Damaged Heart part 19

"Operation Omega: Day 3 part 1,"

The sky sputtered as a storm began brewing. For the days that have past the sky just seemed to be getting darker and darker. Soon, it the sky was completely covered in one giant black cloud. Lightning flashed through the clouds as blue light danced, and after a few moments the sound of thunder followed. Eventually, the rain began to come down, first slowly in a small drizzly. This light amount of rain was accompanied by the stomping sounds of numerous feet. The time for the ending conflict of control of New Pork finally draws to a near end. Numerous amounts of soldiers all gathered in one huge battalion. Their weapons primed and ready, their attitudes focused on their goal, and their masters right behind them. Fassad joined the Pigmask from above on a floating platform with a roof over it to block the rain. Standing next to him is the Commander himself, looking as emotionless as ever. It seemed that they decided to pull out all the stops for this one battle. Monsters of all sorts were also along for this crazed ride, and it seemed one of them was so fierce it had to be caged. It was a truly frightening sight for anyone who was the target of this mass army that stretched at least 4 blocks down a road, and the ten men in each line. The roads were closed, the people were forced off the streets, and the rain continued on despite all that was happening.

"This seems like a morbid day…perfect for ending a conflict," Fassad said with his arms crossed. He looked out to see their target getting closer. The mansion of George Prime, which was quite a clever hiding spot in all honesty, it was no real trouble figuring out where the Freedom Fighters were hiding. Incredible it did take a few days to figure it out, but the Pigmask decided to let them have it. Today was their day, and their end. The army approached the house with indifference and once standing before the gates of the house did they come to a halt and train their blasters on it. "Freedom Fighters! You've had plenty of time enjoy your company with each other. You may die fighting, or die with a roof falling on your heads. You have 5 seconds to comply!





Suddenly, the door to the mansion slowly opened. The Pigmask soldiers aimed their weapons ready to shoot. What they see sets them off guard quite a bit. They see a blue hedgehog stepping out onto the porch yawning and stretching out his arms. Sonic rubs his eyes as he reaches down to pick up the paper on the stoop. He stood under the archway so he was out of the rain. He glanced up then back at the paper. Then his eyes shot wide open looking out at the Pigmask army at the gate.

"Oh dear, is our utter doom today?" Sonic exclaimed face palming. "Darn it, there was this movie I wanted to catch, and plus I hadn't had breakfast yet. Hey guys think we can reschedule this around the afternoon?"

"It ends today," Fassad called from his place. "You've had two days,"

"And all I'm asking for is two hours, I mean come on, no one wants to die this early in the morning!"

"Tough, take aim men!" He called as all the Pigmask Soldiers aimed their weapons.

"Okay wait!" Sonic yelled holding up his hands halting any further action from taking place. "Geez, mister trigger happy, let me just say something,"

"What would that be?" Fassad questioned.

"Defense systems on," Sonic said with his arms crossed. Suddenly, blasters popped out of the ground pointing at the army, but not just from the lawn, but the house as well. Hidden weapons suddenly came to light. "Ya know, it made sense all this stuff was here. The place is pretty tiny on the inside,"

"FIRE!" Fassad exclaimed. Just as he did the house and the army began trading blast. Sonic calmly waltzed back into the house leaving the door half open. Pigmask were left to engage the very house as it seemed that the defense system was a variable that was overlooked. Suddenly, a bunch of robots come rushing out the door Sonic had left ajar, all the robots resembling George in likeness, came charging toward the army as well. With this new development, the soldiers were ordered to fallback and then mount a counterattack. In their place they made the Chimera go in to take the brunt of the security system.

The George bots were smashed to oblivion by the Mecha Drago they had, and the Wrecking Apes also helped make short work of them. The robots were resilient to their efforts though as they fixed themselves back up to a minimum battle status. Plus, the heavy laser fire coming from the house also helped give the bots some time to get themselves together. Fassad growled in annoyance.

