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Saida yawned as she woke up from another great dream. Today they where in a small town in Idaho looking for a another reason for mysterious deaths. Saida got dressed and headed for the boys rooms when she smelt something. She raised her head and sniffed the air, She focused her eyes because she smelled danger, another werewolf she thought.

He was getting out of his older truck, with a duffel bag in his hand. He looked sad as he focused at the ground with tensed shoulders. He was in old ripped jeans a black t-shirt and black boots. His hair looked like he hadn't had a haircut in a while. It reached his ears and was messy with leaves and tangles. He was pale which is nothing new to people around here. Saida whistled and he turned his head and paused.

He took a confused step back then he smelled the air. His eyes softened as he saw her face. He walked up to her and bowed his head.

"I'm at your every comand," he whispered.

"Oh, don't bow please. And that's uh.. kind, but you don't have to." Saida said a little confused on what to do.

He stood up and faced her with a look of joy and relief. He was handsome Saida thought and she focused on him. He hugged her tightly and Saida stiffened but hugged back. She felt compassion towards him, knowing how it was. He sighed into her shoulder and then he wept.

"Sh.. sh.. It's okay now I'll be here for you," Saida whispered those comforting words. She pulled him into her room forgetting about the boys. She sat him on the bed and grabbed a chair to sit in front of him.

"I'm Saida, Saida Enfield," she said as offered here hand.

"I'm Luke Ramano," he shook her hand.

"Italian?" Saida asked.

"Yeah, I'm half. My dad was Italian, mom was Russian." he said.

"So, Luke you hungry? We could grab something at the diner down the street. My treat?" Saida offered trying to lighten the mood.

"That would be great. Thank you." he said as he wiped the tears from his cheeks.

"I'm sorry you had to see me like this. It's just you make me feel safe." he said feeling weak.

"Don't feel sorry never feel sorry for that. You are a man, but sometimes men gotta let it out. Oh, and we should get you washed up and changed." Saida said as a smile spread itself across her face.

"Yeah i seriously do," he said as he rubbed his head.

The waitress who was at their table completely ignored Saida, her attention was on Luke. Geez lady what if I was his wife Saida thought. She was an average looking teenager, brown hair, brown eyes, plain face, and rail thin.

"What would you like?" she questioned Luke. Luke said his order and the waitress walked off.

"Excuse me?" Luke said as the waitress walked off.

"Yes?" She asked with a smile spreading across her face like something was funny.

"You forgot my uh.. girl friend here," he said as he pointed to Saida. Saida did a double look to him then she saw a mischievous grin follow.

"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't see you there," she said as she looked Saida.

"Sure you didn't." Saida said as she looked at the menu.

"I'll take a number five.." then the waitress turned. " not done." Saida said frustrated.

"I'll take a number 7 and bring some pie as well." Saida finished.

"Wow, anything else?" the waitress asked giving Saida the "look."

"Um.. a strawberry milkshake as well, thanks." Saida finished paying no attention to the waitress's gawking.

"Nice, I like a girl with an appetite." Luke said as he grinned at her.

"Hey we have high metabolisms, might as well use it. And uh.. girlfriend?" She asked.

"Yeah, you're a girl and a friend?" he asked.

"Yeah?" she asked in continuation.

"And the waitress was being extremely rude." Luke said in an attempt of a snotty women.

"So Luke tell me about yourself. How old are you? Where you from? How did you turn? Etc."

"21, Chicago, walking home from work. Mom and dad died in a car crash. Been a nomad since the attack. Hmm.. normally chain myself up deep in the woods and I like my Joe with sugar and cream." he finished.

"Real age."


"Old man," Saida joked.

"Well how old are you really if you don't mind me asking ma'am?" he asked.

"Don't call me ma'am. And I'm 29 ½, really. Turned at 20."

"Wow so young and so much control," he said not really looking at her.

"Yeah, it's the hunter in me." She said nonchalant.

"hunter?" Luke stiffened.

"Yes, I was a hunter before I was attacked." she said.

"A hunter tried killing me once, he thought just because I'm a werewolf I should die," he said shuddering.

"I think I know a few of those, and no I never was one and despise those who are." Saida responded.

"That's a relief." Luke sighed. Their food got there and Saida's phone rang.

"Saida? Where are you?" Sam's voice came through the phone.

"Um the diner down the street you are more than welcome to join me." Saida offered to Sam.

"We'll be right there." Sam responded. Saida hung up the phone and mentally cursed herself for forgetting about them.

"I'll go," Luke said not wanting to interrupt them. Saida yanked him down as he got up.

"You're going no where," Saida said in a low growl. Couldn't help the ownership she felt over him.

"Yes, ma'am,"


"Yes, uh.. Saida."

"That's right." Saida said as Sam and Dean walked into the diner. Luke's shoulders tensed as the boys approached. A low growl formed in Luke's chest as he smelt the lust coming off Dean. Luke couldn't help but feel drawn to Saida. She was his salvation, the only way to control his beast. He felt like everyone in comparison was nothing. Her good looks did nothing to prevent those feelings. He felt like tearing the waitress's head off for acting the way she did to Saida, but did nothing to upset her. She was the promise of a better life and he would stop at nothing for her.

