Not Gonna Get Us

The wind whipped through her hair angrily, and her robes billowed behind her. The war balloon was extremely small, even though they had not packed enough supplies to last them even a week. Zuko was tending to the fire in the middle of the balloon's deck, so to speak, and she turned to look down at the spot where the Fire Nation Palace had disappeared beneath them. She suddenly thought of the months she and Zuko had spent planning, plotting their escape from the Fire Nation. It was all stupid, she realized, there was no way they could avoid everyone forever. If there was one thing she had learned from her travels during the war was that the world wasn't at all as big as it appeared.

Zuko had reassured her the entire time they packed. He had left a note requesting that Iroh take his place only temporarily. She had argued against this, knowing what the "temporarily" meant. It meant they would return, and that would mean humiliation for the both of them. Not only had Zuko presented her to the entire Fire Nation Royal Court and had her rejected, they had specifically requested he marry one of the nobles's daughters, as was customary. This plan was more flawed than it was efficient, and she could only see destruction at the end of the tunnel.

This plan… this plan was insane, she thought, this plan to marry secretively and return to the Fire Nation with a legit wife and a consummated marriage…. There was nothing she could think of that would make her happier than to be bound to Zuko for the rest of her life, but was it worth sacrificing his home? His people's respect for him? His traditions?

He seemed to think so, but that did little to comfort her. When she had suggested they change the politicians's minds, she had been thinking more along the lines of positive reinforcement, not a forceful compliance…

Zuko was now at her side, his arm around her, his lips on her mouth.

"They're not gonna get us," he said softly.

"A part of me's wishing they will."

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