A Bug's Life: A Beetle's Life

Movie Info:

MMPA Rating: PG

Runtime: 104 minutes

Country: USA

Language: English

Color: Color (Technicolor)

Aspect Ratio: 2.35: 1

Tagline: The inevitable clash between two completely different species – in the Insect Kingdom!

(Ideal) Cast List:

Brad Garrett (Dim)

? (Maula)

Bonnie Hunt (Cora)

Bonnie Hunt (Rosie)

Sam Worthington (Weaver)

Ian McDiarmid (Palpatine)

David Hyde Pierce (Slim)

Denis Leary (Francis)

Me (Heimlich)

? (Manny)

John Ratzanberger (P.T. Flea)

Tilda Swinton (Amber)

? (The King)

? (The Queen)

Julia-Louis Dreyfus (Berry)

Resse Witherspoon (Quick)


Shot: b14_ 36 Take: 48 Date: 4/11/18 Location: Tent Chapter: Friends, Insectism, Family

Director (off-screen): Speak! Marker!
An insect slaps the clapperboard shut on-screen, and then retreats to the side.

Director (off-screen): And... Action!
P.T. lit up a gigantic match against the up-turned wastepaper basket. He leapt onto the giant bottle of flammable liquid – and then overbalanced due to the match's weight and fell off.

P.T (laughing hard): I'm sorry! Let me try again...
P.T. leapt onto the bottle of flammable liquid. The flammable liquid shot out of the opener, and P.T. tried to swing the lit match into the path – but he was stumbling back and forth, unable to keep a firm grip on the match.

P.T.: This thing's heavy, you know! Just give me one more take!
P.T. leapt onto the bottle of flammable liquid. The flammable liquid shot out of the opener, and P.T. tried to stick the lit mach into the path – only to fall forwards, right into the flammable liquid with the match. The whole thing burst into flames.

Director (off-screen): Ooh...
The fire melts away, leaving a black and ash-covered P.T. on the ground.

Director (off-screen): OK, where's the stunt-double?
P.T. (coughing): I – I'm the stunt double...
Director (off-screen): OK, people, we're running out of matches! Let him heal for the break, and let's go again!

Shot: b4_21 Take: 9 Date: 5/25/18 Location: Swamp Chapter: Swamp Chase

Dim flew directly under the root and then flew straight upwards, smacking right into the root. The rocks wobbled, fell off – and one of them smashed the camera, changing the image to one of numerous tiny colored lines, with a cracked hole in the middle.
Director (off-screen): OK, tail-slate it!

Shot: b18_17 Take: 5 Date: 4/4/18 Location: Colony Clearing Chapter: Coleopterans Vs. Hymenopterans

Amber landed in front of Francis, surprising him. She leered at him, but he stood his ground.
Francis: Females aren't so tough!
Francis jabbed Amber in the chest. She fell backwards, clearly in great pain. Francis looked shocked at possibly injuring his fellow actress.

Francis: Wha... What did I do?
Amber (groaning on ground): It's not your fault. It's just... I'm carrying larvae!
Huge laughter at these words. Francis laughs for a while, before facing Amber again.

Francis: Are you serious?
Both Francis and Amber look confused at these words. They both look around, at each other, and then at the screen.

Shot: b9_32 Take: 3 Date: 12/13/17 Location: Dim's 2nd Dream Chapter: Groundbreaking Decisions

Maula leered down on Dim, having slashed cuts in his face. She then raised her claws again – and the red-and-black color of her claws stayed floating in the air, while her claws (which were normal color) were above that. The rest of her body was still covered in red and black.
Director (off-screen): Cut!
The red and black of Maula completely materialized into a purple chameleon, which stood in front of Maula. It was Randall.

Dim: I can't believe it!
Maula: That's the third time!
Randall (looking anxious): Sorry, sorry. I wasn't paying attention for a second there. No, I'm ready now – sorry.

