Chapter 1 - Prologue

Shattering the Mirror

A Harry Potter/X-Men crossover (POST OOTP): Harry finds himself the victim of unexpected betrayal. Alone and hunted he must find a way to survive when it seems that every hand is turned against him.

Authors Acknowledgement: Thank you to my Technical Guru XRaiderV1and my Beta Rhynimy.

Re-edited on the 12/11/2012



His dreams of a better future were now shattered in to a million pieces.

Sirius was dead and he was to blame, oh he also blamed Snape and Dumbledore but it was his own stupidity that led to Sirius being at the ministry. He could feel his guilt and anger swirling around him like poisonous fumes, choking him. He needed to cry, to scream, but he could never seem too. He needed to grieve but he didn't even have a body to stand over.

His dark thoughts were interrupted by a large bang outside, quickly followed by another that shook the entire house. He quickly pulled his wand out from where it lay hidden under a loose floorboard and cautiously peered out the window. Even in the poorly lit street he could see several people in black robes and white masks. He cursed silently when he counted at least six and they were all advancing on number 4 Privet Drive. He heard the door slam open and then uncle Vernon yelling.

"Get off my property you freaks or I'll call the..."

"Avada Kedavra" a flash of green light was visible from below and he knew what that meant.

"Vernon, Vernon get up, what have you..."

"Avada Kedavra" another flash of green, it happened so quickly he hadn't had time to react, he could feel his heart beating rapidly as he tried to think of what to do, the logical part of his brain was wondering when the Order of the Phoenix was going to turn up, his instincts were telling him to strike out, to fight back.

"We know you are in there Potter so come out or you can burn," he knew that voice, Lucius Malfoy.

"Why don't you come and get me Malfoy."

"Ahh Mister Potter you are thinking that the blood wards will protect you? Sorry but they are ineffective now that the Dark Lord has your blood in his veins and the other wards were rendered useless as soon as your beloved cousin welcomed us in to his home, all for the price of an early inheritance."

He could see movement and watched in horror as Dudley walked forward flanked by two Death Eaters. His cousin was smirking up at him even as the sickly green light of the Avada Kedavra struck him in the back. Watching his cousin fall jolted him in to action, quickly he raised his wand pointing it at Malfoy, he would only get one easy spell in before they could shield themselves and Malfoy was probably the leader.

But his hesitation cost him time; "Accio Harry Potter" was the last thing he heard before blackness took him.


Daily Prophet

Harry Potter Missing – Relatives Murdered

Harry Potter known as the boy-who-lived has disappeared from his muggle Aunt and Uncles house. Ministry Aurors found numerous bodies at the seen including Harry Potter's Muggle relatives. Ministry investigators have failed to find any trace of Harry Potter…..


Hogwarts - Headmasters Office

"Does Tom have him Severus?" Dumbledore asked leaning forward in anticipation.

"Yes, the Dark Lord has him Albus."

"Good, our plan still looks possible then. He will need to survive until the potion is ready. Do what you must to see that he stays alive," ordered Dumbledore.

"Give me one day to get the potion ready; I only got the boys blood by chance, I happened on the cell they keep him in. It was after Malfoy had finished…..using him." Snape's lip curled in distaste, a small part of the Potions Master was still dealing with the bitter personal memories that seeing a bloody, abused Potter forced him to recall.

"I know Severus, it is distasteful but it's for the greater good, the boy will be dead soon regardless, better that his death serves a greater purpose..."


Location Unknown – Southern England

Pain was all he knew, all he had known for weeks. The Cruciatus, cutting spells, beatings were more or less constant; his torso was a mass of half healed cuts and burns. He had been raped at least three times that he could remember and one eye was gone, torn out by Bellatrix. His one escape was the oblivion in unconsciousness but he wasn't allowed to escape for long.

Slowly he regained a semblance of consciousness as cold water was poured over him.

"Potter wake up" a hand pulled his head up by his hair and he was struck across the face, with the pain of the blow his mind cleared a little and he could almost make out the words being said, he just couldn't quite grasp them.

Another ringing slap followed, "Potter" it was an almost familiar voice.

"Potter wake up," that voice, it was familiar; he knew it from another place.

"Professor?" his own voice was unfamiliar, hoarse and broken from his screams.

"You need to take this, open your mouth and drink this, quickly now Potter," something was placed to his lips and a liquid was poured in.

He could feel his head clear as some of the pain faded slightly. He opened his eye and looked in to the face of Severus Snape.

"Quietly Potter, you need to take this Portkey and use it when you come before the Dark Lord," he could feel the Professor putting something in his mouth, pushing against his gum "Remember Potter one bite and you activate it but not until you are in his throne room, not until you see the Dark Lord, do you understand Potter?"

He did understand but before he could acknowledge Snape another wave of pain passed through him and he fell once more in to the darkness.


"Wake up Harry," he awoke to the familiar voice of Tom Riddle, slowly he raised his head to look at his enemy.

"You look terrible Harry but you should be thankful for tonight I will end your suffering, but first you must ask me Harry, ask me to end it."

"Fuck you Riddle" he managed to raise his voice to a loud, harsh whisper.

Immediately a foot was driven in to his side.

"Now Mister Potter no need to be crass."

He ignored the pain trying, struggling to stay conscious and confirm he was in the throne room. His vision was fading but he could see a large gilded chair, surely that was it. Harry raised his eye and looked directly in to Riddle's before biting down on his Portkey. Nothing happened. He bit down again, and felt something burst in his mouth and then a hint of a bitter aniseed flavour, then pain coursed through him and he screamed, convulsing with pain, it felt like his blood was burning.

Tom Riddle watched as Potter began to scream and then convulse. What was happening? The boy was starting to move more slowly and his skin was taking on a strange blue tinge like he wasn't getting any air.

Severus Snape's gloating about the demise of Riddle was beginning to change to worry. The potion he and the Headmaster had created should have worked by now. Potter's core should have exploded killing him, the Dark Lord and everyone else in this room. It either hadn't worked or it was ineffective as Potter was convulsing on the floor. He didn't move however for to interfere was to die.

Magical beings have what is called a 'magical core' by wizards and witches. This is the basis of their ability to channel magic as spells, each wizards core is established by the time they reach puberty, that is accepted fact. However right now Harry Potter's was expanding, his body was overloading as it tried to contain his expanding core, conventional magical knowledge dictated that his core would explode unleashing a storm of raw magical energy but instead it tore away the powerful bindings placed on him since infancy allowing it to course through his system aiding his healing, renewing his energy and finally even as it faded it activated a dormant gene. A gene carried by both magical and non-magical humans, the X gene.