Ah, Chapter 3. Told ya I wouldn't keep you waiting long. I know the chapters are short, but, hey, I want to update as often as I can and I don't really like writing long chapters. So, anyway, here's chapter 3 of "A Witch Hunt and A Vacation." Enjoy!


The plane ride was enjoyable, it was just the two of them and the pilot, co-pilot, and one attendant. Spirit slept through most of the ride, leaning against Stein. Stein loved just watching his partner sleep. The facial expressions the redhead made while dreaming were just so cute to him. Though they always made the madman wonder what Spirit was dreaming about. About a half an hour before landing, Spirit woke up. When he looked at Stein, he realized that the white-haired man's eyes were closed, his breathing was calm, and his body relaxed. Spirit smiled and snuggled up to his meister. Stein opened his eyes and looked at the redhead, smiling.

"Thought I was sleeping didn't you?" The madman said calmly.

"Huh, yeah... Very convincing." Spirit replied. Stein laughed and ran his fingers through Spirit's hair.

"We'll be beggining our descent soon. Please fasten your seatbelts." said the brunette flight attendant. The two buckled up and the plane began to make its way back to the ground. The airport they arrived at was small, but still nice. They claimed their luggage and were off to the small beach house they would be staying in. They unpacked thier belongings and set everything up the way they liked it.

"Spirit, you wanna go for a walk?" Stein asked, looking out at the blue-green ocean. Spirit smiled at replied "Sure." They left the house through the back porch and walked along the shoreline, allowing the water to just reach their ankles. It felt good, being alone with eachother, holding hands, walking along the shore. Spirit looked at the white-haired man beside him and said "Stein, are you getting hungry?" It was already around 7:30 in the evening and they hadn't eaten anything since about 10 that morning.

"Yeah. Would you like to go out for dinner, or have something here?" Stein asked, as he turned to head back to the beach house.

"Hm... I'd like to stay at the beach house. I want to get used to the set up." The redhead said looking at the small, grayish blue house with a wrap-around porch. Stein nodded. "Alright." They made their way back to where they were staying and figured out what to have for dinner.




After both the madman and the deathscythe had finished off everything on their plates, the cleaned up and sat down on the large couch in the living room. Stein leaning agaist the corner between the arm of the couch and the back, with Spirit lounging on his chest.

"Anything you wanna do tonight? Or are you kinda tired out from traveling?" Asked the redheaded weapon. The white-haired man blew out a puff of smoke and he said "I'm sorry Spirit, but traveling, even if by plane, wears me out. I need a little time to rest." Sprirt smiled softly.

"Okay, Stein. You do know you can go to sleep any time, don't stay awake for me." The deathcythe said quietly. Before he even finished his sentence, though, the madman was already fast asleep, dreaming about what tomorrow evening would hold.

I hope you enjoyed it. I will be posting the next chapter soon, and I would really appreciate any comments or some constructive criticism. Thank you again for reading. :)

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