Shot: b6_49 Take: 7 Date: 10/28/17 Location: Infirmary Chapter: Long Chats

Dim: I... I like you a lot too.
Both Cora and Dim leaned closer to each other. But as Dim made to kiss Cora, she looked confused.

Cora: Uh... what do I do next?
Director (off-screen): Almost kiss before Berry comes back!
Cora (with hidden delight): Oh. OK!
They both readjust themselves to retake the shot again.

Shot: b13_54 Take: 2 Date: 1/1/18 Location: Tent Chapter: Hosting A Show

Heimlich: Surrender, walking flower! I enly wish tu enjoy ur fine nectur!
Francis: Whoa, whoa, stop! Shut the camera!
The camera shot stop moving, and all the actors on-set briefly relax.

Director (off-screen): What?
Francis (mocking): "I only wish to enjoy ur fine nectur!" This is a G-rated film!
Director (off-screen): Actually, it's PG.
Francis (accepting): Alright, I'm ready for another take!

Shot: b10_9 Take: 9 Date: 12/21/17 Location: Colony Clearing Chapter: No Difference

Director (off-screen): And... Action!
Maula: Excellent! That recipe of pupa egg shells, spider venom, and our own stinging liquid made those gas grenades work!
Maula carelessly tossed one of the gas grenades in the air, and it came back down – and hit something solid a millimeter from Maula's skin. The gas spread quickly, causing Maula to collapse on the ground, along with her devil-like color scheme, next to her. A second later, it materialized back into Randall.

Palpatine (to Director): I told you hiring that reptile was a bad idea! You should have used actual tattoos...
Director (off-screen): I'm beginning to think you're right...

Shot: b7_07 Take: 1 Date: 3/15/18 Location: Crew Room Chapter: Plan Formulating

Quick: Hey Dim, we were thinking of having a party. Want to join us?
Someone had drawn several moles on Quick's face. All beetles on-screen and most insects off-screen begin to laugh out loud.

Quick: Wha? What are you laughing at?
Quick notices her fake moles, and gets really angry.

Quick (sarcastically): Yeah, real funny, Heimlich!

Shot: b9_10 Take: 1 Date: 3/17/18 Location: Colony Clearing Chapter: Groundbreaking Decisions

Queen: Let me see that...
Quick moves aside quickly – and the words "a larva lepidopteran was ere..." are visible on her face, right below her eyes. Everyone laughs again.

Quick: What's so funny?
She notices the words on her face, and gets all cross-eyed.

Quick: Heimlich!

Shot: b7_19 Take: 1 Date: 3/19/18 Location: Crew Room Chapter: Plan Formulating

Quick: Right.
Quick turns to the room of beetles at large – and the words "I'm open tu physical pleasure" are visible on her back shell. The whole room breaks into hysterics.

Quick: That's it! Where's Heimlich?
She buzzes her wings, and flies off-screen in a hurry.

Shot: b14_63 Take: 12 Date: 12/29/17 Location: Royal Quarters Chapter: Friends, Insectism, Family

Maula: Where is he?
Maula delivered a slap to the Queen's face – only for the red-and-black of her arms to remain floating in mid-air.

Director (off-screen): Cut that!
Randall re-materializes into full-fledged existence. Everyone glares at him.

Maula: Can't you do anything right? You're more painful than real tattoos!
Randall: It's not easy, doing visual effects! Why can't we just use CGI for it?
Director (off-screen): OK, people, we're losing our lines! Let's try again!

Shot: b14_87 Take: 2 Date: 4/14/18 Location: Swamp Tree Chapter: Coleopterans Vs. Hymenopterans

Dim closed his eyes, and began to concentrate. The twigs snapped – and he fell off-screen at a tremendous speed. There is the sound of mauling and tearing from below.
Director (off-screen): OK, get the 2nd stunt double!
Dim closed his eyes, and began to concentrate. Seconds passed, but the twigs didn't snap.

