Author's Note: Starts pre-teen and ends at young adulthood.

These are Stephenie Meyer's original characters. They are just acting out my plot. No copyright infringement intended.


One day I hid my heart from you, a long time ago.

Though you were often near, my heart would never know.

You've always held the power to hurt me; it happened once or twice before.

It took all the strength I had in me, just to close that door.

I guess my guard was down on that random summer day.

Because when you smiled at me, I was swept away.

And once the door was opened, I longed for your arms.

I longed to hold and kiss you and melt within your charms.

You took me to the beach, a night I never will forget.

A passion-wakening memory, a special time we kept secret.

It was the first time that you held me, and you gave me my first kiss.

At the time I couldn't guess, you'd disappear like this.

Beneath a liar's moon, you waltzed back in my life.

I gave you back my heart amidst the fire and the strife.

Sweet lips touching mine, you convinced me "one more try."

Here one day and gone the next, before I could blink an eye.

I understood what I was getting into before I returned your kiss.

If I'd known then, what I know now, I'd have made myself resist.

But I crumbled with your touch, became foolish and unsure.

I had to stay inside your arms; they seemed my only cure.

Forever I have loved you, almost believed you shared the feeling.

But once again, you put me away. It was my soul chance was killing.

A pathetic little soul crushed from all the times we've parted.

Paying for the fight I lost, the fight that never should have started.

Then you just walked away-unhurt, unharmed, unfazed.

I was left devastated, thoughtless, and betrayed.

I know I'll never have you, and I know we'd never make it.

But these dreams, they keep coming. This feeling, I just can't shake it.

Makes it hard not to hope, someday our love will come to power.

And all the dreams I have of "us" will wake, live, and flower.

But you don't feel the same as me. It's a fact I can't deny.

That's why I'm giving up for good. It's time to say goodbye.

I pray I never see you. I pray that this at last will end.

Forever's finally over Jake. I won't be with you again.

Dreams do die!

Chapter 1

But if I tell the world, I'll never say enough 'cause it was not said to you and that's exactly what I need to do..." Adele, Chasing Pavements.


I wasn't boy crazy by any means, so why did my knees turn to Jell-O?

Gulping, I stared at the tall, bronze skinned boy, standing on our front porch, holding a football in his hands. "Is Emmett home?" he asked, in a husky voice.

For some weird reason, my mouth disconnected from my brain and nothing came out.

The boy smiled. His lips appeared a little chapped and cracking. Built nicely for his age, his pretty brown eyes sparkled as he cleared his throat and grinned with half his mouth. "Are you Emmett's sister?"

All I did was nod my head up and down and imagine how idiotic I must have looked to the first person I'd met since we moved to town.

"Well, ah, is he here?"

"Oh ... uh ... Emmett. No he's not. He went into town to get some ice cream," I somehow managed to stammer, in spite of the sudden nerves fluttering in my stomach.

"Yeah, I saw him there. I thought he'd be home by now. When he gets back, tell him I stopped by to see if he wanted to play some football with me and some of my friends. I live a few blocks down the street in the blue house," he said, turning and pointing in the direction. "That-a-way." He stepped backwards down one of the steps. "The name's Jacob by the way."

He smiled again, and I realized he was the cutest guy I'd ever seen.

After I closed the door, I sprinted up the stairs to look in the mirror. The tank top I was wearing was dirty and my hair was a mess. Melted mascara—the only makeup I was allowed to wear at the time—was smudged beneath my eyes like a raccoon's. Oh my god! Just my luck, I met the boy of my dreams, and I looked gross.

Eager to find out more about the boy who took my breath away, I sat on the porch, waiting for Emmett and Jasper to get home.

As soon as my brothers got back, I told them that somebody named Jacob came by looking for Emmett to play football. I didn't notice Emmett's ripped and blood-speckled shirt at the time. "Sh-" they said, putting their fingers to their lips and motioning for me to follow them up the stairs. As soon as their bedroom door was shut, Jasper blurted, "Emmett got into a fight."

"A fight!" I gasped.

"Shut up, both of you, Mom will hear," Emmett said through gritted teeth. "Dad will have a heart attack if he finds out."

"A fight?" I whispered. "With who? What happened?"

The two of them started whispering at the same time, so I barely caught a word.

"I'll tell her." Emmett glared, backhanding Jasper in the chest.

"Owee. That hurt."

"On our way home, we ran in to some guys about my age. They started accusing Jasper of staring at them. No one was even looking at 'em either. They just wanted to fight someone." Emmett snarled. "We walked away, but they followed us. Then the kid with the biggest mouth knocked Jasper's ice cream cone out of his hand, so I stepped in front of Jasper and pushed him away.

"He punched me in the stomach and knocked the wind out of me. When I doubled over, he hit me in the face. The next thing I knew, we were rolling around on the ground fighting. I hit him in the nose as hard as I could, and his nose started bleeding. Then he got on top of me, and I couldn't get him off. All I could do was cover up to protect my face."

"I tried to help," Jasper said. "But the other guy grabbed me. I couldn't get loose. That's when Jacob and another kid came over to help."

"Jake pulled the guy off." Emmett said.

"Of course, the mouthy guy wasn't happy about it. Pretty soon, they were fighting each other."

"You should have seen it, Bella," Jasper said, his eyes gleaming with excitement. "It was just like a boxing match on TV."

"It really was," Emmett said. "Jake ended up knocking the guy down. When he got back up, he started cussing at us, but you could tell he didn't want to fight anymore. He knew he already lost."

"Who were they?" I asked.

"A bad kid named Paul and his friend, Jared. I guess they always do crap like this. Jake said Paul's nothing but a bully. They have a boxing club in La Push, but they're not supposed to be fighting out of the gym. If their coach finds out, he'll kick them off the team."

Emmett finally got around to telling me more about Jacob. He was thirteen, almost fourteen, like Emmett. The other kid who had been with Jacob was his younger cousin, Seth. A year younger than me, Seth was the same age as Jasper, and he had a twin sister named Leah. A couple of days later, Jake and Seth introduced me to her, and the six of us became inseparable.

We did everything together. By the end of the summer, we were like a family. Leah became my best friend. The same went for Seth and Jasper, and Emmett and Jacob.

Jacob treated me like a sister, but the more time I spent around him the more I fell in love. He had this quality about him that made people look up to him, a natural born leader. Even the older boys in the two communities showed him a lot of respect. The first time I watched him fight in the ring, I knew why. He was the best on the team and the Silver Gloves State Champion in his weight class for the third year in a row.

"Coach says I have enough potential to make boxing a career if I work hard enough at it," he told me, pride glowing on his grin as he showed me his latest trophy. "And someday, I'm going to bring home an Olympic gold medal."

Chapter 2 Excerpt:

Emmett's craziness didn't stop there. "What's going on with you and my sister, Jake?" His eyes were screaming murder, and if I didn't know him better, I would have sworn he wanted to fight me.