Ok, so I love this movie and would love to read the comic (although the only comics I've ever read are manga and i don't really know if you can consider that a comic). Apparently, Adrian Veidt's sexuality is kinda ambigous. I was reading something over the movie and kinda freaked because he is one of my favorites. If this story doesn't exactly follow the movie, please dont murder me. I watched it enough times to make me sick of it ( despite my love of some of the actors) and i know it's not perfect. My main character's name is an Egyptian goddess for truth, justice, and bascially she was the judge of all good and evil. Adrian explains it all in there. The correct pronunciation is Muh-aht(according to wikipedia, again, please don't murder me!), but for the sake of it just say Mat. I found the latin (or greek, I don't really know) on , so blame them if it's not correct (and maybe me a litle because I did use it). Just, read and enjoy, and comment if you wish. And now, to the story!

When the superhero came about, a question was asked. It was a conundrum even the smartest could not answer. Many tried, but there was never quite a right answer. And so, through the ages, the question was always asked: Pios tha filatei tus filakes? Who watches the watchmen?

When Maat Dreiberg found out who her brother really was, she nearly crapped herself. This was the guy she had idolized as a kid (him being 10 years older than her), the man who had stolen all her friends hearts, someone she practically worshiped and it was her brother?!?! She just could not believe it. He had invested all the money he had inherited from their parents death into a flying machine, super cool gadgets and he just failed to mention it?

She had discovered it completely by accident of course. Danny had asked her to get something from the basement, and she willingly obliged, going through the wrong door and into a storeroom with all of Nite Owl's stuff. She had frozen in place, calling Danny to come over quickly. He saw that the damage was done and told her his secret.

"You can't tell anyone, Maatty. No one." His voice was stern as they sipped coffee.

"I know, Danny. I wouldn't give this secret up for the world. You mean more to me than anything else. You're all I've got left..." She gazed into her cup, lost in her own melancholy.

"I know. And you can't go running out on me either. Promise?" He grasped her hand, reassuring her he was there to stay.

"On one condition..." A sly look came into her eyes.

"Oh no. I have a bad feeling about this, but go ahead."

"I get to meet everyone." She laughed at the look an Dan's face.

"Oh, nonononono. No." She gave him the puppy dog eyes. "No, Maatty."

"Please? They were only the best things about my childhood and I find out my brother was apart of that and you won't let me meet those idols?"

"No. We are retired, old, and ready for a quite life."

"You've had one for the past 6 years." Her protests were getting harder to ignore.

"You know what I mean, Maat."

"Tell me, did you know Ozymandias?" A dreamy shadow cast itself over Maat's face.

"Why?" He drew out the word with suspicion dripping thickly in it.

"Oh, he was just my favorite. It would be wonderful to meet him. He went public, didn't he? A man by the name of Adrian Vote, Vert, v-v-v-v-" She stammered the letter trying to come up with the right name.

"Veidt?" Danny filled in for her. She snapped her fingers and pointed at him.

"That's it! Adrian Veidt."

"I guess we can go meet him. I have some business with him anyway." She nearly jumped out of her seat to do her happy dance. "But, you can't go swooning all over him first. I need to talk to him. And you stay right by me. No wandering off. Understand?"

"Perfectly." She beamed the word at him with her straight, even white teeth.

"Ok, we'll go see him tomorrow morning. He was always in a better mood then. Time for bed. Now, go!" He shooed her into the guest bedroom where she was staying on her vacation from college.

Danny laughed at his sister's antics. He was a little worried. It wasn't hard to fall in love with her. Well, he would imagine. And Adrian was a bit of a womanizer, if not extremely handsome. No,Adrian was about as old as him. He wouldn't want a girl as young as Maat, but her name would certainly peak his interest. No, Danny wouldn't worry about this. They would only meet the just once. No, he wouldn't worry.

The next morning, Maat got up when a bolt of thunder boomed it's way through her brother's house. She rubbed her eyes sleepily and anyone looking in on her would have thought it the sweetest thing. Maat was not a beauty per say, but what she had worked wonders for her. Her long black hair curled in the humidity of New York, bright stunning green eyes made her face appear intelligent. She had a fine soft bone structure that highlighted soft, rosy cheeks, and a bit of a pointed chin. She had all the right curves with a soft waist and high firm breasts. The clothes she wore often enhanced her hourglass figure. She defied the stick look so popular by embracing her curves and actually enjoying eating. She loved to cook as well, which might be why she loved to eat. The girl was extremely intelligent. She was getting her masters in history, loving the subject, and hoping to become a curator at a museum one day.

She stretched as the rain pounded outside her window. She would have to thank her brother profusely for letting her stay there for a while. She hadn't yet. Oh, well. He gets my cooking and that should be thanks enough. She swung her legs over the bed, her feet hitting cool hardwood. She stretched her arms once again, pushing herself off the bed. The wood felt good on her feet after the bunch of blankets piled on her bed to combat the cold that sometimes crept up on summer mornings. She walked into the kitchen to find her brother already up with the coffee perking.