"What is this?" he growled.

"The basic defense system of the house," Claus said emotionless.

"I thought we took that offline!"

"George is a super genius and it's his house, it wouldn't surprise me if he fixed that the moment he got back in,"

"So, that's their game, to stall for time," Fassad said with arms crossed. He simply couldn't buy that the hedgehog was simply going back in the house to sleep like the rest of his teammates, supposedly. He turned to Claus, "Well, aren't you going to do anything?"

"You want me to engage?" Claus asked. "Because if I do, I can honestly say that it would be quite a waste of energy for me. The system is strong, especially against PSI users. As soon as I stepped down there, things would only get worse. If they want to have a battle of the subordinates' then fine, allow them this game,"

Fassad huffed in annoyance, but more at the fact at how right the Commander was. The Freedom Fighters are as crafty as they are unorthodox. There was no telling what they were doing while inside that mansion. They might be trying to weaken their forces with this defense system. Granted, it is dangerous, and took them all by surprise. However, it would not last long, the system was hacked once it could be hacked again. This gave Fassad a fancy idea that made him smirk. He rushed over to a monitor on the floating platform and then began typing on the keys.

"What are you doing?" The Commander questioned.

"Logging onto the P.I.G Network, the codes to hack the house were on it. If I can access them and upload them here, we could actually turn the defense system on them!" Claus seemed impressed with the idea. It might work actually, and any new firewalls that George may've put up would be useless against the expansive P.I.G network. It could run through billions of possibilities, in all but minutes. "Come on, almost there…" Fassad muttered watching the screen and the battlefield. Fassad finally let a smirk come to his face as he saw the code was completed. "HA! What fools, the code has only been jumbled up slightly, now let's delve deeper into their systems,"

"I'M AFRAID, THAT IS AS FAR AS YOU'LL GO!" said the computerized voice of A.D.A.M as his face appeared on the screen. Fassad jolted back.

"A-Andonuts?" he questioned.


Fassad's face fell hearing the word spike. Claus unsheathed his sword to try to act quickly to destroy the connection by destroying the monitor, but he was too late. His sword came down just as the spike came through. A spike, in technological terms, is a powerful electrical current that is sent through computerized connection that can fry anything electronically base so long as they are connected to the source of the spike. Fassad just so happened to have been connected to the P.I.G network, the very heart of the Pigmask, and the very source of how they run their technology. Their communicators, scanners, chimera, and some of their weapons rely on this system to be the most effective. Even Fassad and Claus's flying platform was sparking as it began to fail. The Commander sprout his wings to fly down safely, but Fassad is forced to go down with the ship as it hits the pavement. He groans in both pain and annoyance. This spike basically ruined all of it, and possibly back at the Pigmask's headquarters, The Empire Building. Upon seeing the Chimera go completely wild did the Pigmask see that things simply weren't going their way.

The laser fire from the mansion suddenly stopped, and the robots all line up as if making way for someone important. The door to the mansion opened up to reveal many familiar faces. Inside, were members of the Oshoe Resistance and their leader Kumatora, with members of the Dark Op and their leader Charles, and finally the Freedom Fighters themselves and their leader Lucas who looked well rested now. It was at this moment the Pigmask grew fearful, and greatly worried.

Sonic yawned as he stretched, "That was a great nap, okay, now we're ready to beat your faces in,"

"Oshoe Resistance, Dark Ops, and Freedom Fighters, CHARGE!" Lucas yelled as all three groups burst out of the house. Another portion of the two larger resistance groups also burst from the underground from manholes and actually straight through the concrete. It was at this moment realization fell on the leaders of this platoon.

"YOU PLANNED THIS!" Fassad yelled.

"Well duh," Kumatora said smiling. "What, you guys think you're the only ones who can get together and have a meeting?"

