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I don't own Sonny, or the Glee version of Faithfully by Journey. But I do own Georgia, the aforementioned sexy co star.

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She nuzzled against his soft skin and kissed the nape of his neck as the sunlight streamed into their bedroom. She brushed a few strands of hair from his face as his eyes opened and he groaned in protest.

"Sonny, I'm trying to get some beauty rest here," he snapped.

"It's almost noon Chad," she whispered, kissing his jaw line. "You need to catch your plane."

"I don't want to go," he moaned. "I want to sleep."

She giggled and kissed his lips softly.

"We both know you have to go."

"It's my jet, they won't leave without me!" He argued unhappily.

But she gently pushed him off the bed with a laugh.

"HEY!" He screamed unhappily. "Not cool!"

She laughed as she also got from the bed and walked into the small kitchen. She pulled out a frying pan.

"What would you like for breakfast before you fly off to never-never land with the model?"

He yawned.


"Never mind," she breathed unhappily.

He smirked and gently kissed her forehead.

"You know you're the only girl for me."

She rolled her eyes.

"You can be sickeningly sweet sometimes you know that right?"

He laughed as he sat down in the chair at the table, stretching the paper out in front of him.

"Chad Dylan Cooper sickeningly sweet? What has this world come to?"

She laughed and pulled out two eggs and cracked them into the frying pan. They started to sizzle as she sat down across from him.

"So, tell me why you need to go so badly, why can't you stay here with me?"

"Sonny, you knew last night I had to go, Georgia is very impatient you know."

Sonny put the bacon on a plate and smiled warmly at him.

"Oh, I know, but I wish that you would just pretend for a minute that you have a girlfriend who you want to be with."

He laughed as he took a bite of his egg.

"With Georgia by my side this movie will be huge Son; it will make me famous."

"You are all ready famous."

This made him laugh even more.

"Like Academy Award famous," his eyes glittered.

Sonny sighed unhappily as she stabbed her own egg. He glanced down at his watch.

"I'd better go Sonny," he whispered as he kissed her cheek gently.

"Yeah," she whispered. But she then tugged on his arm so his lips were a fraction of a space away from hers. "Do you think she's a good kisser?"

"Gosh Munroe, I never would have agreed to this if I knew you were this possessive," but he stopped noticing that her grip was getting harder on his arm. "But it's cute."

She flashed him her broad smile as his finger gently caressed her cheek. His lips touched hers hungrily as though he'd never see her again. When he pulled away he was breathing heavily.

"Are you coming to see me off?"

She shook her head silently. " But, I will see you soon, right?"

He nodded and she whispered quietly and a little bit too bitterly. "Say hello to that model." He laughed letting his hand rest against her cheek.

He kissed her softly and then was out the door.

For a few moments she was disoriented as she always was after Chad had kissed her senseless. She looked outside and she noticed the sun had gone behind the clouds and it was starting to drizzle. It hardly ever rained in L.A. but somehow it seemed to be fitting.

Just then her phone rang.


"Hey Chad, what's up?"

"Hey Son, I forgot my blue tie there."

"Oh," she responded. "Do you want me to send it?"

"Yeah, it's sitting on the dresser."

"Okay," she said with a sigh and clicked her phone shut. She headed straight into their room, and dug around looking for his tie. When she found it she sighed, but as she headed into the living room to see a piece of paper crinkled and in the trash.

She pulled it out and unfolded it carefully.

I can't wait to see you Chad….. You are perfection for this part.

You just wait, you won't want that lil' hussy girlfriend of yours after I'm done with you babe.

Love, G

Tears were forming in her eyes and she couldn't manage to read anymore and chucked it in the basket. She had to stop him. She had to. She dropped the tie and ran out of the door at high speed and grabbed a taxi. She probably would miss him, but she had to try. She wasn't going to let some MODEL have her Chad. Not if she could help it. He had tried to convince her she had nothing to worry about but after reading that note, she knew she did have something to worry about. Chad had several weaknesses, but his biggest was women. Those big brown eyes and those soft blonde curls and curves would win him in a second.

