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Hermione/Fred, Seamus/Dean, 7th year story. Sirius and Remus are married (Sirius Black and Remus Lupin-Black [just letting you know who took what
name]). Harry and Draco are engaged. Lucius is in Azie (Azkaban) and
he was sent there in the gang's fifth year. Moldie Voldie killed by Harry in 6th year. Harry and Draco been dating since Lucius was sent to Azie. Sirius freed in summer of 5th year, been living with boyfriend (now husband) and godson since. Mentioned pairings: Percy/Oliver, Charlie/Trevor(orig. character), Bill/Fleur,
Ginny/Colin, Snape/Narcissa. uh..........anything else......hmmm.....nope. Wait, Lupin-Black is back as DADA professor



Sandra Solaria Dees

"Harry!" Hermione yelled to her best friend of seven years, waving as he came through the platform.

"Hi, Hermione!" Harry replied as he pushed his trolley over to her.

As he got closer, he began to feel a bit weak.

"Harry? Harry, what's wrong?" Hermione's voice sounded far away.

"Hermione, what's wrong with Harry?" The last thing Harry heard was his boyfriend's concerned voice before he blackened out.


Draco, Hermione, and Ron rushed over to the unconscious Boy-Who-Lived.

"Harry? Harry, love, wake up," Draco said, dropping to his knees only a foot away from his lover and sliding the rest of the way to him, as effect of the newly polished wood on the platform.

"Hermione, look at your necklace! It's glowing and flashing in sync with Harry's scar!" Ron pointed.

The rusty coloured stone hanging from Hermione's neck was glowing, just as Harry's scar was.

"It's never done this before!" Hermione looked perplexed as she slipped it from her neck and placed it in her pocket with her money.

"Grab his trolley," Draco ordered, picking his fiancée up off the ground.


"Harry, wake up," Draco said gently, pushing the hair out of Harry's eyes.

The conscious three looked up as the compartment door slid open and a grey haired man stepped inside.

"Professor Lupin?" Hermione asked, staring at the man.

"Lupin-Black," Remus smiled as he corrected.

"Hi, Professor," Ron grinned.

"Hello, Hermione, Ron..." Remus paused as he noticed Draco and his godson (AN: BTW, since Remie and Siri are married, Remie considers Harry his godson. Siri and Harry like to tease him by calling him Harry's godmother. ^_^). Harry was still unconscious and Draco had placed Harry's head on his lap to pillow it. "Draco? What happened to Harry?"

"Walked through the platform after Draco, came near 'Mione, and fainted," Ron told him.

"You know what's weird?" Not waiting for an answer, Remus continued," That is definitely not the strangest thing I've heard all year."

"Ron, will you sacrifice a bar of chocolate from your stash for Harry?"

"Sure, but let me just say,' That was random'," Ron accented, digging a chocolate bar out of his trunk. Ron handed the chocolate to Draco and sat back down. Draco began breaking the chocolate into small chunks.

"C'mon, love," Draco cooed, placing a piece of chocolate on his lover's lips and forcing them open.

With a sigh, Draco lifted his head to the other occupants in the compartment.

"I'll take him to Madam Pomfrey when we get to Hogwarts. You can go to the feast."

"This is your last year, so go to your last feast. I'll take him," Remus said.

"When I was poisoned last year, Harry never left my side. Besides, we were planning on announcing that we were engaged during."

"But..." Ron cut off Remus.

"No use arguing with him. He'd travel through hell and back to be with Flames," Ron said to the werewolf.


"Did Sirius not tell you? We're animagious. Harry's a phoenix. First magical animal animagious since Gordric Gryffindor," Hermione told him, still sounding like a book.

"And there my friends, is the history lesson for the day," Seamus yelled as he walked past the compartment with his boyfriend Dean in tow.

Hermione scowled and Draco continued for her," I'm a panther, Hermione's an owl, and Ron's a ferret, much to my amusement."

"What're your nicknames?" Remus asked, grinning. He had heard about Draco the amazing bouncing white ferret.

"Draco's Scream, I'm Post, and Ron's Freckles," Hermione told him, looking up from Stones: Curses and Cures, the book she had purchased recently for light reading.

"Let me guess, you lead Snape somewhere and proceeded to scare him out of his wits with Draco transformed."

"No, we did that to Pansy Parkinson. Harry was getting jealous of her always hanging over me. That was before we announced our engagement to the entire school. We did dye Snape's hair purple and put itching powder in his robes," Draco looked smug.

It was at that moment Harry groaned and his eyes fluttered open. His boyfriend looked down and let out a sigh of relief.

"Oh, good! I was really starting to worry, love," Draco said, flicking some stubborn hair out of Harry's eyes.

"Where are we? On the train?"

"Of course! What, you think I'd leave you out there on that yucky platform?" Draco huffed and feigned a hurt look. " I even took the chance of dirt getting all over my new cloths."

"How noble of you," Harry remarked dryly. "There is no chivalry left in this world."

"I'm chival!" Draco huffed again.

"'Chival' isn't a word, Draco," Remus commented.

It was then that Harry noticed Remus and grinned," 'Lo, Moony! See you accepted Dumbledore's offer."

