After watching the episode 'The Formula' I had an idea about the last scene between Stella and Mac. Hope you like it

Mac and Stella both wearing racing suits walk down the tarmac towards two waiting cars.

"You are so loving this" Stella said "a little wish fulfilment?"
"I just thought you'd like to see what its like behind the wheel"
"Me huh? Not You?"
"Just beta bring you're A game Bonesara"
"Oh I always do Taylor" Stella replied. She couldn't help but feel like Mac was flirting with her and she was going to enjoy every second of it.

"Just remember these cars are worth a few hundred thousand bucks, so just remember you break it you buy it" said Liza Gray.

"Just hope your insured" Stella said before she climbed in to her car.
"Thank you for this" Mac said to Liza grateful for the opportunity to spend some quality time with Stella.
"It's the least I could do. People look up to us but you guys are the real heroes, so, go out there have some fun burn some rubber" and with that she took her place in front of the cars.

Mac got in his car and looked across at Stella "How about we make this a little more interesting?"
"Oh, how so?" was Mac flirting with her?
"Looser buys dinner? Best of three laps?"
Yep Mac was defiantly flirting, "Right Taylor, you are so on!"

The helmets went on, the thumbs went up and the flag went down. Stella pulled away first but Mac beat her round the first bend, but she soon caught up, it was neck and neck till the last bend. Stella put her foot down first and won the first lap. Mac Taylor, never one to let things go caught her up fast, luckily for him Stella miss judged the bend and let him through. As much as Stella tried she just could not get to him in time. Mac won the second lap. That was it the race was on. The two friends both with there competitive streak tried to out run the other Stella did better on the straights Mac gaining ground on the bends. As both cars turned in to the final straight it was neck and neck, both put there foots down, both cars raced forward, both cars crossed the line, neither racer knowing who had one.

They stopped there cars and climbed out "So?" asked Stella to Mac "Who won?"
"I don't honestly know."
"Wow guys that was great you both did really well out there" Said Liza coming over to congratulate them.
"It was fun" Stella said smiling.
"I have just one question? Who won?" Said Mac
Liza looked between the two detectives "Well Stella the first lap was defiantly yours."
"And Mac you nailed the second lap."
"I was having fun."
"And well I guess you could say the last lap, was, sort of a photo finish."
"You mean it was a draw? No one won?" Asked Stella
"I'll let you two decide that" and with that Liza left them alone.
"Well the bet was my idea and I'm more than happy to pay for dinner, especially if its with you."
"On one condition."
"And what would that be?"
"I buy dessert."