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Author Notes: Written for the comment_fic challenge at spn_gabriel, from the prompt 'skinny-dipping.' Enjoy.


The hot weather is not letting up. It makes the blood and demon guts after a hunt smell even worse. Sam makes the mental note that he'll probably have to burn his clothes tomorrow. The lake, spread out before him, looks really inviting right about now.

"You stink, Winchester."

Gabriel's cracking some kind of hard candy with his teeth. It smells sweet. Last time Sam saw him, the demon he'd stuck his sword into had exploded. So it's kind of all Gabriel's fault.

"There wasn't a less-disgusting way you could have killed that demon?"

"I could have let him maul you to death," Gabriel considers, then brightens. "It's a night for skinny-dipping. What do you say, Sammy?"

Sam could get any number of infections in the lake. Who knows what lives in it. Knowing his luck, there's some kind of demon shark that Lucifer keeps in there as a pet. But the weather is hot and there's an archangel who won't actually let anything happen to him, no matter what he says, and Gabriel has no idea that Sam has done this before, a lot. Despite what Dean thinks, Sam had fun in college.

Abruptly, he stands up and strips off his shirt. Gabriel raises his eyebrows, before giving Sam his best leer. Sam feels hot for entirely different reason.

He throws down his shirt in a clear challenge. Gabriel grins appreciatively. Then there's a finger-snap and abruptly, both Sam and Gabriel are naked. And thank God, no one else is at the lake. Sam takes a quick glance around, just in case.

"I wouldn't be ashamed if I were you, Sammy."

Sam glares, turns, and dives in. Because he smells of parts of a demon that he doesn't even want to think about and its hot and at least this way he won't shock any townspeople who come down to the lake now. There's another splash and Gabriel surfaces beside him, not needing to tread water to stay afloat.

"You keep on surprising me," Gabriel muses. "I like that."

"No exploding demon guts next time, okay? Please?"

Gabriel gives a salute that is no way respectful and Sam finds that he's now being held up, probably by whatever's keeping Gabriel afloat. It's a really strange feeling but he adjusts, reaches and his arms become full of slippery enthusiastic archangel. Tongue and wet lips say you're safe and thank you.

-the end