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Existential Plight
Chapter One, Part I: His Second Wish

"Why is the deadliest sin
To love as I loved you?"

It took the passing of ten years for everyone to realize that there was something very wrong with Kagome. A wish, long-forgotten, was the answer to it all.

Fourteen years prior, a young woman from the future fell into the past and shattered a jewel of power. It took nearly a year for it to be reformed with help from friends-once-enemies. When the time came from the final battle between that rag-tag group and Naraku, Kagome asked a question she never should have spoken. "The jewel couldn't grant your wish, could it?", or something along those lines as the true wording had been lost as the centuries dragged on. She should have known from all her brother's video games to never utter such words in such a pitying tone as Naraku took it personally. True, he had tried to make a wish on it for a desire he had held for around fifty years, and the jewel had refused to grant it. So he made a second wish after Kagome's words, for Kagome specifically.

Yet in the chaos and tension and emotion of the final battle, they all forgot that three wishes had been made that day. Only the one that Kagome made to end the jewel's existence was remembered.

The first wish was ungrantable. The second wish was spiteful and dark, and the jewel's darker will warped it even more. Perhaps it even did the same to the third.

For the following thirteen years, no one suspected a thing.

Three of those years passed normally in the future. Then Kagome made the mistake of returning to the past, awakening the tainted wish. She never aged another day. At nearly thirty, she had not changed from her eighteen-year-old appearance.

In unreturned spiteful love, Naraku made his wish.

In unreturned first love, Kagome awoke it.

For there is no better way to put someone through hell than to force them to never be able to grow old and die.

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