Hello all. I know it has been a while since I post a Bones story but I have been working on this one for a while. This is the first chapter. It is from Camille's point of view, which is not how I usually write so be patient. I did my best and I think it is pretty good. Hope you enjoy.

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I've known Seeley Booth for a long time, longer than anyone else at the Jeffersonian. We met when we were both 15. Back then most people still called me Camille. Our meeting was completely by chance, but it was so very like us and probably showcased our interaction.


Camille was hurrying down the halls of Rocky Mountain High School. It was a Monday and she meant that in more than just the literal sense. She had forgotten her Math homework and had just been lectured in front of the entire class on the importance of homework and doing it. She had not bothered to point out that this was the first time she had forgotten because Mrs. Rhons just did not care.

The halls were empty because she had been thrown out of Math about ten minutes early. Suddenly she heard a voice behind her. "Hey Geek Girl did you do something bad."

Camille sighed. She knew that voice only to well. It was that of Andrew Falbert who along with his faithful crony John Maxwell spent his days harassing the students of Rocky Mountain High. Camille swore that they spent their entire life trying to bully people. She had never been the target but all the students knew the pair.

She just ignored them until John came up behind her and shoved her into a locker. She hit the locker and fell to the floor, her books cascading out of her arms as she did so. Camille began scrambling to pick up books. The bell to signal the end of that period cut through the silence and she cursed as students began to spill into the hall.

John and Andrew were ecstatic. Suddenly one of them grabbed her batter composition book off the ground and opened it. There was now a crowd of student in the hall watching the scene unfold but none of them made a move to help. Camille had gathered up the rest of her books and looked around for the composition book. She saw it in the hands of her tormentors as they began to read it.

"November 1: Today is—" John started.

"John stop that," a boy from the crowd said starting to step forward.

However before he could take two steps John yelled in pain and dropped the notebook. It took the boy a few moments to realized that Camille had thrown the nearest thing she could reach at John and that object had happened to be her fairly hefty math book. It had made contact with his chest. Suddenly the halls emptied as Mrs. Mathews appeared in the hall. Only John, Andrew, Camille, and the other boy remained in the hall.

"Camille explain why you threw a book at John," the teacher commanded.

"He was reading my journal allowed to the school so I threw it to scare him," Camille said calmly, "I missed, honest."

"Is this true?" Mrs. Mathews asked the other boy.

"Yes ma'am," he replied respectfully.

The teacher surveyed the four of them for a minute. "All right," she said slowly, "You two can go now. John and Andrew come with me."

Camille watched as the teacher led the bullies away. As soon as the three were out of sight she turned to the other boy. "Thanks," she told him, "I'm Camille by the way."

"I'm Seeley," the boy replied, "and you don't need to thank me. I didn't do anything."

"You cared enough to try," Camille said shrugging, "That's more than anyone else."

"In that case can I walk you to lunch?" he asked her.

"Sure," she accepted as he handed her back her notebook.

There was a pause. "Okay I have one question," Seeley said unable to restrain himself any longer, "You missed?"

"Yes," Camille replied smiling, "I meant to hit him in the head."

They both laughed and Seeley shook his head. "You are a very special girl."

"Never forget that," she told him lightly.

"I don't thing I ever could," he assured her as the walked down the hall.


He said those words to me ages ago and yet I still remember them as though it was yesterday. Anyway after that day Seeley and I grew to be really, really close. There were other kids that hung out with us in sophomore but she moved away the beginning our junior year.

Seeley was very popular. He could have been the most popular kid in the school if he wanted to be but he mostly hung back. When his brother Jared came into our school two years behind us, Jared did become on of the most popular kids in his grade. I was not popular in high school because I was much too interested in academics and never went to football games. Many of the girls also dislike me because I was the one that Seeley dated all through high school. Almost every girl in the grade had a crush him at one point or another.

I really could not blame them for that. He was kind and caring and defensive and handsome. We started dating in our junior year and it was probably the best part of my high school years.

There was a lot of uncertainty in those years for me. My parents were going through a messy divorce and they sent me back and forth between their houses every week. I could not begin to count the number of times that Seeley let me stay at his house just to get away from it all. More than once I called in the middle of the night and he would come pick me up and we would just drive.

