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Unusual Prince

First Arc: Act One

Had it truly only been weeks since his departure? The boy from the future he had come and gone, warning of them of the horrors of the future. Was it true? It couldn't be true…but there was no way Gohan could take that chance. The idea of letting Artificial Humans ruin his home and killing his most precious of friends made his Saiya-jin blood boil.

But it wasn't enough that the threat of the Artificial Humans kept him awake throughout the night, it was the thought of the virus that would soon run through his Father's veins that kept him training. How could something as simple as a virus of the heart take down the strongest man in the galaxy? It was his duty now to become stronger, to beat these Artificial Humans and save what was left of this world…for everyone's sake.

It was nothing more than an average day for Gohan and his Father, Son Goku. Today was another day spent on training and preparing himself for the coming day when the Artificial Humans awoke.

He was in the comfort of his own home, while his Father continued on with his own type of 'training', he was perfecting his skills in fishing. Perhaps it wasn't exactly 'training' but Gohan loved it. It was the perfect definition of 'Father and son time', something the young Saiya-jin hadn't had much experience with. Today had to be the most perfect fishing day, clear skies…clear waters. Nothing could interrupt this day.

Gohan looked at the world above him, the clouds were so fluffy and white, and the sun was warm. He could stare up into the never-ending blue forever. In the midst of it all, a thought accrued to the young boy. He wondered if his old mentor was enjoying this day as much as he was. It wasn't like Mr. Piccolo to really show his affection for a day as perfect as this. But still, he couldn't stop himself from thinking.

"What are you looking at, Gohan?"

Gohan jumped to the sound of his Father's voice. His soft, kind voice seeped into his ears slowly before he turned around to meet him. This sight of his Father's simple smile was enough to warm Gohan's spirit.

"Just the sky," Gohan was quick to give his Father his answer. "It seems pretty clear today, doesn't it?"

Goku looked upward, following his son's actions innocently. He saw the crystal blue and clear weather the day had to offer. He then let out a small sigh and nodded. After a moment or two, Goku turned his attention back to the clear river waters. This left his only son to continue staring up into the unknown. Gohan's eyes scanned the skies as if he were waiting for something or someone.

He let out a grunt just before taking his eyes off the sky. It was just as he turned away, that a small speck in the sky caught his eye. He took a quick double-take and gazed at the small dot in the atmosphere. Gohan's mouth dropped open as he began to squint his eyes to focus harder on the object. He hadn't notice the small speck moments earlier and it appeared to be growing with each second.

Gohan swirled around to see if his Father had also witnessed this sight only to see that he was too focused on his incoming fish. Gohan then turned back around and looked again to see that the dot was defiantly heading toward the area. Perhaps…it was a ship of some kind. It was only in his nature that Gohan would have to inspect this strange happening.

"Father," Gohan spoke with a stern tone, "There's something coming…"

Just as Gohan finished speaking, Goku let out a yelp of joy as he pulled a large fish from the stream. Goku let out a loud laugh as he ripped the fish up by its back fin into the air with glee.

Gohan watched as the small object in the sky came closer to the Earth's surface. His eyes widened as he watched the object disappear from sight, behind a small wooded, mountain area. Seconds passed after vanishing from the sky when a large slam shook the land. Something had landed.

"Hey Gohan, look at this!" He shouted as he shook the fish back and forth.

"I'll be right back!" Gohan ignored his Father's fishing victory and prepared himself for lift off.

"Gohan!" Goku shouted as he watched his son gather a small amount of energy and shoot off into the sky, "Where are you going?"

Hadn't his Father felt the sudden shaking of the ground? Perhaps his interest had been so consumed by his fishing he hadn't felt it. Either way, this was something Gohan wasn't going to let go; he had to find the cause of the sudden shifting of the Earth.