Maat sat down at the table while her brother placed a mug of the strong brew in front of her. She gripped the handle and sipped it delicately so she wouldn't burn her tongue. Danny did the same, sitting in silence for a while. He glanced over at her, and laughed.

"What?" She glanced up from her distant, blank stare.

"Nothing. I just kinda miss this. Remember when we were little and Mom and Dad would do this?"

"Not really. I was little when you would do this with Mom and Dad. I miss them." She looked into her coffee nostalgically.

"I do too." He got up to refill his coffee. "You need to start getting ready. We're leaving in an hour."

"Ok. Thanks for the coffee Danny." She nearly shouted as she walked down the hall.

Danny watched her as she went. He loved his sister and was more than glad to let her stay. She could cook like no one he had ever met before, with the exception of their mother. But, she was so naive and spacy. How could he possible protect her? She was one of the reasons he had started this in the first place. True, they had never been extremely close as kids because of the age difference, but he had loved her and wanted to protect her like all big brothers do. He went to get dressed himself as his thoughts continued along these lines.

Maat walked out of her room in a sweeping, soft dress. The skirt fell to her knees and the top modestly displayed her goods with a bunched straight neckline. It was a deeper, rosy pink that accented her eyes. The chiffon it was made of rustled in a fetching way, only adding to her charm. She kept her hair down, and pulled on her mother's old hunter green coat to combat the unusual early morning July chill. Her neck was graced by a simple faux pearl necklace and matching drop earrings.

Danny came out into the loving room to see his sister looking more lovely than he had ever seen her. He told himself not to worry and they headed out into the steady rain that had been hanging around the city for the last few days. It didn't take them long to get into Veidt's office. He was finishing up an interview for an impressive magazine when he saw them.

"Thank you for you're time. If you will please excuse me, I have other matters to attend." Veidt dismissed them very properly, but his annoyance was showing through.

Adrian Veidt was an impressive man. At a good 6 feet plus, he was taller than Dan and absolutely towered over Maat. He had blonde hair, gazing blue eyes that looked right to the soul, and an astounding physical build. Adrian's presence took up much of the room in his office, making the siblings feel swamped. He had on a navy suit with a white tie, making things stand out on him by Maat better left unnoticed. The smile he dashed them was straight, even, and a bright white making Dan feel blinded. But, the genuine pleasure made Dan and Maat feel a little guilty.

"Dan. What a pleasure to see you again. And who is this lovey creature?" A noticeable difference in Adrian's voice became apparent as he talked to them. A German accent was more profound, as if this was truly who he was.

"This is my sister, Maat." Dan put a protective arm around her shoulder. Now was the time to act like a brother. He had no hard feelings against Adrian, but this was his sister.

"Is that short for anything?" Adrian asked looking at Maat with an intense gaze. "Matilda?"

"Oh, no. It's just Maat. We tend to butcher the pronunciation, but I'm named after the Egyptian goddess for-"

"Truth, justice and order. She is shown with a feather that is said to weighs the hearts of those who have died in order to deem them worthy of the after life. The most revered even among the gods." He finished for her.

"Um, yes. You know a lot of Egyptian mythology?" She looked around her for the first time.

"Ha. You could say that." He swept his hand through his blonde hair then loosened the white tie around his corded neck. "If you'll excuse me for a moment. Make yourselves comfortable." He went into a small bathroom area off to the side of the office.

Dan took a seat in front of Adrian's desk while Maat went to stare out the floor-to-ceiling windows behind it. The rain beat on them even this high up. She stared in open fascination at the drops of water cascading down when Adrian came back in. He looked at her, then back to Dan wondering why the visit.

"Enjoying the view?" Adrian asked coming up behind her to see what she was looking at. He caught a whiff of her hair, reveling in the soft floral scent.

"No, actually. I was staring at the rain. It's different up here. It's not yet reached the conscious of someone on the ground looking up, but we see it here. It might not even be rain yet. In the way we think of it, that is." She kept her warm green eyes transfixed on the droplets dotting the window.

To say Adrian was impressed might be an understatement. This girl obviously had some great intelligence in her, her metaphysical thinking showing him just how she thought the world ticked. He knew exactly what she had been talking about with the rain. Someone to understand....

Dan coughed in his chair. Adrian turned around, having completely forgotten about the man, Maat's brother. Maat continued to stare out the window while Adrian took his seat behind the surprisingly simple desk. He sighed, the weight of a corporation on his shoulders and so much more to worry about. There was all the work he was doing with Manhattan, the troubles with the media...Dan coughed again. Adrian needed to stop wandering off like this. He might do it one day and that would be the last of him.

"What can I do for you Dan?"