I know his teenage years were not easy for him either. His father was abusive and he and Jared would occasionally all go out and spent time together to avoid our parents. Seeley once told me that he considered suicide but decided against it. I am so glad he did.

At the end of our senior year we went to prom together. He took me out to dinner before and then after the dance he drove me home. The next day was our high school graduation. At the end of the day we were sitting out by small creek behind my father's house. It was then that he told me he was going to the military academy.

We did not see each other again for 6 years. We exchanged letters as often as we could but as often with long distance relationships it did not work well. When he decided to leave the military at the age of 25 I came to his 'welcome home' party. He was different from the boy I had known 6 years previous. He had scene the evils of the world first hand.

I was different too I knew that. I had spent the years he was in the Army studying to be a medical examiner. I had graduated the year previous and was now head Medical examiner in Philadelphia. Like Seeley, I had scene my share of evils. However did not take us long to reconnect. Though the world had changed us in many ways, deep down he was still the same old Seeley and I was still the same old Camille.

After that I saw him once or twice every year. He join the FBI and was based out of Washington DC. I became the New York City coroner. We still exchanged letters as often as possible but we were not really romantically involved anymore. Then four years after he left the military he turned up on my doorstep in the middle of the night.


There was a sharp rap on the door followed by three shorter raps. Camille turned to look at the door. She had just gotten home from a double shift, but she would know that knock anywhere. It was the knock she had used so many time when she needed to go to Seeley's house in the middle of the night. She walked over and opened the door. Seeley stood there leaning against the doorframe.

"Seeley," Camille greeted him.

"Camille," he replied.

"Come in?" she offered him.

"Yea sure," he said coming into her living room and sitting down on the couch.

"Do you want something to drink?" Camille asked to be courteous.

"No thank you," Seeley replied.

"Alright," Camille said sitting down next to him on the couch, "What is going on?"

"I screwed up big time," he said finally.

"Okay what happened?" Camille asked him trying to assess the problem.

"You know I am dating Rebecca Stinson," Seeley asked even though he knew she did. She nodded. "Well she's pregnant with my kid," he finished.

Camille just looked him. Seeley was a good catholic boy and had been since they were children. Camille had never been much of a religious person but she had come with Seeley to church enough to know that in the church getting a girl pregnant out of wedlock was highly frowned upon.

"What do you want me to tell you Seeley?" Camille asked him.

"I don't know Camille," he admitted, "I just didn't know what I should do and usually when I'm in that position you know how to sort it out."

Camille smiled slightly and the sentiment, but her face straightened again. "I can't tell you what to do," she told him, "you know that."

"I know," Seeley said a little desperately, "but I have no clue what Rebecca is thinking or what she wants."

"Then ask her," Camille advised, "then you work together to decide what you both want. I'm sure she will be willing to work with you."

"You think?" Seeley asked hopeful that it really was that simple.

"Yes," she replied simply, "and Seeley make sure you are they to support her because she is going to need it."

"Should I marry her?" Seeley asked suddenly.

This proposal caused Camille to have two simultaneous reactions. The first was he was a good catholic and that this was the course that would make him happiest. The second reaction was that this out come would not thrill her. She knew they had sort of broken off their relationship years ago and she did not care if he dated but some how the thought of him marrying someone made her just a little jealous. She swallowed.

"If you want to marry her then ask her and see what she says," Camille told him.

There was a pause while Seeley considered her words. "Thank you," Seeley told her.

"No problem," Camille said smiling, but realizing just how tired she really was.

"I'm sorry for keeping you up," he apologized.

"It is fine," she told him thinking it sweet that he noticed, "Do you want to sleep here tonight?"

"Yea sure that would be great," he replied, "It's a long drive back to DC."

"Alright I will get the sheets for the spare bed," Camille told him.

"Thank you," he told her once more.

"Any time," she said with a smile, "What are friends for, right?"

"Right," Seeley replied slowly as she walked out of the room.


Parker was born about eight months after that. Seeley did ask Rebecca to marry him and she said no. Not the choice I would have made but no one asked me and I am sure Rebecca had her reasons.

