The Pain You Don't Know
NarutoxStarfire, Some/Minor RobinxStarfire, Some/Minor NarutoxRaven, implied RobinxRaven.

Author's Note
This is based of You Don't Know My Pain by Erifrats101. It's been two years since it's been updated and it's a BeastboyxStarfire story. Because of it's incredible rare pairing (I enjoy Rare, Unusual, and Harem Pairings myself. Canon and mainstream tend often to be too boring.) I decided to make my own rendition. I want to go ahead and write it and hopefully Eri won't mind. A lot of people seem to like His Affection so I will continue that later. I also decided to only focus on updating my main stories every once and awhile and focus on one-shots or short multi-chapter, and humor stories. So hopefully you guys will enjoy this story.

Story Start

''Respect my Gangsta!'' Naruto shouted as he won yet another match on Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It was another average day in the Teen Titans Giant T and the group of young heroes were sitting back and enjoying themselves. Even Naruto could relax and take his mind off of super villains actually being intelligent and dropping a nuke on the giant solitude T because of how slow the last few days have been.

''Dude no fair! You keep God-Modding with Meta-Knight and stuff.'' Beast Boy grumbled as he last again came in last place.

Naruto turned his head to side and remarked to Beast Boy's grumbling with some boasting,''Hey it's not my fault if I have superior Brawl skills then you. I beat you with Mario when you picked Link. I beat you with Sonic when you picked Samus. Hell I beat you with Ganondorf when you picked Kirby. Accept that I am the gaming master and honor the bet,'' Naruto said as he flipped off his sandals. ''Now kiss my feet!''

Not too far away from the green changeling and blond shinobi the two Titan females were enjoying a ritual of their own. Ever since the incident with Puppet King, which fortunately enough Naruto missed seeing as he had to go open up his book store, with him being the only Titan with a job and all; The two titans who souls were interchanged with their bodies had bonded and started to develop a mutual understanding towards each other. Their ritual unlike the games was meditating instead of spending hours playing games.

''Azarath Metrion Zinthos. Azarath Metrion Zin...'' The tranquility of trance was broken as Raven felt a vibration surge through her body. That sensation was all far too familiar.

Something was going on in her head and she needed to find out what."Uh, Starfire?"

"Yes Raven?" Answered the beautiful Auburn haired alien. If Raven was like night then Starfire was like day. She was the moon and Starfire was the sun. Cold and Warmth. They were opposite to say the least. Starfire was open and vibrant while Raven usually kept to herself.

"I need you to leave." The violet haired Sorceress told her as she tried to keep the weird sensations flowing through her bound.

"What?" the auburn haired alien replied, slightly startled by the request.

"I just need to be left alone for a moment." the sorceress clarified again. Something was going on within her and she needed some privacy to figure out what it was.

Starfire sighed in response to Raven's statement. She was used to the aloof nature of her friend by now. "As you wish, Raven." She slowly exited Raven's room. I wonder what is troubling Raven? She would not just demand me to leave her room during meditation. Oh well, I should just leave her be for now. Star walked away from Raven's room and towards the Main Room.

As soon as Raven knew that Starfire was gone, she grabbed her mirror and was sucked into her mind.
Raven floated through the domain of her mind as she found herself traveling through Bravery's domain. That's when she caught sight of the brown clad emotion. ''Bravery? What's going on?''

''Hey Raven. A meeting but I didn't feel like going. Just more of Intelligence babbling about how we need to lend you our aid and stuff. You're a grown woman right?''

"I'm only sixteen." Raven stated as she didn't view herself as a woman. Considering her upbringing and heritage the sorceress spent much time distancing herself from people so it was difficult for her to relate to certain things or see them from a certain perspective.

"Old enough in some cultures. Timid said that today's meeting was important, but I left anyway." the boisterous emotion added.

"What was today's meeting about?" Raven pressed the bruiser for emotion.

"Eh, somethin' 'bout a new feeling or somethin'." she remarked offhandedly which Alarmed Raven.

''A new feeling? Come on!'' Raven ordered Bravery as she dragged her to the meeting place. Each of Raven's emotions had a domain unique to their nature. Brave's was that of a gym while Knowledge's was a library.

At the current time Intelligence, a Raven clad in Yellow and wearing glasses went over attendance. ''Rude?''

"Presen-" The orange clad Raven let out a belch."Phew! Now that was a nice one.''

Knowledge wrinkled her nose. ''Okay that's rude.''

''This isn't going to take all day like last time is it?''

Knowledge ignored her and continue down the last.''Bravery?'

"She won't be joinin' us today, 'kay?"

"Very well then. Now, you all should know that today we are welcoming two new feelings into this mind. These feelings are-"

"Presenting, Lust!"

A Raven wearing a lustrous dark red tank top and short skirt walked in. Following behind her was a Raven wearing a dark pink version of Raven's usual clothing.

''Hey all...'' She greeted in a sensuous voice.

''And love...''

Raven entered, dragging Bravery just at that moment. ''Knowledge wh...'' Before she could answer her question she caught site of Lust.''WHAT IN AZAR'S NAME ARE YOU WEARING?'' She exclaimed in outrage, temporarily loosing the hold on her serene nature.

''What? Don't I look nice?'' Lust asked doing a 180 as she showed off her body. Through to her name the lustful emotion was not afraid to show off her body.

''Hello Raven. I'm love and this is Sister Lust.'' the confident, yet soft emotion introduced herself and her sister emotion. She was definitely the more reserved emotion of the two.

''L-Love? And Lust?'' Raven began breathing in and out as she tried to calm herself. She couldn't, someone like her wasn't suppose to love and she definitely wasn't have those kind of impulses.

''Indeed Raven, my sister and I have come to be as you are finally coming to term with such feelings in your hear. Now the two of us will assist you in matters that the others can't... Romance...'' Love started as she left the sentence in the air for her sister to answer.

''...And the ways of the body,'' The Twin L emotion answer as she gave a saucy grin.

Raven's would be stroke was interrupted by a loud knock echoing through her head. She quickly realized it was coming from outside Nevermore.

''I' you later. I have other things to take care of,'' She said as she teleported to the exit.

Raven made way to her door and opened it slightly. There on the other side the door was the masked Titan's leader Robin.

"Hey, uh, you okay? Star said that she thinks something's troubling you. Wanna talk about it?" he suggested.

"No." She closed the door in his face and as things would have it The Titan's siren rang.

"Trouble! Raven come on!" Robin yelled through the door.

"Coming!" I just hope that these two new emotions don't cause any disturbance.