Leah Clearwater is sick of being the she-wolf, sick of waiting to imprint – if it's even possible for females. So, she decides to start dating, and chooses Jacob Black to be her first attempt. Can a bit of fun turn into something much more, and can true love eliminate the power of Jacob's imprint? Possible rating change to M in later chapters!

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Chapter 1

Leah POV

It was midnight, and there were just four of us around the campfire on La Push beach. Myself, Seth, Embry and Brady. The others were mostly with their imprintees – Sam and Emily, Jacob and Renesmee, Jared and Kim, Quil and Claire... even Paul had supposedly imprinted on Jacob's sister, Rachel, though none of us were completely sure if he had made it up.

'Look at us,' Seth muttered, and Embry snorted in agreement. 'Four of us left who haven't imprinted... except the kids, of course,' he said, with an apologetic look at Brady.

'I don't think I want to imprint!' Brady answered coolly, 'I mean, look at how much Jacob's imprint got us in to! And I don't wanna have to wait for years like Quil. And I especially wouldn't want to do what Sam did!' Embry and Seth shot me furtive glances, and I swallowed, my jaw clenched. 'I meant about Emily's...you know... scars!' He explained quickly, looking horrified.

'What about you, Lee?' Embry asked, though I could hear a slightly sarcastic tone to his voice, and I had to press my fingernails hard into my palms as my fingers curled up.

'I don't care,' I said as indifferently as I could, 'I'm quite happy on my own.'

'Well that's good then,' Seth smiled. 'I mean... we don't even know if girl werewolves even can, I mean, maybe you're just an anomaly to the whole wolf thing.'

'Maybe you got to be a wolf because you're so much like a man!' Brady giggled. I hit him hard on the shoulder. 'I only meant... you know... you haven't got your... woman thing...'

I gulped and tensed my whole body – my "woman thing" was an area that no one dared go; I was just a late developer... that was all (though I knew deep down that being a werewolf had ruined my chances of ever becoming a mother).

'Besides,' Seth grinned, 'it's not like you're getting many offers.'

Though I knew he had only said it in a brotherly, joking way, I started to shake with anger. 'Will you all just shut up!' I shouted, though I felt tears in my eyes. 'I hate you – don't you give a damn about anyone's feelings?'

'Calm down, Lee!' Seth said, sounding surprised.

'I'll calm down when you grow up!' I snarled back, turning away and walking away from the fire.

'Come back, Leah!' Embry groaned, 'we'll look even more like loners if there are only three of us!'

'Leave me alone!' I growled, trying to keep my emotions from turning me wolfy. I leant against a brick wall the second I was back amongst houses, and placed my hands on my knees to calm myself down.

I felt the tears spill over, and slowly slid down the wall to the floor. Wiping my eyes violently and cursing myself, I rested my head back against the wall; though an icy breeze was blowing, I was so hot that I had to wrench off my lumberjack shirt, leaving me in just a dark green vest. Inhaling sharply as I cried, I caught the scent of another werewolf – the last werewolf I wanted to see.

'What's wrong, Lee?' Sam asked, his footsteps loud on the ground.

'Nothing!' I said shakily, 'just...taking a little rest down here is all!'

'You were crying,' he said sceptically, walking over and kneeling down beside me.

'What?' I laughed, though my breath caught and my voice rang high pitched, 'I think I'm coming down with a cold, is all, nose running... y'know?'

'You never were able to lie to me, Lee-Lee,' he smiled sadly.

'SHUT UP!' I sobbed, 'don't call me that! Don't even talk to me! Why can't you idiots get it into your thick fur that I don't want to speak to you?' I stood up, trembling slightly, and stalked away. Though I heard him call after me, I did not turn around, and I followed my feet to the forest edge, where I would be able to phase. Sam had been covered in my cousin's scent.

