The Pain You Don't Know
Story Start

Fate had a funny way in rewarding Heroes so to speak. Koriand'r could remembering an earlier time when tensions were still high. To which getting married could easily be considered one of the toughest things that she had to go through.

''Sorry, we can't issue you a marriage license.'' the fifty something clerk stated as he went through the papers.

She and Naruto had went to city hall for a marriage license and things were not going well.

''What the hell are you going on about?'' Naruto angrily remarked. ''We've filled out the forms and we're both of legal age.''

''Well, the bride,'' the man hesitated. ''I've read about you Miss Anders and well, you're an alien. You're not human so legally I can't grant you a license.''

The insinuation that Kori was something less because of who she was born as set Naruto off. Suffice to say they finally got the license, though it took Kori to prevent Naruto from putting his foot up the man's ass. When they exited the building a crowd of protestors were outside. Hate filled signs raised above their head.

''Go home alien freak!''

''Titans are deviants!''

''Psychos should be burned alive!''

''Humans don't marry alien monsters!''

''No alien marriages!"

A rather ferocious vice shout sent some of the cloud fleeing in fright. With a sudden burst of courage, or for the most part stupidity some of them began throwing rocks and other debris at the T-car that Victor reluctantly let Naruto borrowed.

''Naruto, I don't understand? Why are they calling me those dreadful names? They've always liked me before.'' she stated with a solemn look. Guilt of what happened to her friends still played a heavy burden on her emotions. It was only with Naruto's romantic love, and with the other Titan's platonic/familial love that Kori found the strength to keep on fighting. ''M-Maybe we shouldn't...''

''No,'' Naruto sharply cut her off. ''They have no right.'' he spoke as his hands gripped the wheels tightly. ''After all the times we risked our lives, after everything we've done for the people of this planet they have no damn right to stop us from being together. They have no damn right to vilify you over a mistake.'' he then pulled the car over and took a deep breath before turning to her. ''Maybe, if we can't get married on Earth we should go with an alternative. How does a Tamarenean wedding ceremony go?'' the blond asked as Kori's eyes lit up.

As the memory faded Kori couldn't help but chuckle. So much had happened in the past few years. Maybe, maybe she could...the sound of the alarm began blaring and she was struck out of her thoughts. She floated over to the main computer and began assessing the situation. It appeared that the Persuader and Goth were attacking an orphanage down town. Picking up the communicator she opened the comm-link. ''This is Starfire. Persuader and Goth have been sighted down time attacking an orphanage. I'm going on ahead, requesting back-up. Starfire out.'' she said, cutting off the link. Completely unaware that a certain bird was shadowing her.