(Fun fact: This is arguably one of my least looked at pieces… and yet half the people who view it want me to continue it. , So here's a small one shot for now – but probably not in a school setting; it feels a little odd to me – after all, the main thing that stopped their mutual crush from being pervy to begin with was how _innocent_ it was.)

Hibiki let out a sigh as the last student left the room, collapsing eagerly into a chair. He hadn't been forced to wear a skirt, though it had been a close call. He thought it was just the headmistress's sense of humor that had him in pants on a "trial basis."

He did wish he could be more certain, though.

"Sensei?" called a voice. He froze, grateful he was already sitting down, and slowly forced his muscles to relax.

"In here!" his voice was squeaky. Not feminine as it had once been, but squeaky; nervous. He'd been blushing since their meet at the train, uncertain what to do next.

Fuko had had a crush on him, once; four years ago. If he was being utterly honest, it was returned to an extent. The innocence of hers was too sweet to ignore – except for the small fact that he hadn't been willing to date a middle school student of his. The fact that she was just as innocent as his high school student only seemed to make matters worse to him.

She poked her head inside, smiling wildly. "I thought I'd offer to walk you back to your apartment building, sensei." she offered.

"I should be offering you that… I mean, you shouldn't be offering me that! I mean…" Hibiki took a breath, holding it for a long moment, and then releasing it. "You do realize that, as your teacher, it would be wrong for me to have a relationship with you, right?"

She blinked, tilting her head a little, and giggled as carefree as she ever had. "Of course, sensei; I just want to be in your company."

"Right…" he sighed, taking another deep breath. "As a teacher and student."

"Until I graduate; and then we can be in a relationship," she added offhand, giggling again as she grabbed his papers off the desk. "I'll help you carry this stuff, 'kay?"

"R….wh? Nnn…" He grimaced at the grown, staring at her retreating back as she walked away, and gathered the strength to stand.

It was certainly going to be an interesting walk home, trying to figure out what was going on in that head of hers.