"I just came by to see how you were doing. There are some things going on that we need to talk about." Dan's voice was serious. His eyes were heavy as well, the weight of a million different things weighting him down as much as Adrian even if they weren't as important.

"Should we do this here?" He asked, nodding back to Maat.

"I know who you are, Mr. Veidt. I stumbled upon my brother's dirty little secret, and oh it was dirty." She never took her eyes off the window.

"Oh, is that so Dan?" There was genuine humor in his eyes. Dan laughed at the notion.

"Yeah, it is. I haven't used Archie in a while, so there was quite a bit of dust. Maat, she went down the wrong set of stairs and found it. She promised not to tell my secret as long as she got to meet the other supers." He finished, lightly laughing at his own misfortune.

"Hmm...so you were a fan of us?" Adrian wanted to turn around to face her, but he knew she was still lost in her own thoughts. Her attention skills were amazing. Not nearly as good as his own, but there nonetheless.

"Yes. I always followed the stories and a few of my friends were in love with my brother without my knowing. It's strange to find this out now." She looked at them then.

The sight was comical. Adrian with his suit jacket off, tie gone, and collar undone. His sleeves were even rolled up to his elbows. Dan looked almost sick, the poor man. He was looking at her with a pleading look in his eyes to save him from conversation with Veidt. Under other circumstances, they would have been able to converse normally, but it was a terse and uncomfortable affair today.

"What was it you wanted to tell me, Dan?" Adrian asked as if sensing this dilemma.

"Have you heard anything from the rest of the Watchmen?" Now it was all business for the men.

"Not besides John and Laurie. And now you. Why? Is something wrong?"

"No, I've just been a little worried. There's something going on, or there will be. I can feel it. Like when we'd go out for a night and there was just that feel of something brewing in the air..." Dan left the sentence hanging, clearly reminiscing.

Maat looked back again, seeing her brother with a starry look in his eyes, Adrian as well. She hoped they weren't reliving the best times of their lives. For their sakes. They should both have wives, children, relatives, family. She knew she was all her brother had, and he hadn't had a girlfriend in a while. What she knew of Adrian, he was alone as well. Her heart broke for them both.

"Dan, we should be going. I have a lot to do at your house, like clean it up." Maat joked, concentrating on the men instead of the rain.

"Hey, I keep it clean enough." Adrian laughed.

"Well, enough being the operative word. Come on. I'll make your favorite for lunch big brother." Dan got up, Adrian as well. He escorted them to the elevator.

"Thank you so much for seeing us. It was a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Veidt." Maat extended her hand to shake his, but he caught it and brought it up to his lips, kissing it as softly as possible.

"Please, call me Adrian." He told her as he lowered her hand. Maat's eyes grew bright as an idea bloomed in her head. "The pleasure was all mine."

"Why don't you join us for lunch? That is if it's ok with Dan. I'm making spaghetti and homemade french bread."

"I don't know Maaty. We might not be able to." Dan was flustering with trying to politely reject the idea, but Adrian beat him to it.

"Thank you, Maat, but I have a lot of work to do today. Maybe some other time." The elevator dinged

it's arrival. Dan said his good-byes and they left Adrian standing there, tired and alone.

The ride home was a quiet one. Maat stared out the window as the rain continued to pound on the windows. Dan watched her from time to time, hoping that she was ok. It had been hard on them both since their parents had died. Maaty had only been 16 when they were in an accident. She had been really close to both of them, and pretty distant from him with him coming home only on the holidays. He had been 26 at the time, and starting the crime fighting biz. Maat had been devastated, but she had gotten over it in time. She went off to college soon thereafter, and now she was almost done. He was proud, after all she had been through and still going strong.

Maat jumped when she heard her brother's car door slam. They were home. Before lunch too. Maat was sorry her brother had never found anyone yet. She loved children, and would have been thrilled to become an aunt. Maybe even someday, a mother. But, she had her whole life ahead of her so Maat wouldn't worry about that now. She started making lunch, the bread first. After a few hours, it was ready. The smells snaking their way through the entire house, beckoning the wayward guest.

Danny came out of his room at the exact time she was going to tell him it was ready. They both nearly bumped into each other in the small hall. After the awkward excuses, they both got to the kitchen in one piece.

"So, how'd you like Ozymandias?" Danny asked as he slurped noodles.

" He was...interesting. I don't know. I kinda expected more." She answered staring at her own plate of food, moving the noodles around without much interest.

"Really? Huh. The way you two were looking at each other, I thought I was going to be an uncle." He nearly burst out laughing at the look on his baby sister's face.

Maat normally had pink cheeks, but now her entire upper area was a bright red as the blush spread all over her face and neck. She kept her head down, but if Dan could have seen her eyes, he would have run and hid, they were shooting such daggers. She finally did manage to raise her head, peeking through the cover of black hair to meet her brother's eyes. After a few tense seconds, they burst out laughing. They ate, really conversing for the first time since Maat had gotten there.