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The Most Unusual Thing

He did some dumb and crazy things in the past, some really really dumb and crazy things, but this has got to be the craziest and dumbest thing he had ever done.

Kurt turned away from the raining pouring outside to the unconscious mutant wrapped in bandages, once again wondering what he was thinking.

"But….I couldn't just leave him there"

Kurt sighed "So much for survival training" he muttered "though I'm pretty sure this comes close"

Professor Xavier had decided that his students needed some outdoor survival training, and so he assigned Logan to educate the students, and what best way to teach outdoor survival training then outside.

So Kurt and his friends were dropped off in the middle of nowhere with Logan….Rogue and Kitty were convinced that they were going to be dead by the time the sun went down.

While finding a place to camp, Kurt ended up getting lost and found…him


Kurt wasn't sure what happen to the other, to get bruised and cut up so badly, and at that moment he didn't care, all he knew was that someone was hurt and he had to help. And that's how he ended up, here in a cave cleaning and wrapping wounds of one of the X-Men's crazy and deadliest enemies.

Kurt groaned

"Scott and Logan are going to kill me"

Brimstone and fresh rain

An odd smell to wake up to, but he found not exactly unwelcomed, blinking his eyes open he stared up at the cave ceiling, waiting for the rest of his senses to kick into gear, while trying to remember what happen to him.

He snarled when the name Trask entered his mind, and he made a mental note to kill the man.

A noise to his right had him growling and rolling into a defensive crouch, a soft gasp was all he heard before he found himself falling to the hard ground landing flat on his face, his body laced with pain and going numb.

"What the hell?"

What was wrong with him, his body should have healed by now; he jerked and gave a warning growl when a hand touched his shoulder. He was a little surprised when he smelt little fear and a lot of concern, before he was rolled gently over to his back.

"You alright?"

Sabretooth stared at the face of one of his enemies, his mind trying to come up with a name, snarling when the boy touched him. The boy jumped but didn't remove his hand, instead he started removing the bandages around his bare chest.

Where were his shirt and trench coat?

A surprised shiver trailed through him when a soft furred hand ran gently over his damage and his pain shot skin

"They should have healed by now" he heard the boy mutter, and silently agreed, his injures should have healed long before he had passed out. The fresh scent of his blood tickled his nose, telling him one of his wounds had opened.

The boy moved and Sabretooth listen to the sounds of the boy going through what he assumed a back pack, the boy face came back into his vision.

Kurt had freaked out when he the older male snarl, he really wasn't expecting the other to wake anytime soon, and after getting over the shock and startlement when the other had tried to move and just collapsed, Kurt found himself tending to an open wound all the while under a hard predatory gaze.

"I don't even want to know what he thinking" The blue-furred teen thought as he finished tending to the wound, somehow he knew that whatever was going on in the feral mutant's mind involved a lot of blood and removal of his body parts.

Afterwards, he put everything back into the first-aid kit and went into his camping bag station in a corner, mostly to avoid the gaze that made him uncomfortable. He noticed the few snacks he was able to sneak and wondered if the other was hungry. He cautiously moved back over to the immobile body and Sabretooth's vision.

"Um, are you hungry?"

All he got was a deep threatening growl

"I'll take that as a no then"

This was going to be a long camping trip