"How did this happen?" The Masked Commander demanded. "We saw to it that all factions were taken care of, thoroughly,"

"Well yeah, you did," Ness said rushing forward lashing out with PK Rocken to crush a platoon of soldiers under the intense power.

"You made it so that the specific targets would not be able to fight back ever again, on their own more specifically," Araboo stated slashing a soldier's weapon in half.

"So, we had this crazy idea to simply bring everyone together under one roof," Sonic said performing a spin dash to slam a mechanized lion into the concrete.

"We decided to do this ever since Sonic came back and told us your plans. Sometimes you shouldn't be so darn cocky," Alicia stated using PK Freeze as Kumatora used PK Fire spraying a shower of fire and ice.

"With you flaunting your power so much, it was easy to make you think you were on the winning side of this conflict. Granted, we did also underestimate your abilities," Lucario stated bashing through the crowds of soldier using Bone Rush.

"I also beefed up my security a bit and thought you might try and hack my house again. I fixed that little number up while I was making lunch," George bragged as he pulled out a large bazooka aimed for the mass of soldiers. With a maniacal smile George unleashed a few rounds on the crowd throwing the soldiers every which direction.

"We agree with you guys, this does end today, but not in the way you want it to," Lucas stated as he stared down the Masked Commnader who simply clenched his fist. Finally, the sky opened up a bit more as the rain began falling at a much thicker pace. The rain looked like a wet spray of bullets slamming into the ground. However, this did not calm the battle any less. If anything as the rain fell so did the bodies of soldiers hitting the pavement. With the weapons system currently offline most of the equipment the Pigmask had were useless. The chimeras were out of control as they were enemies to all at the moment. Charles and his man using their enhancer suits were able to bring them under control swiftly.

The Commander glared out his helmet seeing as it was not working either. In frustration and anger he took off the helmet then threw it to the ground in frustration. "Damn it!"

"I want answers!" Lucas demanded pointing at the boy. Claus huffed at him.

"I owe you nothing!" he barked.

"See, that's where you're wrong," Sonic commented taking out the boy's feet from under him with a spin attack.

"You owe him an explanation," Ness growled as he slammed the boy down face first into the wet ground. Ness placed his forearm on the back of Claus's throat preventing him from moving. "Now talk!"

"I have nothing to explain to a fake like that!" Claus yelled.

"Fake?" Ness and Lucas questioned. Claus's entire body suddenly gave off a discharge that threw Ness off. Claus stood up with a dark glare toward Lucas. Lucas flinched slightly but held his ground in a fighting stance, ready for what may happen. Behind Claus Ness was shaking off the surprised shock then also took a fighting stance.

"Explain!" Ness demanded.

"You're gonna have to beat me first," Claus challenged. Claus about faced to whip out his sword and shoot a bolt of lightning all in one fluid motion at Ness. Ness was barley able to dodge it as he jerked his torso out of the way of the blast. Lucas took this chance to charge from behind. Claus swung his leg as a back kick, but Lucas leaped over the kick then swung his foot to connect with Claus's check. The ginger headed boy spun on his feet to roll with the kick and regain himself, but as he faced Lucas he was struck with a spinning back hand strike. This threw Claus to the ground with his back to Lucas. Ness charged from the other side, but Claus jabbed his sword forward forcing Ness to side step the jab and then leap over the sweep of the sword. While in midair in one fluid motion Ness summoned his guitar and unleashed a PK Rocken. However, the Commander was down but not out as he quickly rolled to the side avoiding the attack. It almost struck Lucas, but the blonde was able to jump the opposite direction to avoid it.

Ness and Lucas share a glance then nod as they direct their attention back to Claus. Claus was on his feet again trying to catch his breath. Once he was ready he rushed forward recklessly to swing a diagonal slash at Lucas. Lucas took a step back avoiding the blade and spinning around Claus's arm cannon avoiding a PK Love. Lucas cupped his hands then slammed them against the side of Claus's head. Ness came from the opposite direction with a PK Laser that plowed him into the pavement. Claus left a trail with his body as he traveled a few feet.