"Yeah. Sirius beat me into it. And he's going to come and take my place every month. He's worked it out with the Ministry already so he gets off a week a month, all during the full moons," Remus replied.

"What about Christmastime?"

"The full moon is two days before break begins so Sirius is going to be my replacement and then just spend the break with us," Remus replied.

"Yay! Finally a Christmas with all of my family!" Harry sighed happily.

"Harry!" Draco whined.

"Yes, love," Harry asked, just as Ron said, "Do you want some cheese to go with that wine?"

"Shut up, Weasley, and move Harry, you're cutting off the circulation to my legs."

Over the past few minutes Harry had found his way into Draco's lap entirely.

"I'm not that heavy, Drac. Lighter than you in fact," Harry said scornfully. "I've seen your chocolate frog stash!"

"All right, all right. You can stay there. Just stop wiggling or we might become exhibitionists."

"I wouldn't mind seeing..." Hermione's hand shot over her mouth.

"Please tell me you did not say what I think you just said," Ron moaned. "Am I going to have to tell Fred?"

"He'd think it was funny. And anyway, you know you'd like to see it."

Draco and Harry looked on, wide-eyed, but Remus just chuckled.

"What are you? A bloody bunch of voyeurs?"

"Only for Hogwart's hottest," Neville said, coming into the crowded compartment.

"Sorry, love. There aren't anymore places to sit," Ron told him.

"Oh yes there is," Neville grinned and jumped into Ron's lap.

"Oomph. I think Nev's got a chocolate frog stash of his own," Ron chuckled, repositioning his boyfriend.

Neville stuck out his tongue at the red head.

"Don't show it unless you intend to use it," Ron said, a bit to gruffly for the other four occupants of the compartment.

"Get a room."

"We have one. You can just leave," Ron shot back.

"Hey, I'm horny too, but you don't see me jumping Flames, here, now do you?"

"Draco, we still need to work on the 'think before you speak' problem we talked about."

"Damn it! I miss Fred!" Hermione spouted randomly, shocking Remus.

"Language, Post!" Neville scolded.

"Sorry, Hairball," Hermione grinned. Remus raised his eyebrows.

"He's a cat," Draco explained.

Remus nodded and started laughing.


"You're going to see Madam Pomfrey, Head Boy," Draco shouted, not only arguing with Harry, but also making it known that his boyfriend was Head Boy.

"If I'm Head Boy, you can't push me around," Harry argued back.


Remus sighed, but grinned none the less. Pointing his finger in the direction of the Hospital Wing, Remus ordered," Harry, go to the Infirmary."

"Can I go to the Feast first? I'm hungry!"

Draco sighed a tiresome sigh and proceeded to drag Harry down the hall by means of a full-body bind and a floating charm.

Remus Lupin-Black laughed, shook his head, and started for the Great Hall.


"You're going to pay, Draco Ian Malfoy," Harry growled as he slumped on the hospital bed

"Harry, love, I'm really not afraid. The worse curse you would use on me is the body bind, and that would only be used in a fit of passion in which you want to have your way with me," Draco grinned seductively.

Harry shook his head and whispered in his ear," I'd rather have you tied to the bed so I could feel you arch under my touch."

Draco felt a pleasant shiver run down his spine as Harry's words and lusty, heavy breath mixed with Harry's administrations of his tongue to Draco's neck.


Harry and Draco pulled away from each other, blushing profusely as Madam Pomfrey loomed over the two.

"My hospital is not for snogging."

"Uhm...Sorry, Mme. Pomfrey," the two said as one.

Pomfrey flashed a rare smile at the lovers and softened her tone," No matter. Now, what can I do for you so early in the school year? And I don't want to hear anything about flying cars or Dementors."

"He fainted after he came through the platform," Draco said. "We gave him some chocolate on the train."

"Good to see somebody listens to me," She muttered ass she took out her wand. "Offenbaren die Loesung des Raetsels."

Draco flashed a grin at Harry as green and crimson coloured sparks shot out of her wand.

"This is very peculiar," Madame Pomfrey murmured, sending out the spell again.

"The green sparks formed a snake," Draco said quietly, watching the green sparks slowly fade.

"This is definitely very odd. I'm going to assume that the snake is you...maybe because of your parselmouth abilities...and the red is what's affecting you....something of that colour."

"Wonder if 'Mione would know anything about this," Draco muttered to himself as the couple were leaving.

"What'd you say, love?" Harry asked, snaking his arm around Draco's waist.

"Nothing. What do you say to skipping the feast? Your dorm is completely empty," Draco suggested, suggestively.

"As much as I'd love to shag, my one and only, I think I might faint from starvation," Harry chuckled.

"You could have some of my chocolate frog stash," Draco whispered, sucking on Harry's earlobe.

Harry moaned, but pushed Draco away a bit.

"Draco, I'm serious."

"No, you're Harry. Not Sirius, Harry."

Harry groaned at the pun and began walking again.

"Alright, alright. We'll eat. But I ill get some tonight," Draco said, jogging to catch up.

"That was a given, my dragon," Harry grinned.

End Chapter One

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