"Happy birthday, Michael."

Michael looked up from his kitchen counter to see Fi setting a small box down beside his yogurt. He glanced at it and back up to Fi, frowning.

"It's not my birthday."

Fi grinned widely, nodding her head at the box. "Just open it."

Michael returned her grin warily, pulling the box closer slowly. He couldn't help but be a little bit terrified. Any present from Fi had the potential of being extremely dangerous. Wincing in advance, he opened the box cautiously, squinting through one eye to see what it contained.

"A watch."

"A wristwatch," Fi agreed, her grin widening. "From the beautiful land of Ireland."

Michael raised an eyebrow, searching for the catch. "An Irish rish--" He stopped, frowning. "Irish wrish-... Damn. Irish wrish-... Dammit." He hissed, biting his lip and slowly, deliberately pronouncing each syllable slowly. "I-rish. Wrist. Watch."

Suddenly he noticed the looked on Fiona's face. She was beaming from ear to ear and Michael growled at her. She'd done that on purpose.

"Now you are aware that you can't say Irish rish--"

Michael laughed, pointing a finger in her face. "Ha! Bit you right back, didn't it?"

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