Director (off-screen): Where's the BOOM operator?
Boom Operator (off-screen, lowering the boom on-screen): Here...
Director (off-screen): Not you! The stunts and explosions operator!
Boom Operator (off-screen): Oh, he went to a motel.
Dim closed his eyes, and began to concentrate. The twigs snapped, and he flew upwards – only to smack himself into something heavy above the camera shot. The shot follows him, and we see him groaning, next to a solid wall of bricks above him.

Dim: Who... who put this here?

Shot: b19_45 Take: 5 Date: 5/1/18 Location: Colony Clearing Chapter: Big Difference Made

Director (off-screen): Action!
Rosie: You too, Dim. No matter what anyone says... you'll always be a Beatle to me.
Moderate laughter off-screen. Rosie looks around, and then laughs herself, along with Dim.

Rosie: Beatle! Sorry, I know we have no drums! Let me try again...
Director (off-screen): OK, cut!

Shot: b17_37 Take: 27 Date: 1/21/18 Location: Colony Clearing Chapter: the Only Option

Director (off-screen): Action! And... Pull back.
Slim juggled three water droplets, and then tossed them in the air – and they hid Francis' wings, behind his head. He and Slim instantly fell to the ground. They slowly got up, laughing along with everyone else.

Slim: I'm sorry! Francis, you gotta open your mouth wide, I'm not a good thrower.
Director (off-screen): OK, let's go again!

Shot: b18_64 Take: 1 Date: 10/5/17 Location: Swamp Tree Chapter: Coleopterans Vs. Hymenopterans

Flik is loafing around on the big branch before Atta buzzes on-screen.
Flik: Thanks a lot, Atta!
Atta (blushing): Oh, it was nothing...
Flik: I knew they'd make an A Bug's Life sequel, and you helped convince them!
Atta (squirming): Well, that's not quite true...
Flik: What do you mean?
Atta (nervously): Well, it's A Bug's Life... but it's a prequel, not a sequel...
Flik (angrily): Arrgh! First Heimlich tricks me, then you! Will I ever be on camera again?
All of a sudden, Dim lands out of nowhere. Flik and Atta – uttering Wilhelm screams – dive off the tree branch to avoid getting squished.

Shot: b17_44 Take: 6 Date: 4/5/18 Location: Rock Trap Chapter: The Only Option

Dim rammed the rock with all his might. It rolled down the path at a tremendous speed – and instead of rolling out the two hornets, it rolled over them. Their crushed remnants oozed blood.
Everyone: Ooh...
Director (off-screen): OK, how many extras are dead?
Off-Screen Insect (off-screen): Twenty-seven.
Director: (off-screen): Get some more extras, then!
Off-screen Insect (off-screen): How?
Director (off-screen): I dunno; offer them a burrito!

Shot: b18_35 Take: 5 Date: 5/28/18 Location: Swamp Tree Chapter: Coleopterans Vs. Hymenopterans

Maula veered around, trying to shake Heimlich off. Heimlich reached forward to grab Dim – and instead pulled off Maula's red and black colour scheme, which instantly materialized back into Randall.
Randall: That's it! I quit! Get my agent on the phone!

Shot: b12_65 Take: 10 Date: 8/11/17 Location: Bug Bar (City) Chapter: Meeting The Troupe

Francis: About two months.
Heimlich, out of nowhere, suddenly flung food straight at Francis. It hit him in the face, and slowly slid down his chest, leaving him covered in sticky grub.

Slim (picking up food): Food fight!
Everyone starts flinging food at each other. Several pieces of kernels hit the camera, running the image.
Director (off-screen): Wait! Cut! CUT!
Someone off-screen flings food at the director. We hear him collapsing.
Dim: Oops...

Approximate Chapter Running Time: 01:30-01:39

The Date numbers and based on a fake release date of November 2018, 20 years after A Bug's Life. The Shot and Take numbers are rough hunches, mostly guessed from chapter length.