At a fast rate, Gohan flew off; he had to inspect this strange sight. The thought had crossed his curious mind, what if it had been the boy from the future? What if the Artificial Humans had come early? Gohan's stomach and begun to flip upside down and inside out as the thoughts came into his mind. In their current state, there was no way his Father could beat the Artificial Humans; there would be no hope if they were to arrive early.

Gohan flew over the vast wooded area that surrounded his tiny home, ignoring everything but his current mission. Minutes passed before Gohan had arrived at his desired destination. What was once a lust, beautiful mountainside covered with giant trees and green fields was now gone. The whole area was completely blown away. Gohan felt his heart hit the bottom of his stomach as his eyes slowly scanned the destroyed forest. Trees shoved to one side as if they twigs, grass burnt to ashes; the beauty of the forest had gone in a matter of seconds. Angered by this sight, Gohan immediately began to search for the cause of this destruction. His eyes shifted right then left until they landed on a single, simple object. Below the mounts of forest damage and burning ember sat a ship. It was almost as if his heart came to a sudden halt. The breath had escaped his lungs. His vision had become hazy.

The ship that he was staring upon was unmistakable. It was a Saiya-jin pod.

Gohan felt himself gasp. His mouth dropped wide open, how could this be? The young male was completely taken back by this sight and he began to float backward in shock. No words, no logical thoughts could form. It just could not be true.

He shut his eyes tightly before twisting his body around to face the opposite direction. He gathered the remaining energy he had before zooming forward, to inform his Father. With all his might, his sped faster and faster as his heart sunk deeper and deeper into his stomach. As he flew, a thought accrued to him.

"Mr. Piccolo!" He shouted aloud.

As he darted downward into the woods, he searched for any sign of his mentor. Dashing, racing, sprinting; Gohan could not stop himself until he had successfully found Mr. Piccolo. This situation was too dire to wait for his Father, he had to find the Namek-seijin and find him fast. He knew for a fact that his Father was somewhat slow when it came to a situation that could possibly 'harmless' but he had full confidence that Mr. Piccolo would treat this situation as if it were a life or death one.

Gohan came to a complete halt, landing firmly on the hard ground. He looked to his left then to his right, searching for a sign that Mr. Piccolo was in the area. Gohan had released more Ki then necessary, hoping his tutor had caught wind of it. After seeing that the Namek-seijin was no were within eyeshot, Gohan began to run on foot through out the dense forest. Taking a sharp sudden left turn, Gohan found himself only feet away from the person he was searching for.

There, leaning against the trunk of a large old tree, stood his former mentor, Mr. Piccolo. Gasping for air, Gohan sprinted toward him with a look of worry plastered all over his young face. Gohan was not surprised to see that Mr. Piccolo had yet to open his dark eyes. It didn't surprise him in the least, he knew the Namek-seijin well. He knew that Piccolo had too felt this disturbance and was more than likely waiting for his arrival.

"M-Mr. Piccolo!" Gohan could barely speak due to his previous sprint. "There's something-" He began only to have the teacher lift his hand, causing him to pause.

"Go get your Father." He spoke in a calm voice.

Gohan then watched as Mr. Piccolo push himself from his leaning position in a calm manner. His eyes still shut tight; he stood up straight and let out a small grunt. When he finally opened his eyes he was quick to look down at the small half-breed. A sudden calm came over the small boy; just seeing how natural Mr. Piccolo was in this situation was enough to ensure their safety. It was now apparent that the Namek-seijin was not worried about the situation therefore, in Gohan's mind, there was no real threat hiding within that Saiya-jin ship.

"What are you waiting for?" Mr. Piccolo snapped at the small male, causing him to jump. "Go."

Without uttering a single word or grunt, Gohan gave the taller male a firm head nod and floated away to find his Father. At a mild speed, he flew back to the small stream where his Father was more than likely to be fishing. Gohan found himself feeling a sense of relaxation now that Mr. Piccolo had assured their safety through his simple actions. Gohan also took note that the strange object had not bothered his Father or the small shake it created. Perhaps this was no threat, perhaps it was something good.


