Hey guys, so I am going to write an Epilogue and I honestly can't tell you how relieved I am to be finishing this story, I know the ending was rubbish, but I just wasn't that into it anymore and I don't think many of my readers were either, but look out for my new story which I will be posting in the next couple of weeks, it's called

Back into your arms,

It's a Jasper Bella story:


Isabella Swan, left the small town of Texas behind when she was just ten years old, also leaving her twenty year old cousin behind. With her parents recently deceased she is moving back, and into the care of Jasper Whitlock, (now twenty-four) how will she cope with his controlling ways, and his obsession with her, as well as facing the consequences for breaking contact with him? Read to find out.

A more sassy Bella and a possessive Jasper.

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BCPOV 20 years later

"Mama" my 13 year old daughter Scarlett yells, as she gets in from school.

"In the kitchen" I shout back, juggling my other daughter, Charlie on my hip as I stir the cookie batter in a large bowl.

"Guess what mama, I got a date" She says enthusiastically and I just look at her in shock, no way was my beautiful daughter ready to date!

"Yeah good look getting dad to agree with that" Masen says from the counter, causing his twin brother Aaron to laugh, and I just glare at them both.

"You two may be eighteen now, but don't think I won't ground you" I say as sternly as I can, but from the goofy grins on their faces they too realise that I would never follow through.

"So who's the boy?" I ask curiously, as I hand Charlie over to Masen "and is he worth it? You know your father will not be happy" I warn her.

"I won't be happy about what?" Edward asks from the doorway causing me to smile as my eyes land on his perfect face.

"You're home early" I say, walking over and wrapping my arms around him, giggling as he picks me up into his arms pulling me against his chest tightly, and kissing my lips lightly.

"I missed you" I whisper against his lips, causing them to form that cocky grin, I love so much.

"I missed you to love" is all he says, before his lips smash down against mine.

"Jeez ma cut it out, I think I'm going fucking blind" Aaron yells from over the counter, causing me to blush and pull back.

"Don't swear Aaron Emmett Cullen it isn't attractive" I say firmly, but he just smiles apologetically at me.

"Really I thought you loved my dirty mouth" Edward growls in my ear, causing me to chuckle, oh I sure do love his dirty mouth.

"Scarlett has something she would like to talk to you about" I finally remember, quickly changing the subject so we don't embarrass the kids, moving away from Edward to stand next to my daughter, "do you want to tell him or shall I?" I ask raising my eyebrows a little, as I slip my arm around her shoulder, letting her lean in against me.

She just smiles brightly "Daddy" she says softly, and I hear the boys scoffing behind me, and I have to stop my giggles, she is very smart, playing the Daddy card. "You see this boy I really like asked me out on a date and I said yes so can I go, please Daddy" she asks and I look up at Edward watching as he thinks it over, yep my daughter has him wrapped around her little finger.

Eventually he sighs, looking up at me "Bella what do you think of all this?" he asks me softly.

"She's thirteen now, I think she's old enough to date, don't you?" I ask, knowing that ultimately it will be Edward's decision.

"Mmm I guess so, okay Scarlett, you can date this boy on the condition that I meet and approve him first" Edward decides finally, and I have to cover my ears to drown out the sound of her scream.

"Thank you so much Daddy" she shouts running over to hug him, and I just go back to stirring the cookie dough, letting them have their little moment.

I smile at her "you can bring this boy at Christmas" I say, then sigh, god why do I have to keep reminding myself it's almost Christmas, I only have a week left to get all of the presents sorted…. Christmas dinner, and to think I used to love this time of year.

"Sounds like a wonderful idea" Edward says, flashing me his sexy crooked grin, mmm and it stills gets me every time!

Christmas day.

"We're here" Emmett booms, causing me to laugh as his voice rings through the house.

"Hey Emmett" I yell back, as he appears in the doorway with his arm wrapped around Rose's waist, while Lily and Joshua stand behind Rosalie's legs.

"Hi there Lily, Joshua" I say as I crouch down, trying to get them to come out and play, but I just get giggles in return "well I guess I will have to give these cookies to someone else" I say with an exaggerated sigh, as I walk back to the counter.

"We were just kidding Auntie Bella" two small voices say from behind me, so I turn around, looking down at their sweet, eager faces.

I laugh softly, as I hold a cookie out to each of them, "ahem Bella, where is mine?" Emmett asks, sticking his lower lip out, and I just smile at him.