"You hate me for some reason," Lucas began stepping forward toward the downed Claus. Lucas bent down then grabbed the scruff of Claus's jacket then pulled him up. "And I have no idea why. You weren't programmed, you have a little too much passion and personality for that. You aren't a clone, I realized that thanks to my friends pointing out so many differences between us. Two people who look exactly like each other don't just exist without some connection. I want to know our connection,"

"You and I have no connection…" Claus growled lowly. "Don't you get it, you aren't who you think you are, you don't feel what you think you feel. You're not real!"

"Then what the hell are you!" Lucas growled in challenge bringing the boy closer to his face. "From where I stand, I look more human than you do, from where I stand you're the freak of nature. You're the one who doesn't belong!" Lucas's hands began glowing white energy. "All these thoughts and memories flowing through my mind…I see you…I see a family…but it doesn't feel right,"

"You have memories of a family?" Claus asked shocked.

"Yes, Claus, I do,"

"That's impossible, you shouldn't have…your just…"

"What am I?" Lucas yelled. Claus stared Lucas straight in his eyes. Lucas felt a glimmer of hope that he would finally get his answer.

"The Empire Building…level 99…door 13321, the PSI Duplication project. You want your answers, go there," he responded simply. Lucas seemed put off with the information and was about to ask for a refresher when Claus knocked away Lucas's grip from his collar. Claus then placed his boot against Lucas's chest and pushed him away. "I'll be waiting for you there," With that he extended his wings and flew off into the raining air. Lucas sat up a bit and stared in wonder as he watched the boy fly off. Lucas simply sat there for a moment letting the rain drench his hair making it falter a bit in height.

"Lucas!" Ness called snapping him to attention. Lucas turned his head to look at Ness who was rushing over to help him up. "Well, did ya get the jerk to talk?"

"He said I had to go to the Empire Building, if I wanted my answers…"

"Well I guess we'll have to come up with a plan before we tackle that titan. It may take us few days to even come up with something resembling a plan honestly," Ness said scratching the back of his head.


"Huh, no what?"

"I don't have time for that. The answers, are so close, I know where they are. There hasn't been a better time than now. That spike attacked the network, the security system to the Empire Building should be down too,"

"Lucas, think, The Empire Building is huge, that spike would've maybe knocked out half the building, tops,"

"Well, if it's at half strength, that's all the leeway I need,"

"That sounds stupid and dangerous,"

"I just heard the two words I love to put together," Sonic said as skids to a halt next to the boys.

"Lucas wants to go at the Empire Building now!" Ness exclaimed.

"Lucas, you sure about that? I mean, I'm up for stupid amounts of danger, but not danger that is great amounts of stupid,"

"The answers are there, just let me try, please!" Lucas cupped his hands begging. Sonic and Ness looked at each other a moment then sigh.

"Go on ahead, we'll handle things here then we'll grab Lucario and the four of us can rush the place together," Sonic said. Lucas beamed up at the hedgehog as he gave him a tight hug uncaring that his fur was soaking wet.

"Thanks guys, don't take too long," and at that Lucas turned then rushed off toward the Empire Building.

"Alright, let's wrap things up here," Sonic said curling up to perform a spin dash to plow through another crowd of soldiers.

Fassad was crawling on his hands and knees away from the fighting to get to the cage the soldiers were lugging around earlier. Fassad seemed greatly apprehensive about his actions, but glancing back to see his army ranks quickly growing smaller this only reinforced his idea. He typed in a few numbers on the keypad then placed his hand on the scanner. He didn't go unnoticed though as his finger hovered over the open button a laser pistol was placed on the back of his head. He froze on the spot wanting to turn and see who had got him with his guard down.

