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Summary: The International Confederation of Wizards has ruled that all persons under the age of 17 shall marry into a pureblood family if they desire to remain in the wizarding world. It's just Harry's luck that he is partnered with Lucius Malfoy.

Pairing: Lucius/Harry, Blaise/Draco

Warnings: Short story. Slash! Sex Scenes, Dumbledore bashing, Order bashing, Violence, Mpreg

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter!




~ Chapter One ~





By Rita Skeeter

It appears as if the wizarding world isn't pure enough for the International Confederation of Wizards. Yesterday while the world's magical citizens were sleeping peacefully our leaders were changing ancient laws as we know it.

The ICW, consisting of many powerful and well known wizards of various generations, ruled for a particular bill, stating marriage laws within our society. It was ruled unanimously by those involved that all half-blood and muggleborn students wishing to remain within the wizarding community after their final year at any magical school must marry into a pureblood family.

Many may ask, what are their reasons for changing such ancient laws in a society that still hasn't managed to accept anything invented by muggles?

Well it appears as if that answer lies within muggleborns themselves.

With the increase of muggleborns continuously entering wizarding schools yet leaving after the end of their final year, it has been called to attention that perhaps these young wizards and witches do not desire to remain in the world that they learn about every year for several years. Some believe that it is simply a phase in which the young children go through before growing out of it as they near their majority. Once they do it is almost like a fairytale to them. One in which they will no doubt retell to their children at a young age.

They return to the muggle world in which they were born taking ordinary jobs while their magical core slowly dies from misuse. This only creates more squibs in our society to be shunned away for not having magic in their blood.

This in mind the ruling has been passed in front of the ICW with our very own Dumbledore agreeing to this farce. Beginning today all of the half-bloods and muggleborn students will have to find suitable husbands through their Ministry or face expulsion from magical schools across the globe and the Wizarding World altogether.

Dumbledore gave us a comment yesterday before the British Ministry after the vote had been cast.

"Our magic dwindles with the number of muggleborns leaving our world. If they do not remain we possibly risk the extinction of our kind. New blood must be continuously added into our society to support the ever growing numbers in other magical creatures. It may be unfair of us to force these young talented wizards to remain however for the greater good we shall change the rules and for the greater good the magic shall remain."

Many objections have already been sent via owl to the notable wizards and witches who entertain a seat on the International Confederation of Wizards though their opinions are not likely to change the vote. This rule is here to stay as Dumbledore said it, "For the greater good."

Every marriage will be decided and finalized through the Ministry of Magic in each country and filed according with each family. The bonding rituals will begin today with the more important people in line to be matched first followed by half-bloods and then muggleborns. The lists have also been included with today's release of the Daily Prophet. If your name shows up today then you should expect a visit from Ministry personal.

Pg 2- For lists of finalized marriages.

Pg 3- For more information on the new laws and the International Confederation of Wizards.

Pg 5- For information on Albus Dumbledore, Minister Fudge and their beliefs.


"You can't be serious!"

"They can't do this to us!"

"Why can't out parents choose after all they take care of us all year round!"

Harry was sitting there numb as the news was delivered throughout the entire hall.

The decision had been made. Sure there had been rumours stirring that the leaders of the wizarding world were not pleased at all with the intake and outtake of students across the globe. However this rumour didn't appear to be such a terrible thing to Harry at least not with Voldemort hanging over his head. Now the decision was final.

Every magical student who planned to remain in the wizarding world had to marry into pureblood family (or a half-blood in the case of muggleborn students as purebloods wouldn't allow full mudbloods into their families) by the time they finished seventh year. The worst part was the ministry was choosing the candidates and not the parents or guardians of the students themselves. That meant that Remus and Sirius had no hold over anything he did anymore when they had only recently gained guardianship over him this past summer.

He just knew that he would end up with someone that he wouldn't like and spend the remainder of his life in depression waiting either for Voldemort to kill him or his spouse. What little life he still had left that was. At times like this he really did envy Draco Malfoy who was already engaged to Blaise Zabini though only a handful of citizens knew of the arrangement many believed that he was with Pansy Parkinson. Harry was simply lucky he had a companionship with a snake close to Draco.

Taking a chance he glanced up at the staff table to see everyone looking worried even Snape. After the incident last year with the pensive, Harry had apologized profusely which had been graciously accepted after the initial shock had left Severus. Now they had an understanding and were friends in private. They even exchanged many gossip-like stories about each house though Severus would never admit it in the end. In the open he was still the snarky loveable potions professor who hated to love so he could keep his spy position in Voldemort's ranks.