"Down boy," Saida whispered almost inaudible to his senses.

"Sam and uh. Dean.. meet Luke he will be staying with us for awhile," Saida said and Luke's heart fluttered. I am able to stay? Luke thought and he felt his heart fill up with joy. It's been doing that a lot lately. She's been causing it, she actually tamed him. His anger was calmed and his fear of attacking gone.

"Luke?" Dean asked.

"Yes, he's a werewolf and I'm here for him no matter what." Saida said looking over at him.

"Why?" Dean said through clenched teeth.

"I'm the only one who can help and if you don't like it I'll go to someone else for help." Saida gave an ultimatum.

"Fine," Dean huffed.

"Anyways, nice to meet you Luke. Oh, we found out what's killing these people." Sam said trying to change the subject.

"It's a werewolf." Luke and Saida both stiffened.

"The werewolf is killing people coming from bars, to drunk to drive so they walk home.."

"And they get eaten," Saida finished.

"I know what your thinking, I just arrived in town today," Luke said to Dean who was glaring.

"Yeah and how are we supposed to believe you?" Dean questioned.

"I can see into his soul, I can see all the wolf has done. The wolf has killed a lot of things, but they weren't humans," Saida said. Luke didn't seem surprised, but the boys did.

"How are we supposed to find it? The full moon isn't until next week." Sam asked.

"I can sense the werewolves, I can sniff him out or even maybe just call to him,"

"What your going to pick up the phone and call werewolves are us?" Dean asked sarcastically.

"Hah. No I can make him come. Like a siren call. It's one of the gifts the old good. Their werewolf spirits of a group of werewolves that actually protected people from evil until we got cocky," Saida turned to Luke and explained.

"Wow," was all Luke said.

"When should we do this uh.. "call"," Sam asked.

"Tonight before any full moon. He will be here in town waiting for the moon," Saida finished.

They got up and left to their rooms, Dean and Sam where preparing for tonight. Saida and Luke where in her room talking.

Dean wasn't trusting this "Luke" guy he seemed too fishy to him. The way he looked at Saida with ownership and pride as if she where his. She should be mine! Dean shouted in his head. I messed up and now I'm suffering, Dean let the guilt take over. Sam's right I don't deserve her, she has a right to hate me.

Sam was sitting reading up on werewolf information making sure they have everything. He was getting frustrated with Dean's mixed feelings about Saida. If it where Sam in his situation he would've done everything in his power to win her back. He couldn't focus anymore, he just shut his laptop and sighed.

"What?" Dean asked.

"Nothing just got a headache," Sam lied.

The night came and Saida sighed. She got up from her bed and stretched. Luke was sleeping in the chair by the window. He opened his eyes to see Saida stretching. He chuckled, she looked so innocent, so pure. She smiled at him and he got up. He pulled her up and hugged her. Resting his hands on her lower back and her neck. He squeezed and breathed in her, she smelled of the forest and lavender. She hugged him back with the same intensity. She felt a bond form between them but different feelings for each other.

She felt a protective friendship love for him and he felt a lover's love for her. They stayed like that until there was a knock on the door.

"It's time," She whispered in his ear.

"Man, alright," He said as he reluctantly let go.

The drove out in the impala to an abandoned road in the forest. Saida got out of the car and walked ahead of the boys.

"What are you doing." Dean asked.

"I'm not letting you guys get hurt, stay behind me." She demanded. Luke froze and felt her demand flow through him. He did as she said Sam and Dean felt it too but not with the same intensity. She stop and they did too.

"I'm going to call you guys arm the guns, but don't shoot him." Saida ordered. All the boys nodded in agreement. Saida took in a breath of air and called to the old good. She felt them flow around her and she sighed with the warmth she felt as the did. She opened her eyes and she knew what to do.

She whistled as loud as she could. It didn't sound like an ordinary whistle it had a music feel to it. It was beautiful Luke, Sam, and Dean fell to their knees as the sound escaped her mouth. Then she said,

"Jason come to me, now." His name found it's way on her lips. The boys noticed her voice didn't sound right it was backed up with power, ancient power. They waited for 5 minutes and then they saw someone coming. He was running at full speed and he slowed down once he reached Saida. A force caused him to fall his head was down looking at the ground.

"What have you done?" She questioned with the power still there.

"I've done what I'm meant to do." He said almost laughing.

"Look at me!" She yelled. And then she saw it, all the pain the people suffered all those people he killed. He enjoyed knowing what he did, he didn't feel sorry.

"Why, Jason?"

"Because it feels right, I wake up feeling renewed." He smiled. She sighed because she knew what she had to do.

"Stand," She commanded. A force brought him to his feet. She walked over to him and put her hands on his cheeks. She looked him directly into his eyes and sighed.

"I'm sorry," She said as she twisted his head off. She grabbed the matches out of her pocket and lit him on fire. She felt weakened from what happened. She regained herself and walked over to the boys as they stood up feeling confused.

"What just happened?" Sam questioned.

"That was the power of the old good," She said as she headed to the car. The boys walked over and got in the car in silence.

"Let's get some sleep," She said as they drove off.

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