"Don't move," the voice said sternly. Instantly Fassad knew it was the boy genius himself, George. "What are you up to?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" was Fassad's response, but upon hearing a clicking sound he began to panic. "Our trump card if you will,"

"Trump card, in here?" George questioned staring at the cage about 5 meters tall and 5 meters long. "What is it, a Chimera?"

"Of sorts you might say," Fassad said trying to distract George.

"Well, you know that if I pull this trigger, your brains are gonna be splattered all over the console,"

"I'm sure I could still push it,"

"Not if I hit you in the right spot. The Medulla part of your brain that controls heart beat, breathing and motor skills, so take that out you'd die instantly. Your finger won't even twitch," Hearing this Fassad paused, as fear began to grab at him.

"Well how do you know when I might-,"

"The moment your arm tightens up, I pull the trigger, so I suggest you watch yourself,"

Fassad's face fell, but then he smirked as he chuckled, "I don't care what anyone says…this whole thing haha, simply too much fun,"

"Fun?" George questioned annoyed.

"Yes, I am literally weighing my options here. Can I push the button before you pull the trigger, or will you pull the trigger too late? Either way I'm dead right, so gosh I don't think I win, do I?"

"Watch yourself Fassad,"

"Well, I've got nothing to lose, and why not, cause I'll be seeing you all very soon,"

"Not for where you're going,"

"Ah, touché," Fassad stared down at the button and shifted his body a bit as if trying to get comfortable. "Well, good luck then…"

"Fassad, don't-," George cut himself off as he noticed the twitching of Fassad's arm. As promised, George pulled the trigger instantly killing Fassad before he could push the button. However, George allowed Fassad's head to freely fall and land on the button instead. This caused George to wail out in surprise and panic as the caged door hissed open.

"Damn, a guy has to perform a massacre in this weather," a voice said that simply drowned in voice of a psychopath. His words came out rough, but it was still clearly just a boy. He stepped over to the exit to look out. "A guy could catch a cold, especially once I rip out their innards," George looked up in total horror at seeing who it was. A boy about his age with black shorts, a black and grey stripped shirt, black shoes, raven hair that was kept unkempt, and red eyes. "Oooo, George, it's been a while. I always wanted to get a look at that brain of yours; now I finally get a chance to crack your skull like an egg…"

"STAY BACK!" George yelled as he raised his weapon to shoot at the boy who simply flicked the beam away as if it was a fly. "Alicia, Araboo, we got a problem!"

"Awe the whole gang is here," the boy said leaping forward to grab George by the hair, and with his other hand he slammed his knuckles into George's throat. "Spoil sport, I wanted to tell them!" The boy then smirked as if having an idea. He lifted George's head up to eye level all with a sadistic smile.

"…you…f-freak…" George coughed out.

"Awe, that's not nice. For that you lose your tongue privileges. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all," the boy reached for George's gaping mouth to ripe out his tongue, but was interrupted by a Aura Sphere slamming into his back making him flinch. Then a blue wind shot by yanking George from his grasp, and as the wind left fire and lightning converged onto the boy. The Freedom Fighters regrouped as Sonic sat George down on his feet and Ness helped him recuperate.

"Damn it, I can't believe they brought him in!" Alicia panicked.

"Keep your wits about you, everyone," Araboo stated sternly.

"Who is this guy?" Sonic asked.

"This kid, is Gregory, and he is a total psychopath,"

"PK Slasher!" Gregory yelled diving out the smoke with Red PSI energy covering his hands and similar in form to tiger claws. "Now, elm street seems like a tropical resort compared to my handiwork,"

"Boy, this kids a freak," Sonic said diving out of the way like the rest of his friends. "I know I have no right to call anyone a freak, but this kid is a fr-reak!"

"Hey I get that, that's so #%$ hilarious!" Gregory yelled with a mixture of laughter, and screaming.

"Sonic be careful his aura is not stable," Lucario warned dodging one of Gregory's claws by flipping away.

