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Chapter 4

Leah POV

'God I feel ill,' I groaned. I was back in bed again, Lucien sitting beside me, his fingers tracing a gently circle around my palm.

'I'm so sorry,' he murmured, 'I didn't mean to hurt you like this.'

'Yeah, well, the damage is... done,' I forced myself into a sitting position, wincing and picking up the mug of coffee from my bedside. 'I would've done the same to you if you hadn't have had the element of surprise,' I added, 'and if I was taller...and musclier... and generally bigger and stronger...'

'And more stupid,' Jacob muttered, clenching his jaw and narrowing his eyes. 'Hey Cullen, when you gonna operate?'

'His name's Carlisle,' I muttered, wishing I could have imprinted in a rather less ugly state. Lucien didn't seem to care – his eyes seemed to see past my body and straight into my heart.

'Since when are you on first name terms with vampires?' Jacob raised his eyebrows, sounding completely pissed off.

'Since I grew up,' I rolled my eyes.

'Tonight, perhaps?' Carlisle had ignored me and Jacob's exchange, though I spotted a slight curve to his lips as he looked up from a piece of paper covered in tiny writing, and turned to me. 'I have no idea whether anaesthetic works on werewolves.'

'I can deal.'

'Maybe,' a more obvious smile that time.


Jacob POV

'Nessie, stop bothering your mother,' I said quietly, as the twelve year old (physically) continued to badger Bella.

'Dad's doing it too!' she whined, and it was true – Edward was trying to convince her that the three of them going on holiday was a good idea. What, take Nessie out of school and away from me?

Edward shook his head, his bronze hair ruffling in a sickly way and sending his scent floating over to me. I breathed through my mouth, but I could taste it on the air – vampire scent would never cease to disgust me. 'You look tense, Jake,' Seth commented, raising his eyebrows and chewing loudly on gum.

'Really?' I said sarcastically, 'I'm in vampire-land.'

'That hasn't bothered you for the last two years,' Seth said in confusion.

'No shit,' I said abruptly, standing and walking towards the door, 'I'll see you soon, Nessie, Bella. Edward,' I said the last name coolly. Screw that – I said them all coolly. Screw that too – I said them all icily.


Leah POV.

'Hey Lee,' Jake smiled, sitting down beside me and clearly enjoying the rare Lucien-free moment. 'How are you?'

'Operation over, bones all fixed,' I shrugged, not looking up from my Sudoku, 'everything's just great.'

'Doesn't sound it,' he said sceptically.

'Ya think?' I growled.

'What's wrong?' he asked, looking overly concerned and taking my fingers in his. He touched each nail, sliding his own off the tips.

I took a deep breath and sighed, closing my book and putting down my pencil. I freed my other hand and slowly lifted it to his neck, cupping the back and stroking his skin gently. My other hand soon followed it, and I drew him forwards, pulling his head over my shoulder and moving my hands to his hair. 'I don't want to lose you,' I murmured, 'you've helped me through times harder than you understand.'

'I know,' he wrapped his arms around me, and I didn't wince, though my mending bones shifted ominously. 'You aren't going to lose me, though,' he added, 'I'll be here as long as you need someone to talk to.'

'Yeah right,' I muttered darkly, 'you and Lucien have some sort of issue right now, and it seems like you're going to disappear.'

'I'll disappear the day you tell me to,' he smiled, 'actually I won't. I'm the Alpha, I leave when I want to leave.' His grin made me relax and laugh, as I slowly leaned back against the pillows and held onto his hand.

'Just don't,' I rolled my eyes, letting him move the pillows so that I was lying flat again, and I closed my eyes, squeezing his hand. 'Jake?'

'Yeah?' I looked up and saw that he was just opening his eyes, as though he'd been snoozing already.

'I love Lucien, but I need you more. You under – underst...' I yawned widely and closed my eyes again. I started to settle into a steady breathing pattern, and Jake's hand became limp in mine.

'Right, Miss Clearwater, I - '

'Sh!' I heard Carlisle enter the room without properly waking up, and Jake became suddenly alert again.

'She needs to take these,' the rattling of pills in a glass bottle.

'I'll give them to her when she wakes up,' his hand slid out of mine, and I opened my eyes, unable to resist. 'Speak of the devil and so she shall appear,' Jake grinned, and I turned to Carlisle.

'When am I allowed to walk around again and stuff?'

'As soon as you want,' he answered, surprising me, 'I have a century or three of experience as a doctor,' he assured Jake, who looked sceptical. 'She's fine.'

'Great,' I forced myself upwards and swung my legs around, ignoring the stabbing pains in my side. 'Don't look so worried, Jake, Carlisle's right, I'm fine.'

Carlisle's lips turned up and lit the already handsome face, 'told you, Jacob.'

'No need to get too friendly, Cullen,' Jake replied coolly.

'I'll see you later,' he opened the door, 'and don't forget those pills.'

'Thanks for everything, Carlisle!' I called after him, although he would, of course, have heard me if I had whispered.

'When does Lucien get back?' Jake asked after he had gone, helping me to my feet reluctantly. 'And I really don't think you should be up yet.'

'Way later,' I said, ignoring his second comment, 'him and the others are looking around for a place to stay, since you lot won't have them here; which I think is very unfair by the way! I mean, all of your imprintees are allowed to hang around here, not that Renesmee does, since she's vampire spawn, but the theory is still - '

'Please stop talking,' Jake smiled, stroking the back of his finger along my cheek.

'Why?' I narrowed my eyes, and stepped closer to him, putting my hand on his waist and tracing my thumb along the groove of his muscles, 'can't you face the truth?'

'You just look prettier when you smile,' he grinned a one-sided grin and wrapped his arms around my waist, so that we were very close. 'You should be having these,' he drew up the bottle between our bodies and shook it gently.

'Love's my drug,' I winked, before pulling a face and letting him pop two pills in my mouth. I swallowed loudly and laced my fingers through his hair. 'Good enough for you?'

'I suppose,' he mocked. His eyes met mine, and I looked at their sparkling dark brown as he brought his lips against my own.

The kiss was nothing like our first – it was perfect, as though we'd been made to fit together. I could taste spearmint on his breath, and his tongue traced my bottom lip. I pushed closer to him so that our bodies seemed to grind together, and his hands buried themselves in my hair. He pulled his lips back and inhaled deeply, brushing his nose against my hair and kissing me again.

I pressed against his naked chest, my fingers stroking the solid muscle and absorbing his warmth. 'I love you, Jake,' I whispered, admitting it to myself at the same time.

'Emily told me to come tell you there's dinner,' an icy voice said from the doorway.

'Lucien!' I flinched away from Jake, but he wouldn't look at me, his whole body shaking. 'Lucien, it's not – not what you think! I - '

'Leah, why don't you go see Emily and get something to eat? I've just got a couple of things to deal with here.'

The idea of Lucien getting hurt tore me apart more than the thought of Jake – not least because I felt as though Lucien and I were combined... as though if he hurt I hurt. But I didn't love him how I loved Jake. Lucien would be my best friend, the best friend anyone could hope for, but I didn't want him to hold me the way Jake did, I didn't want to grind my body against his and be in perfect rhythm...

'Jake, c'mon,' I took care to grab his arm rather than his hand, 'you should leave.'

'Ordering me out of the house now?'

'You don't have to leave,' Lucien said with a deathly glare, and I started to panic.

'Leah!' Seth sprinted into the room and grabbed me, pushing me out of the way as Lucien phased, and Jacob stumbled back before doing the same.

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