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Alice Rosalie and Bella are all 16

Edward Emmett and Jasper are 28

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Being around Ali and Rose could make anyone feel insecure, but when you're a mousy plain girl like me it's just pathetic. Alice is about 5"0 to my 5"4 and Rosalie is 5"7, Ali has short spiky black hair that looks amazing on her and Rose has masses of deep golden hair and mine is just long and brown, life isn't fair.

I'm sixteen and never even kissed a guy, pathetic right? Sure I could have kissed someone, there is always Mike, but seriously I could never do that, he is just far too… nice for me. I want a man, a real man, I need something with risk, and now that I am sixteen I can sleep with whoever I want and HEAVEN ON EARTH is the perfect place to do it. Somehow Ali has convinced me to wear a short black dress, I'm sure that if I bend over you will be able to see my butt. Alice has a matching one in silver and rose's is red. And quite honestly they look stunning, unlike me, I simply cannot get away with it.

Queuing up outside and I cannot repress the shiver caused by my barley there clothing standing in front of the large bouncers is making me feel like a little girl, I'm sure they will turn me away, in fact they will probably laugh in my face, I easily look underage. As we walk up to the red rope, the bouncer just nods, unclipping it and letting us in.

" Told ya" Ali's shrill voice chimes in my ear so I just roll my eyes at her, I don't know why I even try and bet against her, I think that girls physic!

I don't know why I am even here; of course Alice and Rose will have no trouble finding the man of their dreams, but me? I don't even have a chance; no guy will look twice at me, especially when I am here with two of the most beautiful girls on earth.

Walking over to the bar with my girlies, "three Bacardi and cokes" Rosalie says confidently, and surprisingly the barman doesn't even ask for id, he probably wants Rose to fuck him anyhow, I can see the way he is looking at her, with lust in his eyes, I hope to god she doesn't fall for him, he looks far to slimy to be any good for her.

I hear Alice giggling, looking over at her " Al.." I start but get cut off from asking her what she was laughing about

"Let us pay for them" a velvet voice sounds from behind me, I quickly spin around and am faced with a tall blonde guy and a pretty intimidating looking dark haired guy. I stifle my gasp as my eyes fall on the bronze haired god who had just spoken.

I feel the heat spread up to my cheeks, as I blush in embarrassment, sneaking a glance over at my girls seeing there gobsmacked faces I just shake my head "no, you're alright, I've got it "I whisper a quietly, taking out my money to pay .

I see Alice roll her eyes moving closer to the blonde guy i cannot believe she is going to do this, they all look at least in their mid-twenties. They won't like us so much when they find out our real ages.

"It wasn't a question little girl, I'm paying "the Greek god speaks with authority, looking directly at me the heat flushing to my face once again. Who the hell did this guy think he was anyway? The confusion or shock must have shown on my face because he lets out a throaty chuckle, slapping my hand away and handing the money over to the barman.

I pick up my drink "thanks" I mutter under my breath.

"No problem love" he says and I gasp at his casual term of endearment.

"My names Edward, this is Emmett and Jasper" he says, pointing to each of the guys in turn.

"I'm Rosalie, this is Bella and that's Alice" I hear, but am too busy looking at the floor, this guy is obviously not interested in me, he must just be being nice out of pity!

"It's nice to meet you, now would you charming ladies like to join us" Edward asks, looking pointedly at me, I hesitate, looking at Alice then Rose, both of them giving me puppy faces, I sigh.

"Sure Edward, we would love to join you" I answer, hearing the girls squeal in excitement.

Edward grabs hold of my hand tightly, and I look down at our intertwined hands in confusion "I don't want to lose you" he mutters, shrugging, although I'm sure that his words have a double meaning or maybe that's just my wishful thinking.

As me and Edward reach the booth in the back, I notice that everyone is already sat there "finally" the blonde one mutters. I smile shyly as I pull my hand out of his and I swear I hear him growl, glancing over, I see his face set in a stony expression, weird.

"So how did you get in?" Emmett booms, and I bite my lip nervously, oh god he knows.

"With our id silly" Alice replies.

"Come on you're obviously not twenty-one" Emmett says, oh they totally know.

"Nope" Is Alice's simple answer, but it makes me chuckle.

"Oh really, how old are you Bella?" Jasper asks, aiming the question at me, and I gulp, I really cannot lie.

"Sixteen" I mutter, as I feel my panic start to rise.

"Aha I knew" Emmett exclaims "liar" he adds, pointing a large finger at Ali.

Edward slips his arm around my shoulders "doesn't It feel so much better to now I'm still interested now I Know your real age ?"he asks. And I just shake my head; I don't want to be here.

"Actually I think it's kind of weird" I giggle looking up at him "so Edward how old are you? "I ask curiously, looking from Edward to Emmett then Jasper.

"We're all twenty-eight" Jasper interrupts.

I gape in shock, before quickly standing up "I will be right back" I tell them, walking hurriedly to the club doors. There is no way I am sitting there with a guy twelve years older than me. As I approach the exit, a large shadow blocks my path.

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