That was another thing what if his spouse held a position in Voldemort's ranks? He knew that he wouldn't be killed then as all spouses were loyal to their family even through marriage meaning Voldemort wouldn't kill him. He just wouldn't ever see his friends again. Wouldn't that be lovely? Instead of spending the remaining days attempting to kill Voldemort and risking his life in the process he would spend them attempting to not get pregnant (which he knew powerful males could or those who took a potion) and birth some Dark wizards spawn.

Yes that was how he wanted to spend his remaining days, NOT!

However if his feelings were correct (and they usually were when it came to farfetched ideas or plans) he would end up matched to a Death Eater and a well-known Death Eater at that. The Ministry just liked to screw with him that much.

"rry… Harry!"

Harry looked up startled out of his thoughts by his friend's voice.

"Sorry Hermione, you wanted something?"

"I think you should turn to page two and search for your name. It mentioned important people and half-bloods would be before muggleborns so I insist you check! It is very likely that with your status as the Boy-Who-Lived and the Chosen One to defeat the You-Know-Who, you will be one of the important half-bloods the Ministry was speaking of."

Harry paled drastically at that, if she was telling him to search for his name then the outcome couldn't be good at all. After all who wouldn't agree that he wasn't an important person? Well he would and perhaps Draco, then there were all the Slytherins and Snape… alright so there were a lot of people but they didn't really count. With shaking fingers he pulled open the Daily Prophet to page two and began to scan the page just as the Great Hall doors opened with a loud bang. Harry thanked heavens that someone had distracted them all before he could locate his name. That was until he realized who it was.

Cornelius Fudge and Dolores Umbridge stood in the doorway supporting identical smug grins. Something about those grins made Harry desire to run and hide. He knew they were here for him and wanted to rub Dumbledore's face in it otherwise they would have sent for an Auror who wouldn't go to this much trouble to cause a scene.

"Harry Potter you will be accompanying us." Umbridge said without even a hello.

Yep what did he say? He knew that they would be after him and they were simply rubbing it in the headmasters face. He was itching to ignore them all and just run to Severus however he didn't think that would look good at all considering who he was.

Harry looked at her with a confused expression on his face which he had perfected over the past year. "Where would I be accompanying you to?"

Fudge smirked, "Insolent boy. You know of the wedding laws. You are now a ward of the Ministry. You will come into our custody until your chosen husband has returned from business next week to be married to you."

Albus looked up alarmed. "And who might I ask do you think you are marrying him to?"

Albus had agreed with the bill only because the ICW had promised that he would be allowed to choose Harry's intended. This meant that they were going behind his back on someone else's orders and he knew that this wasn't going to turn out to be good at all. He had hoped that Severus his good little spy would agree to be bonded to the boy and then he would have them both further under his control. Then when Voldemort had finally been defeated he could have Severus put away for being a Death Eater and Harry put away for associating with him. Things weren't turning out as planned though.

"Lucius Malfoy has spoken for the boy and I have deemed it a good match." Fudge said puffing out his chest in a proud manner.

Harry paled and immediately turned to page two of the Daily Prophet while those around him roared defiance. He had to check the fraud of a Minister wasn't lying to them all to rile them up.

Harry James Potter bonded to Lucius Abraxas Malfoy.

Yep there it was in print.

No false hope was given.

He'd been expecting someone along those lines but to be actually married to the father of his school rival was unthinkable. The Death Eater would probably take him to some sort of revel and he would have to watch as innocents were tortured to death and they took pleasure in it. That would be their honeymoon after a brief marriage ceremony at the Ministry. Joy.

Harry shivered in disgust. After everything he had put that man through he wouldn't be surprised. Not only that but he'd thought that Narcissa was still alive. Boy did he have questions that needed answering.

"Come now Cornelius surely the boy can remain here until then? He need not be held at the Ministry until Lord Malfoy returns from business to attend the ceremony."

Albus' thoughts were furious. He needed that boy here! Everything was slipping through his fingers with this one move. If he could possibly attempt to keep the boy here then he could whisk Harry off to Grimmauld and keep him there much like he did Sirius in the previous year only allowing him out to battle against Voldemort. His pawn would remain by his side until he was ready to release him and neither Fudge nor Malfoy could do anything about it.

"I'm afraid that decision rests with young Mr Malfoy since his father isn't here to speak for the family." Fudge said the glint in his eye doubling.

Draco who had been paying close attention stood and moved towards Harry ignoring both Dumbledore and Fudge. Harry was simply lost. He didn't know what to do or who to believe but he had a feeling that Draco would do what was right for him. The thought in itself was crazy but if there was one thing he could trust it was his instincts. They had never led him wrong.


Harry's head snapped towards Ron as he shouted so everyone could hear him. Ron was on his feet with his wand pointing shakily towards Draco as he neared Harry. Draco simply ignored the youngest son his family was in a feud with and looked directly at Harry, his soon to be stepfather… that was awkward even thinking it.