She hopped into her truck, knowing she'd hit traffic, but she also knew that Chad liked to have some time to contact his business managers double checking his schedule. She also knew that it would only give her about half an hour. She prayed silently that for once she could get to L.A.X. without too much issue. At the moment she was in the express lane and she was going as fast as she possibly could without breaking the law. She zipped by the lines of cars, looking for her exit. When she spotted it, she quickly moved over and took it out, nearly causing a fender bender, but she made it despite the honking horns of angry people.

"Sorry!" She exclaimed as she followed the road into the airport parking lot. She parked quickly and ran inside at full speed. There were some people in her way and they looked confused, but she kept pressing on. She knew that security would be the hardest. She ran a hand through her hair in exasperation. Just then to her divine luck, she saw a security guard who was sleeping. She quickly grabbed his keys and hurried to the nearest 'security entrance'. She got some strange looks, but she quickly came up with an excuse for her presence.

"There is an emergency in hanger 12!" She screamed, and for some odd reason they believed her and followed suit.

Her feet were seriously starting to hurt, because she had grabbed an old pair of flip flops and they had started to cut into her feet. "OWWW!" She whined but she kept going, she knew she had to stop that plane.

She finally saw Chad's plane, and its engines were starting up, but the platform was still down. She giggled happily.

"Uh, I'm going to go see what the fuss is about," she said quickly. They were yelling and waving their arms behind her, but she had all ready bolted towards the plane. She ran up the platform, and now stood face to face with Chad's security.

"Miss Munroe?" The bigger black man asked, confused.

"Hi Gerald, let me through please, I need to see Chad."

Suddenly she heard rustling in the background and Chad had stood up from his seat, looking rather surprised to see her. Just then a pretty girl with long legs stood up from her seat as well. It was G. She was too late.

"Hello Georgia."

Chad was completely pale; he knew that she knew about the note.

"Sonny," he whispered. But she scowled as she advanced towards the model. The model was smiling smoothly.

"Hello Sonny," she spoke in a voice that sounded like it was covered in honey. Did all models talk like that? It made her stomach churn.

"Get your hands off my man," she seethed and then without thinking, raised her fist and punched her in the nose. The model fell backwards onto the seat with a squeal.

"Whoa! You've got one heck of a right hook Munroe," Chad laughed. She turned to face him, her face reddened from embarrassment. But his bright smile was crossing from ear to ear. "Remind me never to cross you."

She looked away, trying not to make eye contact as he advanced towards her.

"I saw the note," she whispered.

"I know," he replied as his fingers twisted her hair in his fingers as he so often liked to do.

"I couldn't let that model take you from me," she seethed. "Not without a fight."

He laughed.

"I came back for you remember?"

"Yes, but she's a model!"

He suddenly turned her chin so she was looking him straight in the eye. "Sonny Munroe, you are impossible. I told you this morning you are the only girl for me."

"But she's a mo-MMPH!" She could not end her sentence because Chad was suddenly kissing her. His arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her close as his fingers tangled in her hair as he deepened the kiss. He pulled away leaving her breathless and lightheaded, she had to take a few deep breaths to reacquaint herself with her surroundings. She finally whispered breaking the silence. "You really want someone who argues with you about paint, over that gorgeous model?"

His eyes twinkled, but he did not answer the question.

"You're coming with me Munroe," he said with a smile as he gestured towards the empty seat next to him.

She squealed happily and flung her arms around him. He kissed her ear and whispered.

"I'd take you over her any day," he quietly admitted. "She's been trying to get me for months now but she wasn't succeeding. I told her my heart is yours."

"You are sickeningly sweet Chad Dylan Cooper."

He laughed.

"You've said that."

With that, he kissed her softly and his hands ran down from her hair, down her shoulders, trailed gently down her arms and rested on her waist. The sensation caused a shiver of pleasure to run through her body.

"Are you two EVER going to stop making out? You're making me sick!" G cried unhappily as she wiped her nose. Sonny giggled and blushed as Chad sat down and gestured to the seat next to him.

"Come along Munroe, we've got a movie to make."


"Highway run, into the midnight sun

Wheels go round and round you're on my mind.

Restless hearts sleep alone tonight

sending all my love along the wire.

And they say that the road ain't no place to start a family

Right down the line, it's been you and me

Lovin' a music man ain't always what it's supposed to be.

Oh boy, you stand by me.

I'm forever yours,


-Glee Cast Vsn. Of Faithfully by Journey