disclaimer: I dont own the Avatar. Azula, Tylee, and Mai are good and this is after the war.


Everyone was in the tea shop relaxing and and drinking Iroh's tea when Katara suddenly spoke up. "Oh!" Katara exclaimed suddenly sitting up straight. "Is everything all right Katara?" Ty lee asked concerned. "Yeah, but I saw the painted lady again and she-" Katara was cut off by Sokka asking "What do you mean AGAIN! When was the first time you saw her?!" "I saw her after we helped that village at nighttime. Anyways she told me to tell Zuko and Azula that she loves them." Katara said.

Azula and Zuko looked at each other confused just like everyone. "What did the painted lady look like?!" Tylee asked finally breaking the awkward silence. "I saw she had gold eyes and the make up like in the picture." Katara said. It was quiet, so Sokka asked Zuko and Azula a question "Do you guys know where your mother is?" "Beats me." Azula said. "I asked father but he said that she left and he hasn't seen or heard from her since." Zuko said.

"I know this may sound dumb." Tylee said and everyone just looked at her as if thinking "It's coming from you so duh it will sound dumb!" "Anyways, I think your mother is the painted lady." Tylee said. "WTF?!" Zuko and Azula said. "Tylee our mother can be anywhere, why would you think she's the painted lady?" Azula asked. "Your mother can be anywhere meaning it is a possible chance to be the painted lady. She is wearing red make up the shape of flames in the picture, meaning she is from the fire nation. And she is the only one from the fire nation, at that time, that would help a village for earth and water people." Tylee stated, and everyone stared at her for being logical. "Um... I can't defend that." Azula said.

"Iroh would." Sokka said. "The painted lady has black hair." Mai pointed out in a monotone voice. "True... Maybe it is true." Sokka said. "And she did ask me to tell you she loves you." Katara said looking at Zuko and Azula.

Outside the tea shop

The painted lady stood and watched, then went to the river to wipe off her make up and it was Ursa...


I came up with this crazy idea from deviantart. I was looking up Toph, then Azula, then Ozai, and finally I was like why not look up Ursa? I did, clicked through a few pages then one really caught my eye. It was Ursa's picture next to the painted lady and under it said "notice any resemblence? I do..." So I looked at the artist comments and it said:

"they are both fire nation.

we don't know where Ursa currently is right now.

they kinda look alike

they sound the same

and ect."

So that had me thinking, then it made me want to get this out and see if any one on fanfiction agrees.

and also I know they are OoC, but it fits the story.