"Why does everyone think I'm crazy?" Gregory asked aloud still swinging. "So I like blood more than the regular guy, big deal,"

"PK Freeze!" Alicia exclaimed shooting out a thick ice stone. Greagory shattered it to piece with one swing and sent the shards into Alicia's face. This threw her off enough for Gregory to slash her stomach. "Gregory stop this!"

"No way, this is too much fun. I finally get to see you bleed to death. My money is for three seconds, because I'm about to open you up real good," Gregory said as he dived to delve into Alicia's innards, Lucario grabbed the boy's arm then slammed him into the ground, Then he turned around sharply to threw the boy against the pavement.

"Alicia, are you alright?" Lucario questioned coming to her defense.

"Y-Yeah, I can heal it, just give me a minute," she responded as she placed a hand on the injury and let a low green light emit from her hand. Gregory however wanted to sink his PSI claws into her. Lucario raised his staff up to hold off the boy's claws. Lucario swung a end of his staff to knock away the crazed boy. Like some wild animal the child rolled on the ground and crouched low to the ground.

"I suggest that be a fast minute," Lucario muttered.

"Did someone say fast?" Sonic questioned in a jocular tone as he tackled the boy away. Sonic then kicked off of him to avoid the PSI claws to sink into him.

"This kid is insane," Ness muttered to himself looking at him, but finding the boy's looks oddly familiar.

"That's Gregory for ya," George answered still rubbing at his throat. "Apparently, he's been a test subject on trying to harness the raw powers of PSI because of his apparent powerful bloodline. Those years of testing and constant exposure to violence really warped his mind. And…he's Alicia's brother…"

"What?" Ness asked in shock as he turned toward Alicia and then Gregory. He instantly noticed the resemblance between the two. "Geez, are you serious?"

"Yeah, it's why she even works for the Pigmask, she's been trying to reform him. Help him curve that killer instinct, and in return they can study here all they want and she's at Porky's beck and call,"

"That sucks…"

"I guess when she decided to fight alongside you guys, she may've finally realized that there is no way to help him…he's simply too far gone,"

"Oh…" Ness said feeling bad for both brother and sister.

"Crazy kid trying to slash me to pieces, any chance I can get some help?" Sonic called out as he performed a vault using the boy's head to narrowly avoid a jab of his claws.

"Nofairnofairnofairnofair!" Gregory yelled stomping his feet on the wet ground in outrage. "You can't bleed if I don't cut you, so you gotta stay still!"

"Sorry, I prefer my insides inside thank you,"

"PK…" Gregory began gathering intense red PSI energy around his body now. "Raze!" Gregory pointed both his hands at Sonic as a rush of red PSI energy went rushing at the hedgehog. Lucario and Ness acted quickly throwing an Aura Sphere, and PK Rocken burst respectively. However, these attacks only made the blast bigger.

"AH!" Sonic yelled out in pain as he was sent hurtling with the blast as it sent him airborne. Luckily, he tried to dodge it and only got grazed. He would've been disintegrated if he was a step slower. Sonic hit the ground with a thud.

"SONIC!" everyone yelled.

"Huh, no blood, come on bleed already," Gregory said annoyed. Suddenly, a crimson burst slammed into his side throwing him to the ground. He flinched as he turned his head to look at Ness. Gregory blinked for a moment in surprise. "Wow…you look…just like…"

"Gregory, stop this," Alicia begged. This caught Gregory's attention towards her. Gregory's eyes then narrowed.

"Some sister!" he yelled. "You left me in the dark, I was alone, the only thing that helped the hurt besides the killing was you. But you left, so now I must kill to feel good!"

"Why don't you take a quick nap instead you psychopath," Ness said punching Gregory right in the face.

"Um, I believe no one was speaking to you~," Gregory sang as he slammed his foot into Ness's gut sending him away.

"PSI Lighting Whip!" called a voice. Gregory was surprised to see yellow sparking strings of lighting suddenly surround him then wrap around his body preventing him from moving and giving him an immensely painful shock.

