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Great another school Saida thought to herself as she stepped out of her oldie but goodie car. Her dad always traveled hunting evil and she always had to travel with him. She didn't hate the hunting nor the travel, she hated the school. Always going to different schools always getting into some sort of fight. Not that she hated fights it's just she hated having to defend herself against barbie dolls. Her dad is working on a new job with John Winchester, something about unexplainable deaths. Of course like always. She walked into the school having heads turn to her. She wasn't trying to draw attention to herself. Black shirt, dark jeans, and motorcycle boots. She hated when she would draw unnecessary attention to herself. Getting her good looks from her mother it was pretty hard not to. Long wavy hair, golden eyes, and a light tan. She's tall and has curves in the right places an all around beautiful girl. She didn't like it though. It always made her feel uncomfortable and very alone.

She was about to walk into her classroom when she bumped into a boy. She looked up to the stranger who she bumped into and knew who he was. He was John Winchester's son. Dane or Dan or something.

"Sorry" she mummbled as she slipped into class.

"No, my fault," he said a little confused.

She gave the papers to the teacher then sat down. She sat down in the way back next to some jock in his red and gold letter mans jacket. As the teacher introduced the Winchester as Dean. She sat Dean next to Saida in the back. The jock looked up and down Saida and whispered something very naughty.

"I'd like it if you would join me in janitorial closet after class." he smiled and winked.

She laughed a very evil laughed and said., " I'm going to let that one slide jock, but I won't next time."

He looked a little hesitant and played a sly smile on his lips. Saida wondered what he was planning, but she decided not to care. She tried somewhat to pay attention to the teacher, but it felt kind of awkward for her since Dean wouldn't stop starring at her with a curious look.

The class ended and Saida couldn't be out of the room faster. She was heading for her locker when the jock from class came up behind her and tried slapping her butt. She spun around and grabbed his hand right before it hit her butt. She twisted the arm behind his back and shoved him against the wall. " Didn't I warn you jock?" she asked as she pulled his hand higher to cause more pain.

" What is it jock? I can't hear you?" she said holding his hand still.

" Ye.. ye.. yes you did." he said stuttering over his words.

" And you still wouldn't listen. Tsk. Tsk. tsk, I warned you," she said as a crowd gathered.

Then she kneed him in his thigh and he collapsed on the floor in agony. I warned him she thought. She returned to her previous destination and put her books in her locker. She sensed someone behind her and looked at the space intruder.

" Seriously? Can I help you with something?" she said getting a bit frustrated.

" Geez. Sugar don't get your panties in a twist. I just wanted to introduce myself. Hi, I'm Dean Winchester." he said offering his hand.

She looked at his hand and then gave up hers.

" Yeah I know who you are Dean our fathers are working on a job together. It looks like I'm stuck with you and uhh... Sam?" she said trying to remember if that's his name.

" Yeah Sam he's around here somewhere." he said getting distracted.

" Yeah, that's uh nice. I'm leaving now." she said as she started heading to class.

" Wait, can we talk later? Like after school or something?" he asked.

"Why would I want to talk to you? I have nothing to say." she said as she started to go to class.

" Well, i've never met a hunter my age that I can actually hang with. Please I'm begging you." he asked with plead clearly in his eyes.

"Fine met me at the Star Motel at 6." she said.

" No problem," he said as he started to head to his class.

Dean couldn't get that girl out of his mind. Saida what an interesting name. He smirked internally as one of his class members started showing interest in him. He didn't really show her any attention. She was plan compared to Saida. She probably thinks I'm a retard or something by the way she was talking to me he thought. She probably saw me as just another hunter he thought. He sighed and returned to not caring about his school work.

Sam was in his advanced calculus with the smart seniors. He felt self conscious walking into a class of seniors being the only freshman there. In walks another new student and he sighed in relief. She was beautiful Sam thought. She walked by same to the back of the room and smiled at him. Sam couldn't help but blush. The class continued on, but the new girl was what was on Sam's mind. Class was another bore fest for Saida she couldn't help but smile because of the kids in the class struggling with the problem on the board. For her this was easy, she had a natural skills with school. School work came easy to her.

School ended and she walked to her car always admiring her 1968 mustang. It was a beauty and purred like one too. She smiled and jumped into her car racing off to the motel. She did what she needed to do, eat, homework, and shower. She was drying her hair when there was a knock on the door. She opened the door and let Dean in. She was in a towel and continued to dry off her hair. He cleared his throat and couldn't help but stare at her. I wonder if she has tan lines he thought.

"Stop gawking and turn around," she said with her back still to her. She removed her towel and slipped her underwear on and Dean couldn't help but fantasize. She finished putting her clothes on and then she gave him permission to turn back around.

"What did you want to talk about?" she asked a bit curious.

" Honestly I just wanted to hangout with someone that actually can talk to." he said sitting on the bed.

" Uh-huh, so uh what's up?" Saida said now trying not to be rude.

" Life, So what's your favorite band?" he asked trying to release the tension.

" Uh, if I had to choose it would be Zeppelin all the way." she said smiling.

The night just went on with them discussing things that didn't involve evil. Saida didn't expect it to happen, but she actually enjoyed herself that night. Dean left the motel getting back to his at the Sunset inn. He didn't want to leave and Saida secretly didn't want him too either but he had to get back to Sam. They where on each others minds all night replaying their conversation in their minds as they tried to sleep. Dean couldn't believe he was acting like such a gentleman with this girl. Normally with a girl like that he'd be humping her leg, but with this one he was being cautious like he cared.

The next few weeks flew by the same way as the first, but without the fights. The fifth week they where there they were getting curious on the where about of their fathers. They gathered in the motel same time and called their dads no one answered.

"Man this is the longest i've been in one place what's taking sooo... long?" Dean asked.

"Is it that bad? You want to escape so fast?" she asked getting a little hurt by his remark.

" No no no. I just mean I'm worried that's all," he said feeling bad for the way the words came out. Saida couldn't lose Dean after the weeks of bonding with him. Dean sensed her mixed emotions and moved towards her. He wrapped his arms around her and tried to sooth her. He lifted her head up and pressed his lips gently to hers. They moved to the bed and he leaned over her. The kisses started to become heated and kissed for awhile until they need to catch their breath. They got up after their little make up session and started to laugh and not a ha ha laugh a oh man what just happened laugh.

"Saida, I know this may be sudden, but I uh I think I uh. Dammit Dean why can't you say it? Saida I love you." he said getting the words out as fast as he can.

"Dean haha you're a dork. I love you too loser," she said laughing at him.

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