I awoke with the sun shining for once. The earth beneath me was wet with dew, and I could feel a soft cover over my body. I blinked my eyes open, and squinted at the blanket that had been thrown over me; as far as I could remember, I hate been running at full speed all night, but had fallen asleep near Forks on the way home.

Sitting up, careful to hold the blanket around myself, I looked around and spotted a pile of freshly cleaned clothes on a fallen tree nearby. Confused, I crawl-stumbled over to them, and sniffed slowly. Sam's scent intoxicated my nose, and I couldn't help but inhale deeply, stroking the soft fabric of the shirt and picking it up. I squinted around at the trees before dropping the blanket, though in theory I had given up on privacy long ago, and slid the shirt around my shoulders. I pulled on the three quarter length cotton pants as well, though I was slightly reluctant to wear clothes from Sam – they had probably once belonged to Emily.

I still remembered the day my heart broke...

Sam had been around mine, and we'd been sitting together on the chapped black leather sofa, exchanging the same light jokes that we always told. I knew that Emily was coming to visit, and I was excited to introduce her to Sam! We exchanged a soft kiss on the sofa when we heard the doorbell ring, before standing up and walking out into the corridor. My dad opened the door, and Emily walked in.

And I saw it... I saw the love leave Sam's eyes as he turned to her. A new light lit them – a violent burning passion, and in that split second everything hurt, and I knew I had lost him forever.

The memory almost made me cry again, and I wondered what state my eyeliner was in – I was never vain, but make-up did make me feel better. It had been a long time since I had cried – I was usually much better at retaliating... making the other wolves hurt.... but sometimes it was all too much.

'Leah!' I heard the voice say, as I reached the outskirts of the forest and headed towards the town.

'Hey, Jake,' I smiled weakly, waving.

'Yo,' he grinned, hurrying over and starting to walk with me. 'How was the bonfire?'

'Crappy,' I rolled my eyes. 'There were only four of us there! I can't believe you abandoned us like that,' I added reproachfully.

'Sorry,' he shrugged sympathetically, 'we took Nessie hunting then had dinner at the Cullens'.'

'Dinner?' I raised my eyebrows – after the whole Volturi thing was over, I was happy to go back to hating the vampires again.

'Me and Nessie both eat some normal food,' he said reproachfully, 'Nessie likes hunting early evening, then having a human meal at about midnight. Then sleep,' he smiled.

'Meh,' I muttered, 'didn't she get any of the benefits of vampirism? Has to suck blood and be all gross, but still has to sleep and eat normal food!'

'She'll live forever,' Jake grinned, 'and while the Cullens still live here, we will too.'

'Speak for yourself,' I said quickly, 'the second I can, I'm getting out of this shape-shifting thing and seeing if it's not too late for me to...you know.'

'Parenthood is overrated,' Jacob sighed, putting his arm around my shoulders sympathetically. I shrugged it off with narrowed eyes, and answered "oh, did Bella tell you that?"

'Yeah,' he looked slightly confused by my cold expression and tone.

'Do you still love her?' I asked abruptly, stopping my walk and turning to him.


'Oh come on, Jacob, you can tell me.'

'No, of course not! I... well... you know I still like her... but not... you know... how I used to... and it's beside the point... I - '

'You do!' I said with a triumphantly beaming smile. 'You can love someone after you've imprinted! So Sam was lying all the time after all – he could have stayed with me, he just chose her!'

'Leah... it's not exactly like that,' he grimaced.

'Oh be quiet, Jake!' I growled. I went to stride away, but then I caught his eye, and found myself narrowing mine as a thought entered my mind. Jake was handsome in a strange sort of way... and he was a wolf too.... and he looked perfectly happy to love someone even after he'd imprinted... and I wouldn't have to imprint and go all creepy and obsessive... a notion was forming, and I grinned widely. 'Hey, Jake,' I turned as I walked away, 'wanna go see a movie later?'

'Er... yeah, sure,' he shrugged.

'I'll see you then,' I had never felt such elation in my body – I had a date.

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