"Gregory, I plan on helping you, I never abandoned you. I needed a different way of saving you," Alicia explained.

"PK SLASH γ!" Gregory's PSI suddenly flared to even higher levels as his claws extended until they were a meter long in length as they slashed the whips restraining him. Gregory suddenly rushed at Alicia with the intent to kill, as she made to move to run. Araboo however intervened suddenly appearing and spinning around to swing a backwards roundhouse kick into Gregory's jaw. This threw off Gregory's pouncing path as he went soaring another direction and went tumbling to the ground.

"Araboo…" Alicia muttered grabbing the boy's arm that was raised in front of her as a form of protection.

"Stay back," he told her as he focused on Gregory who was crouched down like an animal about to pounce.

"Please Araboo, let me talk to him,"

"There's nothing you can say that can calm him at this point Alicia,"

"Let me try one thing…" She pleaded as she pushed past him despite his wishes. Gregory growled at her approach and stood up face her as he glared at his sister. She opened her mouth and he was prepared for a psychic attack so he thrusts him arm forward.

"Alicia!" Araboo hollered as he tried to rush forward.

"Take a melody…" Gregory's claws stop a centimeter from her face upon those words.

"What?" Gregory questioned.

"Simple as can be…give it some words and sweet harmony….raise your voices all day long now love grows strong now, sing a melody of love, oh, love," Alicia wrapped her hands around Gregory's extended hand. "La, la, la, la, laaaaa, la, la, la, la, laaaa….la, la, la, la, la, la, la, laaaa….laaaaaa, laaaa, laaaaaa, laaaaaa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la…" Gregory's vicious PSI claws seemed to lose their intense glow as they began to shrink back down. "Take a melody…simple as can be…give it some words and, sweet harmony….raise your voices, all day long now, love grows strong now, sing a melody of love, oh, love…"

"Hey…that song…" Gregory began mystified. "That song sounds so familiar…"

"Mom and dad used to sing it to us, remember," Alicia pleaded for him to as she gripped his hands. Gregory's eyes narrowed in thought. "You remember?" Alicia asked with joy in her eyes.

"…Nope, can't say I do," Gregory said simply as he reenergized his claws as they slashed the girl's torso.

"Alicia!" Araboo and George yelled. Gregory had got another slash with his other claw as they pierced her and then he threw her to the ground with indifference.

"Can't believe you did that, you know you can't carry a note," Gregroy smirked at an enraged Araboo rushing at him. Araboo was reckless which allowed Gregory to block his sword with his claws and punish him with a kick in the gut and then plowing his face into the pavement. This may've possible killed him on impact. "Now everybody join in on the killing spree!" Out of the corner of his eyes Gregory noticed a rocket headed right toward him. He smirked as he backhanded the rocket away with one hand launching it into the sky. Gregory smirked as he leaped up to kick the rocket back down at Gregory. The boy didn't stand a chance as he blown away completely caught in the blast radius. Gregory smirked, however the rocket was a decoy as Ness rushed forward with a superman punch delivered right into Gregory's jaw.

"You monster!" Ness yelled.

"Hey, how'd you know my nickname?" Gregory asked with excitement in his voice. Ness simply wanted to kill this kid, and no matter what thought he had in his mind that's all he could come up with. This kid needed to die, pure and simple. Ness began feeling this power unlike anything before surge through his body, he didn't know what it was, but it felt right. Gregory lunged at him with a claw hand extended, but Ness moved in a flash. Suddenly, his back was to Gregory and he was out of the way of the claw. Ness brought his fist back to slam his knuckles right into Gregory's face. Ness then turned around sharply to deliver a secret kick into Gregory's side. Gregory went rolling against the ground, and was plowed into the ground by Lucario who delivered a double focused punch. Lucario quickly backed off when the boy slashed at him. He rejoined Ness at his side, and an injured Sonic joined them as well. Though he was told to rest the hedgehog would not let Gregory get away with almost killing him. "Oooo, all three of you huh, this should be fun,"

"Let's beat the snot out of this kid," Ness growled.

