Title: A New Tradition

Author: mightygupo

Fandom and Pairing: Nikki/Nora - F/F

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Nikki & Nora are the property of Nancylee Myatt and Warner Bros. Television. No infringement intended.

Author's notes: - Thanks to docwho2100 for beta reading. This is a follow-up to the drabble titled: The One. Character thoughts between ~~ ~ symbols.

Another small drabble – a what if…. enjoy

Nikki leaned against the iron ornamental railing that framed the upper balcony where she was standing, a large smile on her face as she watched the people pass below, the Mardi Gras parade finally reaching their street. She sipped from the drink Nora had made her earlier as she noted the costumes, swaying to the music rippling through the air. "How again did you manage to con your friend into letting us use this place? I mean it is perfect viewing, right on the parade route and just so cozy." Her comments thrown over her shoulder as her gaze remained on the parade below.

"Oh I pulled a few strings." Nora came in behind her lover, wrapping her arms around Nikki's waist, laying her chin on her partner's shoulder. ~A lot of strings, a ton of strings, but this will be so worth it.~ the blonde smirked, as she kissed the space where Nikki's shoulder met her neck. "I wanted to do this..." Nora murmured as she nibbled the soft neck underneath her lips.

Nikki shivered, Nora's teeth teasing her pulse points, her lover's strong hands moving over her own, holding them down on the iron railing. Then she heard her lover's question in her ear; the words beginning to reveal a possible motivation behind this little getaway.

"So tell me, what occasion did you bet would be our One?" Nora whispered in Nikki's ear.

"You will never get it out of me." Nikki said, looking over her shoulder. Her voice husky as she wondered at Nora's game. The blonde had only spent a day questioning her, trying to pry the date from her lips before finally dropping the subject. Nikki just assumed that it Nora had decided to leave it behind; she really should have known better.

"Wrong answer." Nora said, shifting her hands slightly to hold both of Nikki's down with one of her own so she could pull out her favorite handcuffs, popping them on the brunette before Nikki realized what was happening. A metallic clink sounded as cuff pulled against railing.

"Nora wh..." Nikki said turning to look at the blonde.

"Nuh uh uh." Nora chided gently forcing Nikki's face back to the street scene below. "Eyes front and center; enjoy the parade while I… enjoy you. Of course you can get out of this little predicament. It just takes a single answer; which occasion?"

"No." Nikki said, starting to feel her body tingle at Nora's little game. She shivered again this time due to a combination of desire and cold as she felt Nora's fingers unbutton her shirt underneath her sweater. "You are never going to get it out of me."

Nora ran her tongue over the back of Nikki's ear, then growled into it, letting her hot breath blow over moistened skin. "Maybe not, but every Mardi Gras from here on out, I am going to have a LOT of fun tryin."