"Potter… Harry, I may not have been as courteous in the past but I hope that the future shall be different for us now that we are to be family. So in my father's place, I shall provide you with two choices. The first, you may go with Fudge and remain at the Ministry until you are needed for the ceremony or, two, you remain at the castle but you shall have to be by my side day in day out until my father comes for you."

Everyone gaped at the young Malfoy heir. He was being civil to his rival and Harry actually appeared to be considering what he suggested. The entire wizarding world had gone insane.

Dumbledore was having second thoughts about these changes of events. If Harry managed to change the rivalry between himself and the Malfoy heir then was it possible to get them to change sides? It would be a major boost to the morale of the Light and he could coercer Lucius into funding some of the Order's projects with the extensive Malfoy fortune. That accompanied with the Potter fortune would be ever so useful to him and his cause.

Of course it could all go pear-shaped if Lucius turned Harry towards the dark but with Harry's pure soul there was no way that could happen. Things couldn't go wrong.

Harry honestly didn't know what to think. On one hand he could stay at the castle but he would have to be constantly surrounded by Slytherins. He wasn't as against this idea since he could get along well with Severus. If he could be civil with the Head of Slytherin then the housemates in Slytherin would be no problem. He just didn't want to listen to Ron constantly bemoaning Harry's plight. Then there would be Hermione who would constantly attempt to give him advice about what to do. That would get on his nerves almost as much as the look the Headmaster was currently giving him. The twinkle said it all.

Then there was the first option. He could go to the Ministry and spend the time more than likely in solitude or surrounded by people who wanted to kiss arse Malfoy's new spouse. Seeing as how he probably wouldn't have to speak to many of them only listen to them he could live with that. He was the Boy-Who-Lived after all what was the title if he couldn't flash it around when aggravated?

That being said his decision was easy.

"I think I shall go with Fudge." Harry said quietly.

There was no way he was remaining here with Dumbledore! At least at the Ministry he wouldn't be constantly hounded by people. At Hogwarts he wasn't expecting the same especially if the reporters found a way inside. Dumbledore would use any means necessary to keep his soldier under his command including parade him before the paparazzi.

Nodding his permission, Draco turned to inform the headmaster in quiet of Harry's decision. It wouldn't do for everyone to know what Harry choose for him rather than having it pushed on him instead. At least this would make it look more like Draco's decision instead giving Harry more room to breathe.

"Very well, I wish you luck Mr Potter with your new spouse. I'm sure you will get along fine." Dumbledore said merrily.

There was a moment where everyone who had been taking a drink coughed and spluttered as they inhaled it while Draco and Harry raised an eyebrow. A Potter and a Malfoy? Yeah, they would get along as well as a house on fire.

Standing, Harry gave his friends a tight smile before walking towards Fudge. Both had a superior look about them that Harry instantly wanted to squash. He still wasn't fond of Umbitch after last year (the words were still carved into his hand) but he would just ignore her instead of riling her up. That could always be done later when she couldn't do anything about it.

As for Fudge he was an incompetent arse that couldn't find his way out of a cardboard box without leading to a national disaster. Perhaps he could have Fudge removed as Minister now that he was to marry a Malfoy? Who knew? Ah! The endless possibilities of copious amounts of money…

"Your belongings have already been gathered by a house-elf and are waiting to be collected at the entrance. If you have nothing else to say then we shall be leaving. Have a nice day headmaster." Fudge informed him all the while attempting to subtly rub in the fact he now had the Harry Potter. Idiot.

Harry followed behind them as they turned to leave, realizing that he would be spending at least a week with Ministry officials constantly badgering him and promptly groaned. Could he handle that? Harry believed he was going to be insane after a day. Shrinking his belongings he placed them in his pocket as they continued to head to Hogsmeade so they could use a portkey once outside Hogwarts wards.

This arrangement was a bad idea. He knew it. A Malfoy and a Potter just didn't mix well together at all. But hey who was he to protest? Oh yeah, he was only the saviour of their world… a lot of good he's going to do once on the Dark side. What did Dumbledore think that just by marrying into a Dark family he could convince them that the Light was the way to go? Nothing would change generations of beliefs. He knew that after all Petunia and Dudley were living proof and they were only one generation gap. How was he supposed to survive this?

"Come now Mr Potter we don't have all day."

Umbridge snapped Harry out of his depressing thoughts. He sighed this was going to be a long week.

So obviously I decided to re-write this story making it longer. Instead of the mere three chapters I had originally set out to achieve it will now have five glorious long chapters, alright excluding this chapter. This is a mere prologue for the story. Hope you enjoy it even more now!