Hi everyone, I now realize it's been so many years since I've last updated. wow time goes by fast. I will for my grade try to start writing on function (writing is my biggest weakness)

So when the time summer comes up I will have many chapters for all of my stories! And even some new since I got ideas for new stories! :D

and everyone telling me about grammar and spelling mistakes. you had a right to complain and I can actually tell you that I started writing this story when I was about 12 years. Yes and i'm from sweden where we learn english as a second hand language.

To start writing this story and many other stories will be fun and I hope you'll all be happy with the result.

I also wanted to ask you something!

The people who read this story despite the horrible grammar. Do you think I should rewrite everything and add details, conversation and of course take away all that bad grammar?

or do you think I shall start writing a new chapter right away?

The people who read my story : little child of the moon.

well I do not think I will keep it going.

The new stories coming are:


Harry Potter: I can already tell you it will be a Scabior fic

Stargate Sg 1

X men

Kamisama hajimemashita

Death note

Kuroshitsuji grell pair fic



Possibly vampire academy

there will also be a new story in the buffy the vampire category it will be a twin story to another one of my fics.

I hope you all enjoyed my message!