The Rumor

Grim the kids in his class had called him, but that was the past. He'd ditched school years ago at the age of 16. 7 years later he'd come into his own in this profession. At night he' been robbing graves. Z was good stuff, the best. There were Rumors though. He was some dark themed guy, like a knight in shining armor, only in a sort of rubberized suit. That would definitely show those Repo men, if only everyone else were so conventional. It was only a rumor.

"Hey Grim, you hear about that guy?" one of his more frequent buyers asked as he made the purchase.

"The one in the rumors?"

"Yeah, that guy, man I heard he was badass!" the customer exclaimed. He flew in just like a. . .I dunno, just like a bat, or some shit.


"Yeah man, don't leave the island. I hear he's only been striking over in Gotham City proper, but ya never know."

"Thanks for the tip." Grim didn't have many friends, he was reluctant to make them, but he'd take a word of strong advice when he heard one.

Grim walked on to the next alleyway. There was some sort of ruckus going on, and lots of neon lights. He pressed himself close to the brick. The car was sleek. Could that be who the z-head was talking about while back? Nah, this kid was in normal clothing, not the rubber suit ol' z-head was talking about. He was digging the colors in the hair though.

Grim ducked as he nearly got hit with flying debris. Time to go. As he turned, he came face to face with a tall figure in black rubber. Not many things shocked Grim, but being informed not too long ago. Grim said not a word.

I black-gloved hand came down on his shoulder.

"Deal your poison elsewhere, Dealer, you were lucky this time, pray we don't meet again." The tones were low and harsh, like he'd had his vocals done just to sound that way. The man indeed looked like some sort of bat/man combination, but didn't stay. He was off to deal with the mess happening in the alley.

Grim counted his blessings and went on his merry way to spread the word. Some vigilante, breaking up fights, he could deal with that, so long as he stayed out of Grim's way, he didn't care. Grim would make sure to keep under the radar. Clearly this vigilante had a line on him. No one had ever snuck up on him before, or surprised him, and there was always some sort of dry remark coming out of his mouth.

He moved on wordlessly to a large graveyard, with a large winged statue. Silently, he took what he needed, deliberately laying out his tools. He kept watch this time as he did so though.

"Hey you graverobber, got my stuff?" some z-head quipped.

"Yeah man, right here in pure form, if that's what you care about."

"Totally, whatever you've got, I care, pure, not pure, however I can get it." Grim completed the transaction. "Graverobber, yeah, I like it", he mused out loud. "Tell all your friends, the neighborhood Grave Robber is here to provide all their Zydrate needs."

"Sure, you always have the goods. And better I can always find ya." The anonymous man walked off.

Graverobber, newly christened, whistled an odd tune as he walked on down the lane, cautiously aware of the man dressed as a large bat.