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The Most Unusual Thing

"So not only are you gonna fuck' em and leave, but you're gonna steal my bike too?"

Sabretooth growled, and glared at the smaller male that leaned against Summer's car, glaring at him.

"Yea, that sounds bout right" Sabretooth said with a grin, before going back to loading the bike

"You're a real piece of work" Logan snorted.

"So I've been told"

Logan raised a brow before pushing himself off the car and over to the mutant.

"Are you really serious and you better answer right or these claws are going through your head"

Sabretooth raised a brow when three metal claws appeared in his vision, he then glanced up at their owner, the sigh.

"I've pissed some people off Runt"

"That's not a surprise"

"And they're looking for me"

"So you're gonna run?" Logan asked surprised.

Sabretooth gave him a duh look, before resuming his task.

"You know you don't have to, talk to Charles he'll help"

Sabretooth barked out a laugh.

"Just like he helped me with that damn scientist? No thanks"

Logan watched his rival and one of his kids' lover straddle his bike and start the engine, he gave a sad smile to the back turned to him.

"You know if you leave that'll hurt him more than any person could"

Sabretooth's grip on the handle bars tighten, then relaxed.

"Watch him"

Sabretooth didn't even have to look back to see the nod, as he rode off, he made it out the gate before stopping and looking over his shoulder at the manor, he smirked revved the engine and sped off.

Up on the balcony a figured watched the bike go, wrapped in a furred coat.


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