right?" she asks and the regulars all then start running back to where they were, but Ryoma had to run laps for being late.

Then when they were done with matches, they had to run laps, for Ryoma, he had to do it again. Only this time Inui brought out his special Inui Juice. And it was GREEN! What kind of drink is green and BUBBLING! WTF!

Ruby stared at the glass wondering how it doesn't disintegrate…

They all had to run 10 laps in 50 seconds. And I mean all, including the freshman, but Ryoma is a regular and a freshman so he would have had to do it anyway. I stood next to Inui and a woman who I soon learned was the couch, Ryuzaki-sensei.

The freshman were the first to drop out and had to drink that frightening drink. And when they did, it was a terrible sight. They all dropped one by one to the ground unconscious. Ruby's eyes widened at the sight.

Ruby's POV

All the freshman and non-regulars dropped out soon, and the one's who were left were the regulars. They all didn't want to lose. Heck I wouldn't have wanted to lose either, that drink is… honestly amazing. Its only a drink yet so fearful.

The regulars were on their last lap, 10 seconds left. They all rounded the corner, neck and neck. And they all passed the finish line together. They collapsed on the ground breathing heavily, but Tezuka and Fuji stayed where they were. Tezuka was stone faced, while Fuji was smiling, his eyes closed. Hey his eyes are always closed want to see his eyes.

Inui looked sort of sad that no one lost. I guess he really wanted someone to drink the juice.

"Ne, Inui what kind of juice is this?" Fuji asked.

"Grass Tea Juice," he answered. I looked at him and wondered why he gave it such a weird name. but still never in my life wanted to drink it. But what happened next surprised me to no end. Fuji took the glass and drank all of the contents in one swing. He set the glass down and smiled. I kept waiting for him to pass out.

"Saa… that was very refreshing Inui," Fuji said in a calm voice. I eyed the juice carefully.

"Do you mind if I try it?" I asked. So many people were taken back by my question. Even Tezuka looked at me like I was insane. But Ryoma just glanced at me, then closed his eyes and sighed.

"Sure," was Inui's reply. I smile at him and walk up to the glass. I grip it tight and bring it to my lips and chug it down. I know its weird for me to do this, and I may be risking my life here, but I love trying new things! And this is as new as they come!

I put the glass down and wait. Everyone was waiting. I could feel the tense aura in the air. And I couldn't help it, I just had to. I clutched my stomach and collapsed to the ground in "pain."

Everyone's eyes widened as I screamed out in agony. They were now rushing to my side. I made myself look like I was going to barf, and clutched my stomach like something was going to pop out.

"Ahh! She's dying!! Oishi what are we going to do!?!?! Nya!" I heard Eiji yell out in panic. Oishi was acting like a worried mother, who lost her child. Tezuka had a serious look and he didn't know what to do. Momo and Kaidoh were trying not to panic but their faces went pale in terror. Inui was going crazy and looking around for something, probably trying to find some sort of way to help me. And Fuji, his eyes were open staring at me in shock.

At that moment I jumped up onto my feet satisfied. And then started laughing uncontrollably. I had tears in my eyes from laughing. Which earned me some very confused stares. Except from one person, who knew me better then anyone, he knew it was all fake. So I let him explain, while I tried to stop laughing, and failed miserably.

"Ruby had ways for getting what she wants, and ways of entertaining herself when she's bored. I'm pretty sure that she wasn't bored, so there must be something that she wanted and got," Ryoma explained. The regulars looked at each other still confused. Finally I could breath, and speak.

"I wanted to see Fuji-sempai's eyes, I couldn't resist having a little fun in the process," I shrugged. The regulars then turned to Fuji, who had his eyes open and blinked once. I smiled at him. "By the way, you have beautiful eyes," I laughed.

Then I turned to Ryoma who just sighed. I couldn't help but laugh a little.

"Oh by the way, Ryoma, I want to come over today. I want to see the old man and say hi to Rinko and Nanako-san," I smile at the memories that came back into my head after saying their names. Ryoma just nodded.

"Practice is over, you can come with me," Ryoma said taking his stuff.

"Ok, plus I want sleepover if your parents let me, they used to so I don't know what they will say now, but I cant wait to see the old man's face when I walk through that door, and then I could finally get him back after all of those times terrible times!" my smile grows wider.

No one's POV

One; the regulars were wondering how Ruby wasn't affected by the juice.

Two; they were thinking how Ryoma easily agreed to letting her sleepover!

Three; they were afraid by her smile, and soon she laughed like and evil professor that just found the way to world domination.

And four; they reminded her too much of Fuji!

The regulars looked at their sadistic tensai who was just smiling, the sadistic smile of his. They shivered. Ryoma just sighed, as if this was an everyday thing to him.

"Alright then we'll stop by your place first so you could get your stuff, then we'll go to my place," Ryoma said.

"Kay!" Ruby exclaimed returning back to her happy state. It was as if her evil side never event showed. She followed Ryoma into the club room where he would change. Then the regulars panicked. She wasn't supposed to go in there! She's a girl! that's where guys change!

They quickly ran in to find Ryoma taking off his shirt, while Ruby was talking about some things in America that had happened. Ryoma actually paid attention and nodded occasionally to show she should continue. And one again the regulars didn't know what to say.

"Echizen how could you, a cocky, arrogant, tennis Prince become friends with a girl who doesn't seem that interested in tennis?" Momo asked. The regulars never thought about that. How did Echizen manage to get her as a friend.

"We met when we were three and from then on we got closer and closer. She loves tennis just as much as I do, in fact she's the Princess," Ryoma gave them his blank stare as the regulars gave Ruby a hard look. She just giggled.

"Ryo-chan hurry! I wanna go the your old man before he grows older and dies of old age," Ruby whines. Ryoma chuckled at that, which made the regulars stare in shock, and smiled at Ruby, who smiled back.

When Ryoma was done they both left the school ground, Ruby took Ryoma's hand started swinging it back and forth, as the regulars watched.

"Maybe she's Ryoma's source of power," Fuji said quietly. The regulars were surprised by this statement but thought about it either way. And it may have been actually true. Maybe she was the one who gave Echizen strength, even though she miles away. Maybe that's what kept him going.

"The Prince and the Princess," Fuji smiled at the thought. Then all of the regulars did as well. Yes even Tezuka. Shocking! But this day seemed to be full of surprises.

Finally done!

Ryoma: about time...

vamp: *evil glare*

Ryoma: that doesnt wrk on me.

vamp: damn you Ryoma!

Ryoma: *smirks* I win.