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Everyone was huddled around the large TV in the Delaney's living room, everyone wearing some version of black and gold. On the coffee table, and quickly set up card tables, there were mounds of BBQ'd meat and all the fixings for a tailgating party. The meat provided by Mr. Delaney braving the unseasonably cold weather to fire up the family grill; the mountain of chips, nachos, sodas, and various other dips for the mountain of wings, burgers, and dogs provided by Mrs. Delaney's kitchen.

All over every surface one could see were Mardis Gras type beads, but instead of the traditional gold, purple and green, these were Black and Gold. To every person here, this day was something special. This day was about letting the world know that while Nola might be down, had been down for some time, she was by no means out. The Saints were at the big game.

Through four quarters of football glory there were groans, yells, curses, and cries of victory as their beloved Saints were like the city, down and up. But somehow, through the final minutes of the game, the knowledge began to build that they were going to win. They were going to take home the victory. As the final seconds ticked away, the room erupted with cheers of victory.

Nora Delaney sprung up, caught up in the moment. She reached over, pulling her partner, Nikki Beaumont into a tight embrace, locking their lips together for a victory kiss, forgetting for a moment where she was at; who she was around and that until that emotional kiss, she was not out to most of these people.

Her blooming elation fizzled out as she realized the party atmosphere had died down. But, instead of shocked exclamations, her mother was squealing in happiness for winning the bigger prize.

"I won. Pay up," she clapped her hands; the kitty was hers, "told you that Nora wouldn't be able to help herself if New Orleans won. And you all thought I was crazy for picking winning a Superbowl as The One."

Nora was confused as there were more groans and laughs from all around them, as her mother was showered with fives, tens and twenties. Slowly it dawned on her that they had taken a pool about her and... Nikki. "Bobby!"

"What! Everybody knew anyway, we're all cops here Nora. Figuring things out is our jobs." Bobby defended himself.

Nora sat down, stunned, even more so when Nikki pulled out a twenty and handed to Nora's mother. Nora looked to Bobby once again.

He grinned sheepishly, "Well I had to tell her about the pool didn't I?"

Relief settled in as Nora realized that she wasn't going to be disowned, wasn't going to be thrown out of her family. She turned to Nikki. "You were in on this? And just what event and time did you bet on?"

"These lips are sealed. But I have never been happier to lose in my life Darlin'." Nikki smiled and leaned in, placing a gentle kiss on Nora's lips.