This is just for all of my readers, to say thank you so much. So please read it! Just because it's an author's note doesn't mean it's not important!

Big, big thanks to Nancy Sikes, who reviews faithfully and always makes me laugh with her enthusiasm, Lady Eleanor Boleyn, who has read both stories and become a good friend (look out for our joint Tudor story, coming soon!) and Shout in a Whisper, who is still a great friend of mine despite her not being able to review so much now she is at college.

Massive thanks also to ObviouslyADreamer, XDraco and HermioneX, Alice B. Cahill, AlexieBelle, Lil J Girl Forever, FactualLife, Phanizy and ILoveThee, for their reviews. Reviews absolutely make my day and keep me happy when I'm down. Thank you so, so much for that.

I'm depressed that this is over, but I will not be writing another sequel. However, if you haven't already, you can get your fix by reading my story Behind The Scenes: An Affair of the Heart. It's full of moments that didn't make it into An Affair of the Heart, but now I will be adding ones from this story too. It would be awesome if you would all transfer your wonderful reviews onto that now!

Thank you everyone!