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Bakura was not accustomed to 'wanting'. What he desired, he took. He had raided more pyramids than any other thief while he had been alive. As a spirit, whenever he saw anything that he desired he would simply possess his host and take it. Nothing he had ever desired had stayed out of his grasp for long, except the damnable Millennium Items. Especially the Ra-damned Pharaoh's Puzzle.

Now that he had his own body, it should have been even easier than when he had to rely on a host body to just keep taking whatever he wanted when he wanted it. The Items were long since buried, now far out of his reach, but they no longer mattered. His spirit now had its own physical shell, something that would last him just until he learned what 'friendship' meant. In the eyes of the Gods and the Pharaoh, it was a second chance at life, a chance to redeem himself and spare his spirit from being devoured by Ammut.

For him, it was a chance to cause some more mayhem in the living world before meeting his end.

He no longer needed or desired the Items. They had been a means to an end, but they had failed him. The Pharaoh had gone to his eternal rest, so the desire for revenge no longer drove him. There should have been nothing that he desired that was out of his reach. There should have been nothing he couldn't steal or bargain for, if stealing was impossible.

He had been wrong. There was one last thing he desired, but no amount of trickery would work for what he wanted and it was one thing even he refused to take by force. He absolutely refused to steal it; all he could do was wait and hope it would be given to him.


The former thief looked up, only a mild scowl on his face as he looked at the door. Ryou stood in the doorframe, a plain black apron tied around his waist and smears of flour and sugar visible on the cloth. Ryou was smiling, his hair held back from his face by a low ponytail.

"The cookies are done. Yuugi and the others will be here soon, so I came up to ask if you'd like any before they arrived."

Bakura grunted in acknowledgement, pushing himself to a sitting position and swinging his legs over the side of the bed. He casually stretched, surreptitiously watching Ryou's eyes widen as the motion pulled his muscles taut. Bakura smirked inwardly. He had known his former host would come up to get him eventually and had deliberately forgone a shirt in anticipation. He completed the stretch and stood, almost grinning outwardly when Ryou's cheeks turned pink and the teenager turned away, rushing back out of Bakura's room with a babbled explanation about moving the cookies off of the cookie sheet.

Bakura watched him go.

Trickery wouldn't work, but it seemed seduction would. No matter how much of a monster he had been (and still was, in some aspects), Ryou's innocence was the one thing he refused to steal.


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