"Aww I'm sorry Em" I say as I hand him one of the cookies "where's Jason?" I ask, referring to their fifteen year old son "did he decide to stay at home?" I ask in confusion.

"No, he says he will be by later" she says with a shrug, and I just smile, that's good Scarlett won't be here until later, and she's the only one he seems to get along with anyway.

"Did Alice say when they would get here" I ask as I sit down at the kitchen table opposite Rose.

"Yeah we just talked, they have another doctor's appointment… you know" she whispers, getting quieter towards the end, and I truly feel for Alice and Jasper they have been trying for a baby for over ten years now, and still no luck.

"I really hope they can help them" I say sadly,

"Yeah Alice has been trying for a baby for such a long time" Rosalie adds.

I look down, "hey we should have a girls night tomorrow, go out, get drunk and try and cheer her up" Rose says, and I have to agree, it does sound like a good idea, but I will have to check with Edward of course.

"Have you cleared it with Emmett?" I ask raising my eyebrows a little bit.

She just shakes her head "no I will talk to him about it tonight" she smirks and I internally groan.

"And I'll go talk to Edward now" I say, standing up and pouring him a cup of coffee, I head upstairs into his bedroom, opening the door to reveal a half-naked, I can't help but stand there and stare, my eyes running over his perfect abs, down further to the large bulge in his boxers.

"Like what you see?" he smirks waggling his eyebrows at me.

"Mmmm always baby" I groan as I hold out the coffee to him, and wrap my arms around his waist from the back, planting small kisses on his shoulder blades. "So me and Rose were planning a night out tomorrow, I just thought I should run it past you" I say softly as I flick my tongue out, tracing small circles on his smooth warm skin.

He moans softly under my work "just you two" he asks, and I shake my head.

"Alice as well" I mumble as my hands move down to play with the waistband of his boxers.

"Mmmm and where would you be going?" he moans and I smirk, I know he is going to say yes, slowly sliding my hand in, I grab a hold of his long cock, feeling the soft warmth underneath my hands.

"Just into town" I reply.

"Okay Bella, you may go, but you will call me the minute you want picking up, I'm not having my wife wander around town late at night" he says firmly, and who am I to object?

"Sure thing baby" I whisper, then smirk as I pull my hands back from his boxers and step back.

"You little tease" he growls and I just shrug, hey it's only fair he has done it to me so many times.

"Maybe you should punish me" I say as I stand in front of him, biting down on my lower lip softly, as I fake repentance.

"Oh don't worry baby, you will be punished… tonight" he says with that sexy little grin of his, and I feel the wetness dripping down my thighs, oh the things this man does to me.

"Mama, mama come down here, you'll never guess who Scarlett brought home" my oldest son yells, and I sigh, leaning up to peck Edward's lips lightly.

"Be nice" I warn, before turning away, I feel a large hand crash down on my hand, causing me to jump as the sharp sting spreads through my body "jerk" I mutter as I exit the room, hearing his chuckles as I walk downstairs, god he really is a jerk.

"Ma, look" Masen says as he grabs hold of my arm, pulling me into the living room, where I see a very cosy looking Scarlett and Jason!

"Oh my god" I exclaim, this was just perfect!

"That's what I said..." Rose says while smiling at me.

"But they look so cute together" I say, glancing down at them, watching as Scarlett turns a deep red, a trait which she unluckily inherited from me.

"And just what are your intentions with my daughter?" Edward's booming voice asks from behind me, I tilt my head up to look at him, and of course he isn't mad, after all we know Jason, he reminds me of a younger Emmett.

"I'm going to marry her" the kid says, and I feel Edward stiffen behind me.

"No sex until marriage" he snaps "and if you hurt a hair on my baby's head, I will kill you, family or not" he warns.

"I wouldn't dream of hurting my Scarlett" he says softly, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her closer to him, and I have to smile, young love, let's just hope it lasts.

"Make sure you don't" he says gruffly.

"Now let's all go sit down and have dinner" I interject, as I can feel how embarrassed my daughter is.

"Guess what?" Alice's tiny voice screeches as she runs into the house, taking us all by surprise "I'm pregnant" she screeches, not giving us a chance to answer.

"That's fantastic Ali" I yell as I run over to her, closely followed by Rose and we embrace in a hug, huh I guess we're not going out after all….

Ah finally it is done, so yep the Epilogue, what ya guys think? I spent quite a long time working on this, and I'm still not happy, but like I said I just wanted to get this story over with, and don't forget to check out my other stories.