Lucas rushed through the doors of the Empire Building blowing the doors right off. Luckily, the security for the perimeter was still down, however the building still seemed to work. The room he was in was pretty much basically a lobby with four entry ways two on his left and two on his right. The walls were painted a purple color, as well a pig snout everywhere. Lucas remembered he needed to get to the 99th floor. He was surprised however, to see a red carpet laid out in front of him. It was pretty easy to see it was for him. Lucas followed it till it led him to a wall. However, upon further inspection of this wall it was actually a hidden passage. Lucas continued to follow the red carpet as it lead him down a dark corridor that was lined with monitors.

"Well, I guess someone was smart enough to take this chance, but dumb enough to go alone…" came a voice all around him. On the monitors appeared the king himself Porky. The ancient child smiled deviously at him. "Well, never thought we could put so much bravery in you. Or is that stupidity,"

"What are you talking about?" Lucas asked as he continued walking.

"You of course, you are our treasure kid, you should feel honored. Not many lived to the expectations you set,"

"What are you talking about?" Lucas repeated again but with more force.

"Do you really want to know who you are, and what you stand for?"

"More than anything,"

"Sometimes the truth isn't good enough you know, and once you know things won't be the same for you. Your outlook on life will change for the worst,"

"I can handle it,"

"I'm telling you that you can't,"

"Then we'll see," Lucas said as he approached a door that looked like an elevator. Lucas pressed the button and within a few moments the doors opened. Lucas walked in then looked at the floor options. He noticed that this thing had 100 floors on it. Lucas simply hit 99 and stepped back. Now all he had to do was wait. As soon as the doors closed Lucas felt his body get heavier as he could barely stand. The elevator was going so fast he was in shock. When it finally jolted to a stop it transferred it's inertia to Lucas as he went flying into the ceiling and then hitting the floor.

"Sorry bout that, those super speed elevators are still in the experimental stage, hahaha!"

Lucas ignored the immature laughter of the king as he got to his feet then brushed himself off. He traveled down the hall for only a few moments until he found a security door labeled 13321. Lucas took a big gulp of air as he walked forward. He slipped in through the little opening left, but found the room was totally dark. He couldn't see anything in the darkness. As soon as he entered the doors closed behind him. He sighed at the attempt but thought he would leave when he had what he needed. He walked forward still confused and in the dark.

"Well, you made it…" came a voice from behind him. Lucas shot around with a hand raised. The light from the thunder sword revealed the person to be Claus still without his helmet. "You want to know what you are, fine, here ya go, don't say Porky didn't warn you," Claus then flipped a switch that was behind him that activated dim lights around the room. Lucas realized that the room was filled with containers, all with some strange yellow-green liquid inside them. Lucas also noticed there was a giant one at the end of the room. He moved toward the first container he could see and looked inside. He jumped back in pure horror at what he saw. He saw…himself…another him in the tank. Lucas quickly began looking at all the tanks and noticed that they all had him in them, all of them.

"Oh my god…" Lucas cried gripping his hair. "You…cloned me…"

Claus huffed, "Look at the big tank,"

Lucas glanced back at him then walked over to the big tank in the back of the room. He went of three steps since it was on a platform and then looked inside. He saw another him, but this one was different. There was a heartbeat scanner tracking his heart, and he looked…really banged up. It was as if the life was almost beat out of him. Now he was really confused, why keep such a clone in such a condition?

"What am I looking at?"

"The original Lucas," Claus spoke. Lucas turned his head sharply at Claus.


"That's right, you wanted to know the truth will now you know," Claus said with his arms crossed. Claus gestured his head toward another tank, but this one was seemingly empty. And it was the only one and it has a number on it. This made Lucas's heart drop. "Welcome home, Lucas clone 206,"