Circus Freak

Genre: Drama/Romance/Slight Humour

Rated T for some inappropriate language and themes.

Disclaimer: My name isn't Atsushi Ookubo. So I don't own Soul Eater. If I did Maka and Soul would be making sweet sweet love to each other by now. Hahahah, I joke! But dayum I want these two to be together!

- Circus Freak -

15th October

It was always a fantasy to runaway and join the circus. Obviously I'm not going to do that, but tomorrow, the group is going to the circus and its unusual how excited I am.

Liz has made a plan to "accidently" separate from Tsubaki and Black Star because she swears there's something there. Well, when Liz gets into her matchmaking mode, there's no stopping her.

I hope she doesn't have any plans for me.

- Circus Freak -

She put her diary safely in the drawer and ran into the backyard. She stretched happily, enjoying the morning sunshine.

"Why are you so up and about?" The white haired boy was leaning on the fence smirking at the blonde. "Found a new concoction to grow your flat chest?"

"Behh," She stuck her tongue out at him and continued stretching.

"Ah, Soul you should help me up! Whose this friend of yours? Is she your girlfriend?" An unfamiliar female voice said.

"No, this is Maka,"

"Oh that little neighbour girl that Wes has mentioned!" Little? What? Who exactly was this girl? And why was she calling her little?!

"Ah Maka, this is Miho." Wes was now leaning over the fence with a wide grin on his face.

Maka stared at the short blue-haired female. She had large blue eyes, a small nose and puffy lips. She was extremely cute.

"She's my girlfriend." Wes never looked so happy.

A cold shiver went down her body. Her stomach felt unusual. She fake smiled and continued to stretch. Well, at least she had the circus to look forward to. Surely today couldn't get any worse?

- Circus Freak -

Maka flopped down on her bed and sighed. She rolled over and stared up at the ceiling. The little star stickers on her ceiling that Wes had helped her with. The time Wes carried her to bed and tucked her in. On her birthday Wes had bought the book she was trying to save up for. But all these gestures were out of kindness, out of brotherly-sisterly love. Nothing more.

Why was that? Why did Wes not like her in such a way?

What did Miho have that Maka didn't. Miho was cute and girly. Maka was boyish and rough.

Maka, the book worm. Maka, the girl with no chest. Maka, the really smart girl. Maka, the girl with the pig tails. Maka, the girl that lived next to the Evans family. Maka, forever the little sister of Wes.

- Circus Freak -

This was all Liz's fault. Not only did they avoid Black Star and Tsubaki, but Maka and Soul had also been left behind. Damn that blonde for trying to hook everyone up.

On a completely different section were Black Star and Tsubaki. Him and his loudmouth announced that he was better than anyone is this circus, that there was no point in watching it and they should just watch him instead. He could do everything these circus freaks did, but a thousand times better. Maka sighed, it was a good thing she wasn't stuck with Black Star. But even so, Tsubaki looked like she was enjoying herself.

On another different section were Liz, Kid and Patti. Patti had gathered a large container of popcorn, a stick of fairy floss and many packets of chips and was happily chomping on them. Even from a distance, a person could see that Liz was filing her nails. Kid was complaining about the symmetry of the seats. Why was there an extra row of chairs on the other side? He simply could not comprehend it.

Soul scratched his head confusedly. "Why is everyone in separate seats?" He shrugged and sunk into his chair, yawning.

The lights turned off, the music started. Maka put all thoughts of Wes into the back of her head, it was circus time.

- Circus Freak -

The way the women twisted their bodies gracefully around the ribbons, Maka watched in awe and in envy. She always wondered, if she hadn't been a book worm what would she have become instead?

The performance from the busty girl with purple hair reminded Maka of a cat. Elegant, feminine but also sly. Is that the kind of woman men liked? Should Maka try to become like that? She mentally slapped herself, who was she kidding. She would never become like that and she didn't particularly want to become like that either.

The music changed and a clown with a monkey on his shoulder had walked into the ring.

"Soul, it's a monkey! It's really a monkey!" Even from across the circus it could be seen that both Maka and Kid were clapping with excitement.

Soul facepalmed at both of them.

Next up was a tall man with a beautiful assistant. She threw balls, bowling pins and all other sorts of items to the man to juggle.

The juggler hadn't dropped a single ball, Maka swore there were at least 10 balls he was juggling. When he had finished and bowed, Maka whooped and clapped. Soul smirked, this was so out of her character.

It was time for intermission. Maka dragged Soul outside to buy snacks. Afterwards Soul dragged Maka to the other stalls that were set up.

"There's a monkey! A monkey!" Maka dumped everything on Soul, ran to the claw machine and inserted a dollar. Unfortunately, she did not manage to get anything.

"Let the professional handle this one!" Soul returned everything to Maka, cracked his knuckles and walked to the claw machine, glaring it down like it was his worst enemy.

The claw picked up the toy but as soon as it started to move, it dropped the toy. Soul slammed the machine in frustration.

"I'm a cool guy, I can do this!" He continued to try to get the adorable monkey toy in the claw machine.

Twenty minutes later with a considerably less amount of money, Maka and Soul returned to their seats looking dejected.

- Circus Freak -

After the many talented acts from the clowns, ponies, magician and man on a motorbike, the circus had ended. Maka was a bit sad to leave.

"Ah Soul, I'm hungry."

"I'll go buy us some food?" Soul offered.

"Okay, I'll wait with the others."

- Circus Freak -

Moments later Maka saw Soul holding the food while with the skimpy clad busty purple-haired girl from the circus. He shyly put a hand through his hair while the girl giggled. She grabbed his arm, pulled him closer and gave him a peck on the cheek. She then skipped back to the caravan, leaving the white haired boy blushing.

Her heart. Her soul. It felt swollen. Heavy.

Maka quickly turned away and left, regrouping with the others. She couldn't keep up with their conversation. All she could do was think about what her life meant, what it would be like to live a different life, without the white haired brothers.

Right now, she would love to run away with the circus.

Although, not with this one.

- Circus Freak -

17th October

Why is it, I suddenly feel so lonely?

Wes has a girlfriend. She's older, much prettier and extremely bubbly. I can never compare.

But for some reason seeing Soul with that circus girl scared me more.

I never considered the main two boys in my life would leave me behind like this. I never considered that they would be attracted to other girls. I had always thought of myself as the only girl in their lives.

How stupid I've been. How selfish of me.

When I didn't have the attention of Wes, there would at least be an annoying Soul to distract me.

I can't believe how weird my heart has felt around these two. A burning sensation in the heart and a sinking feeling stomach.

Ah, I have to stop thinking like this.

Yesterday was the circus. Ah, the circus. Travelling and living in caravans for your entire life. Going to so many different places, never staying for more than a few months. Never getting attached to any place, any person of that place.

What a dream life to be a nomad.

- Circus Freak -

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