Seeley and I grew closer after Parker's birth. We exchanged letters at least once a week and every couple of weeks one of us would drive down to where the other worked if we had the spare time.

About two years after that we had a joint jurisdiction case. The body was found in New York and the crime scene was in DC. I volunteered to go down to DC before anyone else had a chance to. When I arrived I found the case completely stalled out for lack of leads and even with the New York evidence there was not much to get the case moving. So I suggested we ask the Jeffersonian team to help us.

I will save you the details of the case because that is not really relevant. The leader of the Jeffersonian team is relevant. Temperance Brennan was and is the best in her field not to mention an author. Seeley liked her immediately and they bonded well together. They almost went on a date but not quiet.

I had to go back to New York at the end of the case. Seeley and I continue to exchange letters after that but the visits became few and far between. His letters talked about his work, Parker, and occasionally his current girlfriend. In 2005 I received a letter from him telling me that he had been assigned as a liaison to the Jeffersonian. He was now partners with Temperance Brennan.

A little less than a year later a job opening came up at the Jeffersonian. I took it and with in two months I was living in Washington DC. My transition onto the Jeffersonian team was not smooth. I started off a little bossy but long experience has taught me it is better to start hard and get easier than vice versa. I made several mistakes including the fact that I offered to fire Brennan. That proved two things to me. The first was that the entire team would follow her to the death. The second was the Seeley would too.

Seeley and I started dating again for the first weeks I was there. It went all right for a while but then Temperance got kidnapped and we all had to work together to save her and Hodgens. A few weeks after that a serial killer went after Brennan by attacking those she was close to. I was doing an autopsy on a head as part of the case. Seeley called telling me that the guy went after Parker and that he needed me to break protocol. So I did.

The poison that was in a tiny vial in the head put me in the hospital and nearly killed me. From what people told me later, Seeley stayed by my side the entire time. Well, except for the time when he was catching the guy. Two days before I was released Seeley came into the hospital with that look on his face. He told me that it was his fault I was poisoned and I told him that it was Epps fault. Either way he drew the damn line. The line that said you could not have a relationship with someone you work with because someone would get hurt.

I let him break it off. I did not want it to end but it needed to because I had known since I came to work at the Jeffersonian that I was not the one he loved anymore. We could still be friends but not lovers. Those days were a long time gone.

He was in love with Dr. Brennan. I knew that then or possibly before then. It took him four and a half more years, a few near death experiences, and a brain tumor to finally admit it to himself. Everyone at the Jeffersonian knew they loved each other. It was as plain a day to anyone watching except to them.

He asked me whether he should tell her that he loved her and I told him that he should. I also warned him if he did and then decided he didn't, Brennan would shut the world out completely. He never told her.

Then Sweets got the brilliant idea that he should prod. Their relationship was strong when it was united against someone else. When they were thinking about the concept of love however it was a delicate balance. Sweets pushed that balanced.


One loud rap on the door and three shorter, sharper ones, Camille looked at the door. She had not heard that combination in nearly seven years but she still knew it. She opened the door none to surprised to find Seeley.

"I told her," he said skipping all foreplay and sitting down on her couch.

Camille did not bother to ask what he meant because she already knew. "What happened?" she asked.

"I told her that I was willing to give it a shot," he explained, "she said that she was broken and that she was protecting me from her. She said she didn't know how to love someone."

"What did you tell her?" Camille asked slowly.

"I told her that I needed to stop waiting for her and I needed someone who would love me in ten, twenty, or thirty years," he replied.

Camille shook her head. She knew that she fell into that category. Some part of her still loved him, but she knew that Brennan loved him with everything she had. She just needed time. It was clear whom Seeley loved because no matter what he said he knew he loved Brennan.


So my relationship with Seeley was long and pleasant. The romantic part of it drew to a close years ago, but the friendship will continue as long as we are both alive. I loved him when I was fifteen and I still do love him, but I am happy to let him go. It was best for both of us. It was and is clear even to me that Brennan and Seeley love each other and while he care about me as a friend I is no longer in love with me.

I still love him. I always will.

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