Author's Note: I decided to do one more "someone overhearing Rush and Chloe" part. This part deals with Matt. After this, who knows where the series might go…

More Than You Know-Part 2

Matthew Scott couldn't sleep. Every time he closed his eyes he was bombarded with images he wished he could just forget. He saw the Icarus base exploding, a wide desert with no water, ice caverns, a space dinosaur, Chloe falling out of a tree.

The last image was the most prevalent these days. Which made sense as it had occurred only three days before. He had watched from the top of a hill, unable to help at all, as she stumbled and then fell twenty feet. By the time he and Greer had reached her, the blood was pouring from her leg.

In the dark, quiet corridors of Destiny, Scott closed his eyes against the flashes of blood and Chloe's cries of pain. No matter what had happened between them over the last few months, he still cared for her a great deal. The month they had spent together on that planet had made him believe the rift between them had been healing. He had all but forgiven her for her part in the coup, attributing her actions to some kind of post-traumatic stress from being abducted.

Then they had returned, or been forced to return to Destiny and nothing changed. She slept in her own quarters and interacted with him only in groups. But the coldness was gone, in fact Chloe seemed to be more and more like her old self every day. So Scott held out hope that one day she would just show up outside his door. Those hopes were dashed completely when they had been rescued after being stranded.

Scott ran a hand through his hair as he recalled the sight of Chloe falling into Rush's arms. It was twisted and wrong. For the life of him he couldn't fathom what she saw in that man. The man who had stranded them all on Destiny. The man responsible, at least on some level, for her father's death. The man who was old enough to be her father himself.

Since that day his insomnia had become worse. Chloe's fall had further exacerbated the problem. So he found himself wandering the halls at night, the way he knew Chloe used to after she was rescued from the aliens. Looking around, he realized he had walked in the direction of sick bay. He could see a light on in the room. He knew from TJ's reports that Chloe was still in quite a bit of pain so he figured she was probably having as much trouble sleeping as he was. He also knew that Rush had been in the control room working all day and so he assumed the doctor would now be sleeping.

He had just decided to go in and pay Chloe a visit when he heard a cry of protest. He ran to the doorway, ready to come to her aid when the sight in front of him made him stop in his tracks.

"This is not fair. You said you'd go easy on me." Chloe and Rush were sitting on opposite ends of her bed. Rush was cross legged, Chloe had her injured leg stretched out in front of her and her other leg tucked underneath. Between them sat a chess board. The pieces were recognizable but it was clear by their slight unevenness that they had been carved by hand.

Chloe was staring at the board, her brow furrowed while Rush was sitting back, a small smile on his face. "I was going easy on you," he replied.

"You checkmated me in like twenty moves."

"Sixteen actually."

Chloe looked up at him, "How many moves would it have taken if you hadn't been going easy?"

Scott could tell from the look on Rush's face that the older man was working something out in his head. "Eight or nine," he answered.

Chloe groaned and rested her head back against the pillow. "This is useless."

"Look on the bright side," Rush replied, putting the pieces into a bag and placing it and the board on a nearby surgical stand. "This time you didn't try to use any illegal moves."

"Oh great, it took me three tries before I figured out how the pieces move." Chloe ran a hand over her face and peered at Rush through her fingers.

Rush shrugged. "I never said it was an especially bright, bright side."

Scott was so confused it was bordering on flabbergasted. He had never seen Chloe so relaxed. Not with Eli, not even with himself. And what was even more shocking was the teasing, familiarity Rush was exhibiting towards her.

"Well I think this game's sexist," Chloe said.

"Excuse me?" Rush replied. "How did you happen to come to that particular conclusion."

"Think about it Nick. You've got this queen, who can basically do anything. Go anywhere, move however she wants. And yet, her only job is to protect a king who can't get off his lazy ass to move more than one space at a time."

Scott couldn't decide what was more disturbing; the fact that Chloe had called Rush by his first name, or the fact that Rush was now laughing outright, a sound the Lieutenant had never heard before.

Chloe was grinning, obviously please by the response she had elicited from Rush. Reaching out she took his hand and pulled until he shifted to her end of the bed. Once they were sitting side by side Chloe raised Rush's arm tucked herself against his side. Rush rolled his eyes but wrapped his arm around her shoulders anyway.

"TJ said you were working all day. Have you slept at all?"

"I'm fine," Rush replied. It was the same clipped response he had given multiple times to multiple people, but Scott noticed that it carried none of the irritation it usually did.

"It's not that I don't appreciate you being here every night. But you can't keep this up. You're going to collapse and hit your head on something and then we'll both be stuck in here all day."

"Would that be such a bad thing?" He was looking at her intensely, as though he could look into her mind.

Chloe raised her head and met his gaze. "I guess not." She rested her head against his shoulder. "Except the ship would probably crash or something."

"Eli could handle it," Rush replied, dropping a kiss onto the top of her head.

"I'm going to tell him you said so."

"Please don't."

Chloe laughed. Then Scott saw the expression on her face change. He recognized the darkened look in her eyes but had never seen it paired with such a deviously joyful smile. He wanted to look away but was transfixed by the way she maneuvered her body until she was straddling Rush's lap.

"Chloe…" came Rush's voice, it was half annoyance, half moan.

"You said you were fine. So if you don't need to sleep, then we have to figure out another way to pass the time." She leaned down and kissed his neck. "And there's no way I'm letting you beat me at chess again tonight."

"You're injured," Rush protested. But Scott could tell from the way the doctor's fingers were digging into Chloe's yoga pants-clad thighs that the protest was only barely genuine.

Chloe sat up and cupped his face in her hands. "TJ says I'm a fast healer."

Rush closed the distance between them, kissing her hard. His hands moved to her back while hers helped him shrug out of his vest. When she pulled Rush's shirts over his head, Scott decided it was time to leave.

He walked back to his quarters slowly, trying to process what he had witnessed. His mind played the scene over and over again. That was not the Dr. Rush he knew. It wasn't even the Chloe he knew. And maybe that was what was most difficult for him to accept. Chloe had never been that happy with him.

The End