Piccolo stood before the crater with an unsatisfied look glued on to his face. His was not pleased with the sudden disturbance that the ship had created. It was just another reason for unwanted attention. He began to focus on any hint or sign of life coming from the Saiya-jin pod. It was apparent to him that there was something living within the walls of that pod, he just couldn't say what. This questionable circumstance bothered the Namek-seijin deeply. He hated surprises.

Upon searching for any Ki at all, Piccolo quickly caught on to Son Goku's familiar Ki. Gohan's Ki was also present; it was obvious that the two were not far behind. He was patient as always. He wanted for the two Saiya-jins to approach him, so he stood without a word, without a movement.


Piccolo's ears twitched to the sound of Goku's voice. The childish, excited tone that belonged to the full-blooded Saiya-jin was enough to make him shutter, but this wasn't either the time or place. How he could be so innocent at a time such as this was bothersome. But what could Piccolo really expect from a Saiya-jin? They were a simple breed; needing nothing more than the occasional meal and fight to keep their hearts pumping.

"It is a Saiya-jin ship!" Goku's voice became louder as he approached Piccolo and stood firmly beside him. "How'd it get here?"

Piccolo's cheek twitched. "Apparently it was sent here by someone."

"Do you think there's a Saiya-jin in there…?" Gohan's voice held a hesitant tone.

Piccolo remained silent; in truth he couldn't be sure. So many strange things had happened to them in past years that any number of things or people could be trapped within the warmth of that ship. The three could only watch with hungry eyes, waiting for any sign of life. They hoped for any signs, the Namek-seijin could feel Goku and his young son's hesitation.

He knew that he could not endanger the young half-breed. Although he refused to say it aloud, but the small male meant more to him than he would like to admit. So Piccolo stepped forward, ready to take action if needed.

Feeling as though enough time had passed and now growing annoyed with the silence, Piccolo took one step toward the ship. Just as his foot hit the ground, a strange sound stirred within the ship. The entrance door unlatched with an eerie hiss. Steam pushed the small door forward until the entire door had opened. The large door hit the dusty ground with a loud, haunting slam. Darkness was all the males could see within the pod. Piccolo was quick to raise his arm and place a barrier between Gohan and himself.

Moments passed and still nothing. Piccolo narrowed his eyes before taking his second step toward the ship. Just as he began lifting his foot for his third step, a large Ki caused to him to back away one step. Someone inhabited the Saiya-jin ship. It did not take long for Goku and his son to also feel the strong Ki. The two grunted and placed themselves into a defensive stance. Piccolo straightened out his back in a clam manner and shook his head. He looked back at the Father, son duo and waved his hand.

Within the moment, Goku's Ki dropped and his stance relaxed. But unlike his Father, Gohan held his position and kept his large eyes glued to the ship. Was the youngster really that interested in the alien visitor? Perhaps it was his child-like curiosity that gave him the drive to keep his defensive stance.

A small creak caused both Namek-seijin and Saiya-jin to break their staring contest and turn their attention to the fallen pod. Someone was exiting the craft. The three males watched as a lone person pulled themselves from their ship. To their shock this person was nothing more than a single female. The woman pushed her way out of the Saiya-jin ship and place both delicate feet on the ground.

"It's a girl…" Goku muttered the obvious as she came into full view.

Her crimson red hair was her first noticeable feature. It hung in a very high ponytail, which draped long pass her shoulders. Her dark, caramel-colored skin took in the Earth's rays as she placed all her weight on to the ground. It wasn't long before her pale-blue eyes met those of Goku, Gohan and Piccolo. She was strange all around, from her hairstyle to her style of dress with consisted of jewels and tight pants. It was plain and obvious she was not a Saiya-jin.

The woman looked at the three men with a cocky smile. She then pushed her shoulders back and pushed out her chest. She inhaled a deep breath of air and spoke.

"Is this Earth?"

Goku and Gohan were quick to look at one another, questioning within themselves whether they should answer or not.

"Y-yes!" Of course it was Goku who was first to speak.

"Good…" She muttered to herself as her cocky smile transformed into a girly one. "Then am I correct when asking," Goku and Gohan leaned in as she continued, "If Prince Vegeta is residing on this planet?"

Piccolo felt his shoulders flinch backward while the men behind him gawked in awe. Vegeta? Could this woman be serious? How could she be searching for Vegeta? Piccolo was quick to shake off his first reaction of surprise. He let how an irritated growl before turning away from the scene. He then began to walk away from the group with a sense of arrogance.

"Heh," He shrugged his shoulders and walked back to Goku and Gohan, "Nothing more than one of Freeza's lackeys."

The woman's Ki rose in that instant, pushing her body from the ground and into the air. She levitated high enough to reach Goku and his son. She then brought her tiny feet to lightly touch the ground. Now standing before Earth's greatest warrior and his son, she presented the trio with a pleased smirk.

There was something odd about this woman, she was far from normal; it wasn't anything in appearance that hinted at this accusation, it was more about the aura around her. Piccolo could feel that Goku's natural curiosity lingering in the air. He knew that the strong male wanted to know further about this female and what her connection with Vegeta could be.

But the wise Namek-seijin knew better. This wasn't going to be a pleasant experience, this something that could change the face of their futures forever.

"No, no." The girl shook her head at Piccolo's statement. "I'm more precious than that." She then began to let out a small giggle as she lifted her index finger to her mouth. "Much more."

Piccolo stopped in his tracks and gave the girl his trademark sarcastic laugh. Without turning about to face the newcomer, he gave her a nasty reply, "Is that so?" Goku and Gohan looked toward the Namek-seijin with interest as they waited for her next comment.

The woman dropped her hand from her mouth and stood up straight with the utmost pride for herself, "I come here in search of the Prince because," Piccolo's ear twitched as the words feel from her mouth seamlessly, "I am his fiancée."

He stiffened before whirling around to face the female again. Did she just say what he thought she said? No, that was crazy, wasn't it? Everything Piccolo knew of humans and their ceremony of called, marriage, there was no way this redhead could be referring to the same celebration. It was the same connection that Goku and his wife, Chichi shared, wasn't it? A union of two beings that would last through the remainder of their lives; this woman couldn't be speaking of the same unification.

"W-what did you just say?" Goku blurted out his instant feeling on the matter without a first thought, "That's impossible!"

"Is it really?" The stranger was quick to reply.

She stood without hesitation, her chest pushed forward and a single brow lifted. Her cocky smirk remained on her delicate face, fueling her confident stance. No, she was lying, Piccolo refused to believe her words and yet, she stood without the slightest hint of dishonesty.

He was quick to brush off any feeling of uncertainty and stepped toward the stranger. He wasn't going to let a cocky smile threaten him. He pushed forward until the two were standing just inches from one another. If she wanted to challenge him, then he was up for it. If this were really Vegeta's to-be wife, then she wouldn't break easily.

"So, if you don't mind," She spoke once again in her calm tone, as if her words were nothing but knowledge already known. "I need you to take me to him." She then poked out both lips before whispering, "Now."

Piccolo was quick to turn and glare at Goku. Goku cocked a brow at his former nemesis, obviously confused by his sudden anger. Piccolo then shook his head at the goofy Saiya-jin and turned his attention back to the stranger. He crossed his muscular arms and again narrowed his eyes down on the girl. But she seemed unaffected by Piccolo's attempts at intimidating her with angry stares and postures.

"And just who are you?" He asked his voice low and full of suspicion.

"I," The woman then titled her head downward in a small bow, "Am Princess Ale, soon to be wife of Prince Vegeta."

Act End